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Route 12 - Fourrage Road

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Route 12 - Fourrage Road

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Level Range of wild Pokémon: 23-26
Pokémon Type
Chatot Normal/Flying
Pachirisu Electric
Slowpoke Water/Psychic
Exeggcute Grass/Psychic
Pinsir Bug
Tauros* Normal
Miltank* Normal
Mareep Horde Electric
Wingull Horde Water/Flying
Dwebble** Bug/Rock
Binacle** Rock/Water

*Can be encountered alone or as part of a horde
** These Pokémon can only be encountered by smashing cracked rocks.

Water Pokemon
Pokémon Type Method
Luvdisc Water Old Rod
Remoraid Water Good Rod
Clamperl Water Good Rod
Corsola Water/Rock Super Rod
Octillery Water Super Rod
Huntail Water Super Rod
Tentacool Water/Poison Surf
Lapras Water/Ice Surf
Mantyke Water/Flying Surf

Talk to the man beside the sign post and he’ll ask you to take Lapras with you if he sees that you have the Rumble Badge. You must have an open slot in your party to get Lapras. You can teach HM 03 Surf to it if you don’t have a water pokemon to teach it to.

There's a hidden honey in the northeastern corner of the grassy field. You'll find it in the only single clearing in the field. Head to the south you should find a thorny tree blocking a small path past the small grassy field. Cut down the tree to find an Aspear Berry tree. There are also some new pokemon you can get from the small grass fields in this area.

After getting the berry, you can now head to the shore and use Surf. There’s a swimmer nearby that will challenge you to battle as well.

Swimmer Alessandro (Prize Money: 432)
  • LV29 Qwilfish (Water/Poison)
  • LV27 Binacle (Rock/Water)

Since you can’t go far with Surf for now, head to the shore across and challenge another trainer near the stairs.

Backpacker Joren (Prize Money: 1,120)
  • LV28 Linoone (normal)

Don’t take the stairs yet but go south instead. Follow the shore until you reach the dead end. Pick up the hidden Net Ball in the boulder there.

Take the stairs and enter Baa de Mer Ranch. Follow the path to the left and enter the small house. Talk to the little girl to receive TM45 Attract.

Leave the house and go around it to the north. Cut down the thorny tree and pick up a Sachet. Leave the ranch and continue south past the flower field. There’s a small path to the left blocked by another thorny tree. Cut it down to obtain Leftovers. This item will gradually restore it’s holder’s HP throughout the battle.

Head to the ranch and ride one of the available Skiddos there. Jump over the ledge to the east of the ranch then go south. Find another ledge leading to the west this time and follow the small path to reach a Whipped Dream.

Head to the north this time until you find three ledges to the east that the Skiddo can jump over. This leads to a Shiny Stone.

Now make your way all the way to the south of the plains and you'll find a broken fence that your Skiddo can jump over. Backtrack to the main path and head to the west. Another trainer will be waiting past the grass patch there

Pokemon Breeder Amala (Prize Money: 1,856)
  • LV27 Seviper (poison)
  • LV29 Miltank (normal)

Continue to the right where another trainer is waiting for you.

Youngster Aidan (Prize Money: 648)
  • LV27 Yanma (Bug/ Flying)
  • LV27 Whirlipede (Bug/Poison)
  • LV27 Mothim (Bug/ Flying)

Follow the road as it turns to the north and you have to fight yet another trainer there.

Pokemon Breeder Foster (Prize Money: 928)
  • LV27 Zangoose (Normal)
  • LV29 Tauros (Normal)

Continue to the beach to the north then examine the ground behind the fisherman to find an Ice Heal. You can use the Dowsing Machine to find this item. You can talk to the fisherman to challenge him to battle.

Fisherman Murray (Prize Money: 1,344)
  • Lv24 Magikarp x6 (Water)

After taking out the fisherman's poor Magikarps, use Surf again and follow the rock walls on the left. This should lead you to shallow waters. Check the lone boulder there to get a Water Stone.

You can continue surfing to the east then north to reach Azure Bay. Your next destination should be Coumarine City but if you want, you can go ahead and check Azure Bay for additional trainer battles and extra items. Otherwise, continue to Coumarine City as intended.
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Feb 23rd 2015 Guest
sounds like a lot of work to cach lapras
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