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Lumiose City Gym

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Lumiose City Gym

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The next gym has electric trainers. Bring a lot of Paralyze Heals and HP restoration items. Also, make sure to bring at ground or rock Pokemon to help you go on the offensive and defensive at the same time.
When ready enter the elevator where Bonnie Clemont's sister is waiting. You have to step in front of the question marks to start the quiz game.

Bonnie will show a silhouette of a Pokemon which you should guess correctly in order to proceed. To select an answer, you have to talk to the trainer in front of the elevator with the corresponding number. However, if you're after the extra experience points and cash prizes, you can deliberately answer incorrectly and fight off the trainers assigned to those wrong answers.

2nd floor
#1 Emolga (wrong)
Schoolboy Arno (Prize Money: p1,088)
  • LV34 Pachirisu (Electric)

#2 Dedenne (wrong)
Schoolboy Sherlock (Prize Money: p1,088)
  • LV34 Stunfisk (Electric/Ground)

#3 Pikachu (correct)
Schoolboy Finnian (Prize Money: p1,088)
  • LV34 Dedenne (Electric/Fairy)

3rd Floor

#1 Fletchling (correct)
Rising Star Estel (Prize Money: p2,100)
  • LV35 Raichu (Electric)

#2: Pidgey (wrong)
Rising Star Nelly (Prize Money: p2,100)
  • LV35 Magneton (Electric)

Be careful when facing this one since its Metal Sound (Harshly decrease SP defense) + Mirror Shot combo can easily rip through your ground/rock Pokemon's defenses.

#3: Taillow (wrong)
Rising Star Helene (Prize Money: p2,100)
  • LV35 Manectric (Electric)

4th Floor

#1 Pansage (wrong)
Ace Trainer Mathis (Prize Money: p3,600)
LV36 Lanturn (Water/ Electric)

#2 Pansear (wrong)
Ace Trainer Maxim (Prize Money: p3,600)
  • LV36 Electrode

Beware of its self-destruct move. If your Pokemon has full health and fairly leveled, it should be able to withstand this kamikaze attack.

#3 Panpour (correct)
Ace Trainer Rico (Prize Money: p3,600)
  • LV36 Ampharos (Electric)

5th Floor
The quiz on this floor will be a slightly different. You'll be shown three different silhouettes and you have to select which one of them is Vivilion.

#1 (Wrong)
Poke Fan Abigail (Prize Money: p2,720)
  • LV34 Minun (Electric)

#2 (Correct)
Poke Fan Lydie (Prize Money: p2,720)
  • LV34 Plusle (Electric)

#3 (Wrong)
Poke Fan Tara (Prize Money: p2,720)
  • LV34 Pikachu (Electric)

Top Floor
After clearing all the quiz floors, you'll finally reach the floor where Gym Leader Clemont is waiting.

Gym Leader Clemont (Prize Money: p5,920)
  • LV37 Emolga (Flying/ Electric)
  • LV35 Magneton (Electric / Steel)
  • LV37 Heliolisk (Electric/ Normal)

Emolga has Volt Switch which is an annoying move that will deal electrical damage while switching out to another Pokemon. It's Static ability can also paralyze your Pokemon which will gravely affect their speed and chance to act. It's flying sub-type can also be a problem for some useful ground moves such as Dig and Sand Tomb. Magneton is very resilient and be wary of its special attacks too. It is susceptible to ground attacks since it's not floating because its lacking the Levitate skill.

Finally Heliolisk may catch you off guard with its Grass Knot move. This attack alone can very well turn the tide of battle especially if you're just relying on your rock/ground Pokemon on the offensive. Nevertheless, it still hurts a lot when it connects to Pokemon not weak against grass-type attacks.

  • Voltage Badge
  • TM24 Thunderbolt

After the battle, head down to the first floor and leave the gym. You'll receive a Holo Clip from Prof. Sycamore as soon as you exit and he'll invite you to come over Lysandre Cafe. From your position (you should be in front of the tower, where two monuments are standing by the entrance) head to the left and enter the very first wide road there (Autumnal Avenue). Look to your left and you'll find a red-painted cafe.

Enter it and approach Sycamore and Lysandre for a scene. You'll obtain the King's Rock from this scene as well. Leave the cafe and you'll receive another Holo Clip, this time from Trevor. He'll inform you that the group will meet up in Route 14. Make your preparations and head to the North Boulevard exit through Gate 14 when you're ready.

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