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Lumiose City (South)

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Lumiose City (South)

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Lumiose City is rather large and has lots of shops and establishments you can check out. We will be dividing the establishments or shops based on the street they're on. The locations listed below are the ones readily available during your first visit. A large section of the city will be inaccessible due to a blackout.

(South Boulevard)
  • Pokemon Center
  • Sycamore Pokemon Laboratory
  • Restaurant Le Nah
  • Cafe Introversion
  • Cafe Soleil
  • Lumiose Transportation Office
  • PR Video Studio
  • Coiffure Clips
  • Cafe Soleil
  • Shutterbug Cafe
  • Poke Ball Research Center

(Vernal Avenue)
  • Boutique Couture
  • Stone Emporium
  • Herboriste
  • Friseur Furfrou
  • Cafe Woof

Once inside, go past the counter and Dexio will give you TM27 Return. There's a lot to explore in this town but let's just follow the course of events for now. Head to the Pokemon Lab which is along South Blvd. You're already facing the correct direction so just go straight ahead and you'll see Sina standing outside the lab. She'll invite you to go inside afterward.

Sina will inform you that the professor is located on the third floor. However, you can stop by the second floor to get x5 Luxury Balls from the lady scientist in front of the glowing cylinder . Head to the third floor to finally meet up with the professor.

He will ask you to follow him but before you do so, go to the right and talk to the scientist in front of the bookshelf to get the TM54 False Swipe. Head to the other side of the room to find the professor. Shortly, Shauna and your rival will arrive. The professor will also suggest a pokemon battle against him. To trigger the battle, you have to talk to him. If you want, you can go to the pokemon center first and heal yourself if your party is in really bad condition.

Professor Sycamore (Prize money: 1400)
  • LV10 Bulbasaur (grass)
  • LV10 Squirtle (water)
  • LV10 Charmander (fire)

Sycamore's pokemon are the classic and very first Starters of the pokemon series. They can easily taken out since one of them will be definitely weak against your chosen pokemon. Just exploit their weaknesses to win the battle.

After the battle, you'll be able to select one of the Kanto region Starters. If your party is full, you can select one in your current party to be sent back to the Box. You'll also be given a chance to give a nickname to your newly acquired pokemon. In addition, you'll also receive a corresponding mega stone for your chosen pokemon. Mega Stones will allow your pokemon to undergo Mega Evolution. Take note that only Charmander will have two versions of mega stones. For pokemon x, you'll obtain Charizardite X and for Y, it's Charizardite Y.

He will also mention about investigating the mega stones and that you should check out Camphrier Town. Get into the elevator and ride it to the first floor. As soon as you get off, you'll see Sina talking with an orange-haired man. His name is Lysandre and you'll get acquainted with him. As you try to leave, the other kids will catch up with you. Your rival will also tell you to talk in Cafe Soleil. After the brief conversation, you're now free to roam the area.

Since we're already in town, it wouldn't hurt checking out the establishments and locations of interest. Take note that some areas of the city are inaccessible due to construction. The description of the activities you can do in each establishment will be listed below.

South Boulevard

Restaurant Le Nah

This is located to the right of the city entrance, right before you reach the blacked out part of the city. They offer a Double Battle meal which will pit you into three Double Battles in a row. You also have to win each battle within the number of turns they specify. This battle costs p3000. To know more about the battle lineup, refer to this link.

After completing the three-course meal, you'll also obtain Tiny Mushrooms, compliments of the restaurant.

Cafe Introversion

As the name of the cafe suggests, this is supposedly a hang out of shy people. There is nothing to do here but you can learn more about Poke Miles you collected. You have to go to the Pokemon Center in the same street to find a specific man that will help you utilize this feature.

Lumiose Transportation Office

This is the unmarked building in front of Cafe Introversion in South Boulevard. This is where you can utilize the city's transportation services like the Gogoat, Lumi Cab and TMV. Unfortunately, these services are temporary put to a halt because of the blackout the city is currently experiencing. The second floor of the office has more people but nothing of interest as of the moment.

Pokemon Center

Aside from the normal functions you expect from a Pokemon Center, there's a man in the right side of the center where you can trade your earned Poke Miles for prizes. Poke Miles are earned whenever you trade Pokemon or pass by people. The Miles you can get will depend on the distance between two regions registered on the Nintendo 3DS Systems. You can also collect a bit of miles by walking around in the Kalos Region. You can check your current miles in your trainer card.

PR Video Studio

This is where you can create your own Promotional Video. (See PR Video) Here you can create your own 10 second promotional video. As soon as you enter, the guy on the left desk will give you three default options for your PR video. Select what you wish and you'll see a preview of it. After that, you'll be asked whether you want to have it shared to your PSS or not. If you wish to retake the video, you can talk to the same guy again. You have three slots for your PR video.

Should you wish to create your own PR vid, you can select “Shoot New” and “Create by yourself”. You can also select a pokemon in your current party and cast it in your PR vid. For more about creating hour own PR vid, see the basics section of this guide. Before leaving, talk to the pink-haired lady near the green screen to receive a Lens Case.

Coiffure Clips

This is the salon where you can change your hairstyle and hair color. The rates of their services are as follows:
  • Styling and color: 3000
  • Styling only: 1500
  • Color only: 2000

Cafe Soleil

You'll find your rival waiting for you outside this cafe. Approach her and follow her inside the cafe for a scene. After the scene, you can leave the cafe and continue checking the city out.

Shutterbug Cafe

This is yet another cafe found beside Cafe Soleil. The kid will give you tips on how to operate a camera and the backpacker guy will give you a Wide Lens if you've done your first photo shot. (There's a Photo Shop location in Aquacorde Town and Parfum Palace. ) Otherwise, talking to him won't yield anything.

Poke Ball Research Center

This is the building across the Shutterbug Cafe. Talk to the girl sitting on the couch to the left to get a Quick Claw. Take the elevator to the second floor then talk to the researchers to the far right to receive x3 Timer Balls and x3 Quick Balls.

Vernal Avenue

Boutique Couture

Unfortunately, you may be turned down upon entering this boutique for the reason that you're not stylish enough. If that happens, don't fret; just don't mind it for the meantime and check out the other areas the city has to offer.

Stone Emporium

This shop sells a small number of stones. (Fire Stone, Water Stone, Leaf Stone). There's an old guy here that will offer a Mega Stone for one million. He will sell you the mega stones of the other two Starters you haven't chosen. You have to come back and talk to him later once you've increased your Style Points for him to offer the mega stone at a much lower price.


This shop sells herbal medicines. They are expensive but their effects are very potent. However, you may lose friendship to your pokemon due to herbs' bad taste. You may want to stock up some of them later on once you have a lot of cash to spare. But as of this moment, I suggest saving your money.

Friseur Furfrou

This is a grooming shop for Furfrou owners. You can catch one in the next route (Route 5). There are a lot of styles to choose from.

Cafe Woof

This is a cafe especially catering to Furfrou admirers. There's nothing important to do here.

Once you’re done with your business here, head to the other exit of the city. This is located in front of the salon and the large billboard. On your way out, one of your friends will contact you through the Holo Caster. On your way out of the city, Mr. Bonding will talk to you to introduce you about O-Powers. You’ll receive Attack Power and Defense Power from him too.

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