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Daily Events

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Daily Events

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The following events depend on your 3DS's clock. You can also manipulate these events by changing the time on your handheld. These events will be listed in alphabetical order.


Each city boutique carry their own set of inventories that are unique to them. These change everyday so if you want to purchase all of them, you have to visit them every day. To learn more about this, you can check the Character Styling page of this guide.


These are different from the cafes in Lumiose City. These are small cafes found in other cities where patrons can show you different Pokemon on different days, many of which are not encountered yet. This is a good way to increase your Pokedex entries. You'll have to pay depending on where you sit; presumably, the patrons sitting on the more expensive area of the cafe will have more rare entries to share with you.

Dive Ball Trade

Ambrette Town: There's a man beside the Fossil Lab that will trade his Dive Ball for your Pokeball. You can do this once a day.


Lumiose City: If you finished all Looker Missions, you can visit the Looker Bureau to fight Emma in her Expansion Suit. You can do this once a day during the morning or evening.

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Free Daily Berries

Coumarine City: There's a stall in the city's dock where you can get a free random berry daily. For some reason, you can also leave a tip here.

Fresh Water

Couriway Town: Beside the hotel is man that will sell Fresh Water for 300. You'll also get a complimentary berry with it.

Gallettes Shop

This is a time-restricted shop that only sells Lumiose Galettes at the following times: 3AM, 9AM, 3PM and 9PM. Be sure to come back and buy some. These are very helpful items that will heal ANY status ailment – a much cheaper alternative compared to Full Heals.

Heart Scales

Coumarine City You'll find Tierno in the hill beside the tram station in the second area of the city. If you talk to him, he'll ask you to show him a Pokemon that knows a specific move. Do so and you'll receive a Heart Scale from him once a day. This item is used to remember deleted moves through the Move Reminder in Dendemile Town.

Hotel Richessime

Lumiose City, North Blvd: You can partake part-time jobs in this hotel once a day. Your pay and the jobs' difficulties will increase as you complete them.

Inverse Battles

Route 18 - Vallee Etroite Way There's a lone house here where you challenge the trainer inside in an Inverse Battle. This type of matchup will render the known Super-effective moves to be non-effective and vise versa.

Juice Shoppe

Lumiose City:This is found in Autumnal Avenue, beside a taxi cab on the way to the Prism Tower. You can buy pre-mixed juices from the man on the left side of the counter but you can only choose once per day. The lady to the right can mix various berries to make them as a juice/shake. You can't keep the purchased or mixed concoction so you'll have to give it to one Pokemon in your party. For more details, check this link.

Loto ID

Found in Lumiose City's Estival Avenue, this is a once-a-day lottery where an ID number is generated and compared to the ID's of the Pokemon you have. If the generated ID for the day matches any of your Pokemon's ID, you'll win a corresponding prize. You'll get more Ids by regularly trading Pokemon with other trainers.

One Number: Moomoo Milk
Two Numbers: PP Up
Three Numbers: PP Max
Four Numbers: Rare Candy
Five Numbers: Master Ball


Cyllage City You can have your Pokemon massaged by talking to the lady beside the Pokemon Center. This will increase your lead Pokemon's happiness and can be done once a day.

Poke-Ball Boutique

Found in Lumiose City's Autumnal Avenue, talk to the little girl inside the shop. When she asks you if you love round things, say yes to get a random pokeball from her once a day.

Pokemon Sizes

In Lavarre City, right before the transition gate, you can talk to a man looking for a Pokemon that's less than 1 feet (or 12 inches) tall. This is a daily event and you can show him a Pokemon meeting his criteria once per day. You can consult your Pokedex to check the different Pokemon that' are around that height.

To the northeast of the town, there's a girl beside the lamppost who will ask you to show her a big Pokemon, at least 9' 10” to receive a Pokedoll. This is another daily event and you can show her your big Pokemon once a day.

