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Battle Chateau

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Battle Chateau

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This building is found along Route 7 - Reviere Walk. During your first visit, you’ll find Viola inside. In this event, you’ll obtain the title of “Baron” (male player) or “Baroness” (female player). The butler can tell you more information about the chateau while the maid can provide more information about Writs.


Writs are invitations you send out to trainers. The Writ of Invitation will cause a greater frequency of trainers arriving at the chateau. The Writ of Challenge will cause more motivated players to arrive. Each Writ cause P50,000 each. Later on, more effective Writs will become available with the corresponding increase in cost as well. All writs expire on midnight on the day it was used.

You can check the rooms and talk to the other nobility inside to challenge them into battle. As you keep defeating the nobility inside, your rank will increase, giving you access to better Writs, in turn giving you the opportunity to invite better opponents. You can fight your opponents again after an hour though the nobles will come and go as you visit each room.

Writ Rank Available Cost Effect
Writ of Invitation Baron/Baroness 50,000 Trainers will visit the chateau more frequently
Silver Writ of Invitation Marquis/Marchioness 100,000 Trainers will visit the chateau much more frequently
Gold Writ of Invitation Earl/Countess 100,000 Earn twice as much winnings per battle
Writ of Challenge Viscount/Viscountess 50,000 Increase the opponents' Pokemon's level inside the chateau by 5
Blue Writ of Challenge Duke/Duchess 100,000 Decreases the opponents' Pokemon's level inside the chateau by 10
Red Writ of Challenge Duke/Duchess 100,000 Increases the opponents' Pokemon's level inside the chateau by 10
Black Writ of Challenge Grand Duke/Grand Duchess 300,000 Increases the opponents' Pokemon's level inside the chateau by 20 and increase the winnings twice as much.


The Battle Chateau is a good way to grind experience and money, which can be further enhanced by held items, O-Powers and writs.

Money Grinding

What You Need:
Amulet Coin or Luck Incense
You can get the Amulet Coin in the Parfum Palace. This doubles the money earned in a battle where the Pokemon holding the item participated on. The Pokemon holding this item doesn't need to win a battle; you can make it appear then switch it to another Pokemon if you want to.

Luck Incense
If you lost your Amulet Coin (let's say you accidentally traded the Pokemon holding it) then don't fret. You can buy this incense from the guy in the dock of Coumarine City. It has the same effect and it also enables a certain Pokemon to produce its baby form when breeded.

Prize Money Power LV3
You can get this from Mr. Bonding in Hotel Cyllage, Cyllage City. You must increase its level to LV3 (max) to maximize its effects. It will be easier using it on your friends or random people online as it uses lesser points.

(Optional): Black Writ of Challenge
You can get this writ after reaching the Grand Duke/Duchess rank. This writ will increase the levels of all Pokemon used by rival trainers in the Battle Chateau by 20. It will also double the winnings.

What to do
When inside the Battle Chateau, target the old gentlemen and ladies . They are easily distinguishable so you can't mistake them from anybody else. They almost always have the best amount of prize money at the end of battle. Be wary of the butler "nobles" or sprites as they don't carry that much with them. You can earn a lot in one battle, provided that you used the LV3 O-power, Amulet Coin and defeated a higher ranked senior.

Experience Grinding

What You Need:
Lucky Egg
You can get this from the Couramine Hotel, Coumarine City. This item will allow the pokemon holding it gain more experience points. Perfect for the pokemon you're raising outside of battle via Exp Share.

Experience Point Power LV3
You can get this from Mr. Bonding in Anistar City. Use this before a battle to increase the experience points you'll get. Max it up to fully enjoy its benefits.

(Optional): Black Writ of Challenge
You can get this writ after reaching the Grand Duke/Duchess rank. This writ will increase the levels of all Pokemon used by rival trainers in the Battle Chateau by 20. It will also double the winnings. For example, a LV65 Audino by a duchess-rank furisode girl can yield up to 10,000 exp. You can get more for a boosted (traded/Lucky Egg'ed) Pokemon.

What to do
First, you must turn off the battle animation in the options to free up precious time. The effect of the O-power lasts only for three minutes and you wouldn't want wasting precious seconds in battle animations.

Aside from the defeated Gym Leaders, Elite Four or even the Grand Duchess Diantha herself who will occasionally visit the chateau, you can also get good experience from different furisode girls. They'll start visiting once you've reached the marquis/ marchioness rank. They'll always use Audino in their teams, which are really easy to defeat but also give out a LOT of experience.


Occasionally after a battle, some generous opponents will give you items, which can be sold to shops. The quality of the items given depends on the defeated opponent's rank.

