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Coumarine City

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Coumarine City

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In this city:
  • Seaside stalls (Free daily berry, Incense merchant)
  • Monorail Station
  • Coumarine Hotel
  • Coumarine Cape
  • Pokemon Center
  • Coumarine City Gym

As soon as you enter, you'll receive a holo clip from your neighbor/ rival, challenging you to a battle in front of the gym. You'll have to go there anyway so just save it for later and explore the city for some items and goodies. First, head to the north to the dock. Search the top left mooring to find a hidden Elixir. Backtrack and head to the right and enter the house there to get a Silk Scarf. This is a held item that can boost the power of Normal-Type moves.

Leave the house and talk to the man behind the stall to the south. He's selling expensive but useful incenses that can be held by your pokemon and enjoy various effects.

The next stall apparently has free berries that will be given to you everyday. The free berry that you can get from this stall will differ every day so be sure to check it out when you have time. Examine the free space south of that store to find a hidden Awakening.

From the stalls, head east and talk to the fisherman to receive a Good Rod. You can now capture better water pokemon with this. Continue to the right and you'll find the monorail station. Enter it to find Prof. Sycamore and Diantha. The professor will hand the HM02 Fly to you. Don't ride the monorail for now so just leave and head to the northern path.

Enter the Coumarine Hotel and head to the left. Place a pokemon you maxed friendliness/ affection with as your lead and talk to the girl across the stairs. She'll give you a Lucky Egg. This item will allow the pokemon holding it gain more experience points. Perfect for the pokemon you're raising outside of battle via Exp Share. On the second floor, instead of finding Mr. Bonding in the third room, you'll find the Game Director. He mentions to have you show him the Pokedex as you fill it up.

Leave the hotel and head west until you reach the cape. There's a lone girl there that will give you a TM by answering her random daily TM Quiz. The answers are the following:

“It makes the target lose its ability to concentrate and lowers the target's Sp. Atk stat.” TM100 Confide
“If the user is not holding an item, this attack inflicts massive damage.” TM62 Acrobatics
“This move prevents the target from using its held item.” TM63 Embargo
“Slower Pokemon get to move first for five turns.” TM92 Trick Room

Return to the monorail station and talk to the woman on the counter to ride the monorail. Talk to the man in front of the counter to receive a Metronome. This held item increases the power if the pokemon uses the same move over and over again. Leave the station and enter the Pokemon Center right beside it.

The pokemart sells three different specialty balls. You may want to buy a few of these just in case. The Ultra Ball can now be purchased from the same shop as well. Head to the left and talk to Mr. Bonding to receive Befriending Power. This O-power helps Pokemon grow friendly more easily.

Exit the pokemon center and check the space between the information board and a house to the left to find a Max Repel. Head south first and enter the the house to the right. Talk to the girl in the kitchen and she'll mimic the sound of a pokemon you have in your party. Guess it right and you'll obtain a Poke Toy. This is an item that will guarantee an escape from any battle with a wild pokemon.

Head south again to reach the transition gate leading to Route 13. Talk to the standing guy to the left to receive a Black Sludge. This is a held item that gradually restores the HP of a poison-type pokemon while damaging any other types holding it. Next, head north then east past the gym entrance and to the overlook. You'll find a Sky Plate to the north, beside a bench.

Now head to the gym entrance and your neighbor will and engage you in battle as he/she stated in the holo clip you received when you entered the city.

Pokemon Trainer Serena (Prize Money: 3,300)
  • LV31 Meowstic (Psychic)
  • LV33 Frogadier (Water)
  • LV31 Absol (Normal)

Your rival/neighbor's pokemon shouldn't pose that much of a problem. Your main party should be several levels above her team at this point. After defeating him/her, heal up if needed then enter the gym.

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