Pokemon Types and Berries

Camphrier Town: Talk to the man inside the same house near the Town's west exit. Every day, he'll ask you to show him a specific Pokemon type. Select the Pokemon with the corresponding type or sub-type in your current party and he'll allow you to select one of the many berries he has. You can do this once a day.

Poke-Radar Research

Lumiose City - Pokemon Lab After finishing the game once, talk to the scientist in the second floor of the Pokemon Lab to get the Poke Radar. Once a day, the scientist will give you a target Pokemon to encounter using the Poke Radar. Go back to him after encountering the wild Pokemon to receive your reward.


There's an NPC who hangs out in different hotels every day and will give your top Pokemon a ribbon, depending on the day.

Day Ribbon Location
Sunday Smile Ribbon Coumarine City
Monday Alert Ribbon Ambrette Town
Tuesday Shock Ribbon Camphrier Town
Wednesday Downcast Ribbon Geosenge Town
Thursday Careless Coumarine City
Friday Relax Ribbon Couriway Town
Saturday Snooze Ribbon Cyllage City

Rival Battle

After defeating the Elite Four and fought a few battles in Battle Maison, you can fight your rival in Kiloude City once a day. Calem/ Serena's team will depend on your chosen starter but their levels doesn't increase. You can still get decent experience and money from defeating them.

Possible lineups:

  • LV66 Meowstic (Psychic)

  • LV68 Clefable (Fairy)

  • LV68 Vaporeon (Water)

  • LV68 Absol (Dark)

  • LV68 Altaria (Dragon/Flying)

  • LV70 Chestnaught (Grass / Fighting)

  • LV66 Meowstic (Psychic)

  • LV68 Clefable (Fairy)

  • LV68 Jolteon (Electric)

  • LV68 Absol (Dark)

  • LV68 Altaria (Dragon/Flying)

  • LV70 Delphox (Fire / Psychic)

  • LV66 Meowstic (Psychic)

  • LV68 Clefable (Fairy)

  • LV68 Flareon (Fire)

  • LV68 Absol (Dark)

  • LV68 Altaria (Dragon/Flying)

  • LV70 Greninja (Water/ Dark)

Sweet Heart

There's a maid inside the house located near the western exit of Camphrier Town. She'll give you a Sweet Heart item once a day and she's the only one where you can get this item in the game.

TM Daily Giveaway

Anistar City, Pokemon Center On the right side of the Pokemon Center is a hex maniac who will give you free TMs depending on the time of the day. She'll only give you one TM per day so you have to come back later on a different time and day to get the other TMs.

Morning: TM32 Double Team
Afternoon: TM35 Flamethrower
Evening: TM77 Psych Up
Late Night: TM90 Substitute

TM Daily Quiz

Coumarine City West of the hotel is a lone girl there that will give you a TM by answering her random daily TM Quiz. She'll only give you one TM per day and she'll stop giving quizzes once you got all the TMs. The answers are the following:

TM100 Confide “It makes the target lose its ability to concentrate and lowers the target's Sp. Atk stat.”
TM62 Acrobatics “If the user is not holding an item, this attack inflicts massive damage.”
TM63 Embargo “This move prevents the target from using its held item.”
TM92 Trick Room “Slower Pokemon get to move first for five turns.”

Trainer PR Statements

Lumiose City, North Blvd There's a man in Cafe Action that can give you new statements that you can use to your own Trainer PR Video.


Enter the house across the Fossil Lab and talk to the woman there. This is a daily event where she'll ask you to show her a Pokemon with a speed above the value she requires. You don't have to show her the actual pokemon itself - as long as a Pokemon in your party exceeds / meets her expectations, she'll be satisfied. You'll obtain a Wing item. This is a consumable item that raises your Pokemon's EV point. For the list of wings you can obtain from her, refer to this link.


Rotom Appearance

In Lost Hotel during Tuesdays, some of the trash bins will be haunted by a rare pokemon called Rotom.

Banette Appearance

In the Pokemon Village during Thursdays, there is a chance that some of the trash bins here will be haunted by a pokemon called Banette.


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