Item Opponent Rank
Pearl Baron/Baroness
Stardust Viscount/Viscountess
Big Pearl Earl/Countess
Star Piece Marquis/Marchioness
Pearl String Gym Leader
Nugget* Duke/Duchess
Big Nugget Elite Four / Duke Hennessey
Comet Shard Grand Duchess Diantha

*Excluding the Elite Four and Duke Hennessy


Baron / Baroness Rank

Trainer Pokemon Reward
Baroness Camille LV15 Bidoof (normal) 960
Baroness Francine LV15 Flabebe (fairy) 1,800
Baroness Cadette LV15 Burmy (grass) 1,800
Baroness Estelle LV15 Hoppip (grass/flying) 1,800
Baroness Maryline LV15 Ledyba (bug /flying) 1,800
Baron Herisson LV15 Horsea (water) 1,800
Baron Moray LV15 Fletchling (Flying/Normal) 1,800
Baron Evran LV15 Budew (grass/ poison) 1,800
Baron Marseille LV15 Clauncher (water) 1,800
Baron Lyon LV15 Ralts (psychic/water) 1,800
Baron Orvault LV15 Psyduck (water) 1,800
Baroness Renee LV15 Scatterbug (bug) 3,000
Baron Denis LV15 Riolu (Fighting) 3,000

After defeating all trainers inside, your rank will be upgraded to Viscount / Viscountess. The cash prize you earned from the last battles should provide a good boost to your funds, especially if you used a pokemon holding an Amulet Coin all throughout the battles.

Viscount / Viscountess Rank

Trainer Pokemon Reward
Viscountess Ann-Laure LV20 Eevee (Normal) 2,400
Viscountess Danielle LV20 Kecleon (Normal) 2,400
Viscountess Julia LV20 Skiddo (Grass) 1,280
Viscountess Mathilde LV20 Venipede (Bug/Poison) 2,400
Viscountess Regine LV20 Dwebble (Bug/Rock) 2,400
Viscountess Beatrice LV20 Tentacool (Water/Poison) 2,400
Viscountess Ayla LV20 Swirlix (Fairy) 4,000
Viscount Cullinan LV20 Pancham (Fighting) 4,000
Viscount Herault LV20 Litleo (Fire/Normal) 2,400
Viscount Braine LV20 Skrelp (Water/Poison) 2,400
Viscount Ardmore LV20 Espurr (Psychic) 2,400
Viscount Gourdon LV20 Oddish (Grass/Poison) 2,400
Viscount Orloff LV20 Mienfoo (Fighting) 4,000
Viscount Tolkowsky LV20 Axew (Dragon) 4,000

Earl and Countess Rank

Trainer Pokemon Reward
Countess Ida LV25 Marill (Water/Fairy)
L25 Loudred (Normal)
Countess Anita LV25 Ledian (Bug/Flying)
L25 Mr. Mime (Psychic/Fairy)
Countess Adele LV25 Shelgon (Dragon)
L25 Magcargo (Fire/Rock)
Countess Eliane LV25 Lairon (Steel/Rock)
L25 Sudowoodo (Rock)
Countess Mira LV25 Sandslash (Ground)
L25 Skarmory (Steel/Flying)
Countess Patricia LV25 Torkoal (Fire)
L25 Doublade (Steel/Ghost)
Countess Edith LV25 Whirlipede (Bug/Poison)
L25 Graveler (Rock/Ground)
Earl Glen LV25 Dedenne (Electric/Fairy)
L25 Staravia (Normal/Flying)
Earl Royan LV25 Haunter (Ghost/Poison)
L25 Vanillish (Ice)
Earl Grousi LV25 Weepinbell (Grass/Poison)
L25 Gurdurr (Fighting)
Earl Lesotho LV25 Machoke (Fighting)
L25 Fraxure (Dragon)
Earl Nassak LV25 Zangoose (Normal)
L25 Pupitar (Rock/Ground)
Earl Nizam LV25 Carnivine (Grass)
L25 Rhydon (Rock/Ground)
Earl Sancy LV25 Dragonair (Dragon)
L25 Krokorok (Ground/Dark)

Marquis and Marchioness Rank

Trainer Pokemon Reward
Marquis Arran LV35 Accelgor (Bug)
L35 Aerodactyl (Rock/Flying)
Marquis Caen LV35 Sigilyph (Psychic/Flying)
L35 Glaceon (Ice)
Marquis Grisognono LV35 Yanmega (Bug/Flying)
L35 Pangoro (Dark/Fighting)
Marchioness Alyssa LV35 Altaria (Dragon/Flying)
L35 Sylveon (Fairy)
Marchioness Amandine LV35 Leafeon (Grass)
L35 Avalugg (Ice)
Marchioness Amelie LV35 Wailord (Water)
L35 Kangaskhan (Normal)
Marchioness Meriel LV35 Audino (Normal)
L35 Audino (Normal)
Marchioness Yolande LV35 Audino (Normal)
L35 Audino (Normal)
Marchioness Fiona LV35 Audino (Normal)
L35 Audino (Normal)
Marchioness Keira LV35 Audino (Normal)
L35 Audino (Normal)

