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Route 21 - Dernière Way

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Route 21 - Dernière Way

Last Updated:
Level Range of wild Pokémon: 50-52
Pokémon Type
Scyther** Bug/Flying
Ursaring Normal
Spinda** Normal
Altaria Dragon/Flying
Floatzel Water
Swablu (Horde)* Normal/Flying

*You can encounter these Hordes deliberately and quickly by using Honey or the Sweet Scent move while standing in the grass. Take note that the scent will fade quickly if its raining.
**Also appears in hordes

Water Pokemon
Pokémon Type Method
Lombre Water/Grass Surf
Floatzel Water Surf
Poliwag Water Old Rod
Dratini Dragon Good Rod / Super Rod
Basculin Water Good Rod / Super Rod
Poliwhirl Water Good Rod / Super Rod

To get to this route, you have to exit through the city's western gate. Bring a HM slave Pokemon (Pokemon that you won't use for battle but has learned several HM moves) or any Pokemon that can Surf, use Cut and Strength. Carrying a Pokemon with the move Fly is also a given, as its convenience is invaluable.

Head to the left and defeat the first trainer along the way. Use Surf on the river and head to the north to find a lone item there. Pick it up to get an Insect Plate. This is a held item that increases the power of Bug-type moves. Backtrack to the main path afterward.

Ace Trainer Mirielle (Prize Money: p5,600)
  • LV55 Sableye (Dark/Ghost)
  • LV56 Crustle (Bug/Rock)

Head west then go up north to find two trainers who'll challenge you to a double-battle.

Ace Duo Elina and Sean (Prize Money: p11,400)
  • LV57 Wailord (Water)
  • LV57 Vileplume (Poison/Grass)

After the battle, get the hidden Guard Spec from the rock in the flower field, then use Strength to push the large boulder on the right. Don't push it to the edge; just push it enough for you to go around and push it to the north to fill the hole there.

Continue north and you'll have to defeat a trainer who's standing at the end of the stairs.

Veteran Louis (Prize Money: p7,980)
  • LV55 Hippowdon (Ground)
  • LV57 Aurorus (Rock/Ice)

Hippowdon will blanket the area with a damaging sandstorm through its Sand Stream ability. It will also use Yawn to put your Pokemon to sleep on the next turn then use Earthquake. However, you can instantly defeat it using super-effective moves since it's a pure Ground-type. If you have a fighting-type Pokemon or move, you can instantly defeat Aurorus since both of its sub-types are weak against it. It is fond of using Ice Beam and Protect. Other than that, both shouldn't pose that much of a trouble for your current team.

The house ahead is where another Move Tutor lives. He can teach the “strongest Dragon-type” move, Draco Meteor, to one of your Dragon-type Pokemon or with a Dragon sub-type. This is a special move that deals heavy damage and has high accuracy but lowers the user's Sp Atk by two stages. After learning the move, leave the house and find a hidden Pearl String in the purple flower field.

Use Surf on the small pond to find a Repeat Ball on the other side. Cut the thorn to get a Figy Berry. There's also a hidden Elixir on the cliffside. Backtrack to the main path and continue to the west. Here, you'll find the gate that leads you to the entrance of the Victory Road.

Before going there, there's a downhill slope to the south that leads to another area within the same Route. Make sure you have Pokemon that has Strength, Surf and Cut – practically the same ones you used to explore Route 21's immediate area. Start by heading down the slope and challenging the roving trainer around the flower field to the left.

Ace Trainer Evan (Prize Money: p5,800)
  • LV58 Chandelure (Ghost/Fire)

Chandelure has a very high sp. Atk which can cause problems if you're pitting Pokemon with low sp defense against it. It has rather good defense and sp defense itself but you should be able to put it down quickly using super-effective moves against any of its sub-types.

Cut the thorny tree leading south then you'll find two large boulders to the west. Use Strength and push the upper boulder to the far west until it is stopped by a rock in the corner. Next, return to the other boulder and push it to the far left as well until you can use it to cover the hole to the south.

Go around the boulder and examine the rock in the corner to the west to get a hidden PP Up. Now push that boulder to the right to fill up the hole there.

Next return to the other boulder to the south, near the hill with the item and the trainer then push it south until it's aligned to the hole to the right. Backtrack to the north then go up the hill to the west and cut the tree there. Head to the south and fight the trainer along the way. After defeating her, get the Elixir beside her.

Veteran Trisha (Prize Money: p8,260)
  • LV59 Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon)

Tyrantrum has impressive attack stat but fortunately, you can easily defeat it using an ice attack, since both of its sub-types are weak against it.

Head south then east to push the boulder to the hole. You'll shortly reach a stream. Continue heading to the right and you'll find a patch of land that has a Rare Candy. Backtrack to the left then jump off the trail leading north. There's a tree there that you must cut.

Use Surf again and go back to the left. Go around the boulder and push it from the left side. Continue along and push the last boulder up then right to fill the hole. Follow the path that will lead you to the TM22 Solar Beam. You can now proceed to the Route's transition gate to the west.

Talk to the man guarding the entrance and he'll challenge you to a battle to test your abilities.

Ace Trainer Robbie (Prize Money: p5,700)
  • LV56 Carbink (Rock/Fairy)
  • LV56 Raichu (Electric)
  • LV57 Kingdra (Water/Dragon)

Carbink can be easily taken out by a powerful water attack. Raichu is annoyingly fast and will prioritize paralyzing its opponent and dishing out electric damage using Thunderbolt. Don't use any Pokemon weak against electric attacks or you'll be in trouble quickly. Kingdra has some pretty balanced stats but nothing special. Hit it with anything that its sub-type is weak against to quickly defeat it.

Head to the north and step on the white panel. The massive door ahead will move and create the stairs leading to the Victory Road. Now heal up and bring your best party as you'll be near the end of your journey.

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