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Reflection Cave

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Reflection Cave

Last Updated:
Level Range of wild Pokémon: 21-23
Pokémon Type
Ferroseed** Grass/Steel
Woobat** Psychic/Flying
Chingling Psychic
Mr. Mime Psychic/Fairy
Solosis Psychic
Wobboffet Psychic
Roggenrola (Horde) Rock
Sableye Dark/Ghost
Carbink Rock/Fairy
Mime Jr.(Horde) * Psychic/Fairy

*These pokemon doesn't appear alone. If you want to catch it, you have to defeat all but one during an encounter.
**Encounters with this pokemon are triggered when they drop off from the ceiling. If your eye is quick enough, you should see a faint shadow and some dust falling from above indicating their position.

Head inside and talk to the trainer staring at the mirror-like wall of the cave.

Backpacker Lane (Prize Money: 1,456)
  • LV26 Linoone(Normal)

Head to the right until you come across multiple paths. Take the narrow path to the right to find a Revive at the end. Backtrack a bit and take the northern path this time to find a Nest Ball at the end.

Continue to the south this time to encounter another trainer.

Battle Girl Hedvig (Prize Money: 1,248)
  • LV25 Throh(Fighting)
  • LV26 Hawlucha

After defeating her, walk to the south and go downstairs. Head to the right and pick up the Moon Stone from the platform there. Backtrack then head to the right this time. You have to defeat the next trainer to continue since she'll still see you and challenge you to battle even with her back turned.

Ace Trainer Monique (Prize Money: 2,500)
  • LV24 Doduo (Normal/Flying)
  • LV25 Helioptile(Electric/Normal)
  • LV24 Granbull

Continue to the right and you'll find two sets of stairs. The one to the north is inaccessible at the moment because of a hole on the ground so you have no choice but to go downstairs. Talk to woman below to heal your pokemon before pressing on.

Head to the right and take on the next trainer or follow the path to the right to get the Black Belt from the top of the rocky hill.

Tourist Monami (Prize Money: 1,872)
  • LV26 Nidorina(Poison)

Continue south and you'll find Tierno. He'll give you the TM70 Flash. Go past him and continue to the right. Take the Escape Rope and go downstairs to take on the next trainer.

Black Belt Igor (Prize Money: P1,344)
  • LV28 Sawk(Fighting)

Continue along the straightforward path and you'll encounter two trainers along the way.

Psychic Franz (Prize Money: P1,344)
  • LV24 Chimeco(Psychic)
  • LV24 Golett (Ground/ Ghost)

Tourist Haruto (Prize Money: P1,872)
  • LV26 Nidorino(Poison)

After the last battle, continue forth and you'll find a couple staring at the mirror. Check the narrow path to their right to find a Hyper Potion. Talk or walk by the couple to engage them in a double-battle.

Honeymooners Yuu & Ami(Prize Money: P3,744)
  • LV26 Combee(Bug/Flying)
  • LV26 Vespiquen(Bug/Flying)

After defeating the two, go upstairs to the left and go past the trainer first to find an Iron. Now backtrack a bit and challenge the trainer.

Ace Trainer Emil (Prize Money: P2,500)
  • LV26 Absol(Dark)
  • LV25 Pinsir(Bug)

Continue heading south a bit but try not to run to avoid sliding down the slope and bringing you back to the previous area with the healing NPC. Continue west and you should see an opening leading downstairs. Go down then continue straight up until you reach the mirror wall. Take the stairs to the right to reach the Earth Plate.

Return to the main path and head left. Walk slowly and watch out for an opening to the south, as seen in the reflection on the wall. Head inside to get the TM74 Gyro Ball. Exit the room to the south. The area to the left is empty so just hop over the rock ledges to the right and go upstairs to the right.

Make your way to the northwest exit past where you picked up the Iron earlier. In the next room, there's a boulder you can push with a pokemon with strength to create a shortcut. There's a hiker here that will battle you as well.

Hiker Dunstan (Prize Money: P1,344)
  • LV22 Sandile(Ground/Dark)
  • LV24 Diggersby(Normal/Ground)
  • LV23 Dwebble(Bug/Rock)

After the battle, you can exit north to finally reach Shalour City.

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