Duke and Duchess Rank

Trainer Pokemon Reward
Duchess Elise LV45 Azumarill (Water/Fairy)
L45 Nidoqueen (Poison/Ground)
LV45 Exploud (Normal)
Duchess Odele LV45 Golem (Rock/Ground)
L45 Aggron (Steel/Rock)
LV45 Poliwrath (Water/Fighting)
Duchess Robin LV45 Bellossom (Grass)
L45 Goodra (Dragon)
LV45 Florges (Fairy)
Duchess Ione LV45 Audino (Normal)
L45 Audino (Normal)
LV45 Audino (Normal)
Duchess Rosalie LV45 Audino (Normal)
L45 Audino (Normal)
LV45 Audino (Normal)
Duchess Nicolette LV45 Audino (Normal)
L45 Audino (Normal)
LV45 Audino (Normal)
Duchess Sabine LV45 Audino (Normal)
L45 Audino (Normal)
LV45 Audino (Normal)
Duke Lormont LV45 Roserade (Grass/Poison)
L45 Magnezone (Electric/Steel)
LV45 Alakazam (Psychic)
Duke Turner LV45 Scolipede (Bug/Poison)
L45 Raichu (Electric)
LV45 Jumpluff (Grass/Flying)
Duke Henessey LV45 Staraptor (Flying/Normal)
L45 Nidoking (Poison/Ground)
LV45 Haxorus (Dragon)

Gym Leaders

Defeated gym leaders will visit the chateau after defeating them.

Trainer Pokemon Reward
Marchioness Viola LV40 Masquerain (Bug/Flying)
L40 Vivillon (Bug/Flying)
Marquis Grant LV40 Aurorus (Ice/Rock)
L40 Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon)
Marchioness Korrina LV40 Hawlucha (Flying/Fighting)
L40 Machamp (Fighting)
Marquis Ramos LV40 Jumpluff (Grass/Flying)
L40 Gogoat (Grass)
Marquis Clemont LV40 Magneton (Electric/Steel)
L40 Heliolisk (Ground/Electric)
Marchioness Valerie LV40 Mawile (Steel/Fairy)
L40 Sylveon (Fairy)
Marchioness Olympia LV40 Sigilyph (Psychic/Flying)
L40 Meowstic (Psychic)
Marquis Wulfric LV40 Cryagonal (Ice)
L40 Avalugg (Ice)

Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Grand Duchess

After defeating the champion, the gym leaders can still be fought but their Pokemon levels will get boosted by 10 levels and their prize money will increase as well.

Trainer Pokemon Reward
Marchioness Viola LV50 Masquerain (Bug/Flying)
L50 Vivillon (Bug/Flying)
Marquis Grant LV50 Aurorus (Ice/Rock)
LV50 Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon)
Marchioness Korrina LV50 Hawlucha (Flying/Fighting)
LV50 Machamp (Fighting)
Marquis Ramos LV50 Jumpluff (Grass/Flying)
LV50 Gogoat (Grass)
Marquis Clemont LV50 Magneton (Electric/Steel)
LV50 Heliolisk (Ground/Electric)
Marchioness Valerie LV50 Mawile (Steel/Fairy)
LV50 Sylveon (Fairy)
Marchioness Olympia LV50 Sigilyph (Psychic/Flying)
LV50 Meowstic (Psychic)
Marquis Wulfric LV50 Cryagonal (Ice)
LV50 Avalugg (Ice)
Duchess Malva LV55 Pyroar (Fire/Normal)
LV55 Talonflame (Fire/Flying)
LV55 Chandelure (Ghost/Fire)
Duke Wikstrom LV55 Scizor (Bug/Steel)
LV55 Aegislash (Steel/Ghost)
LV55 Probopass (Rock/Steel)
Duchess Drasna LV55 Dragalge (Poison/Dragon)
LV55 Altaria (Flying/Dragon)
LV55 Noivern (Flying/Dragon)
Duke Siebold LV55 Clawitzer (Water)
LV55 Barbaracle (Water/Rock)
LV55 Starmie (Water/Psychic)
Grand Duchess Drasna LV60 Hawlucha (Flying/Fighting)
LV60 Gourgeist (Ghost/Grass)
LV60 Goodra (Dragon)
LV60 Gardevoir (Fairy/Psychic)

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