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Anistar City Gym

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Anistar City Gym

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This is home of the Psychic gym leader Olympia. Bring in your best team – as long as they don’t have weaknesses against psychic attacks. Step on the carpet in the middle to transform the house into an intergalactic/dimensional space. Walk straight ahead and over the light-blue transparent walkway. You’ll be challenged by the first gym trainer.

Psychic Paschal (Prize Money: p2,576)
  • LV46 Exeggutor (Psychic/Grass)

As a psychic/grass type, you can exploit either of its weaknesses. It’s slow so you can act first before it gets to use any of its moves.

Continue ahead and step on the yellow tile to get transported to another part of the gym. Continue to the right and step on another yellow tile. This is a straightforward path so just follow the walkway and step on the tiles until you reach the second gym trainer.

Psychic Harry (Prize Money: p2,576)
  • LV46 Medicham (Psychic/Fighting)

Medicham will use some buffs to increase its stats at the start of its turn. Use this chance to inflict heavy damage, preferably from a flying attack. At its level, its main attacks will be composed of fighting moves so as long as the defending Pokemon isn’t weak against those, it will be able to withstand its attacks.

Head to the south and when the path splits, take the path to the right. Continue following the paths until you reach another trainer.

Psychic Arthur (Prize Money: p2,576)
  • LV46 Reuniclus (Psychic)

This Pokemon will just keep using Psychic throughout the battle. Bring out a Pokemon that can resist it since Reuniclus’ high SP Atk rate can make this attack considerably damaging.

Use the yellow tile past him to reach the next walkway. Continue to the north and you’ll have to face the next trainer.

Hex Maniac Arachna (Prize Money: p1,472)
  • LV46 Jynx (Ice/ Psychic)

Backtrack and head west this time to fight another trainer along the way.

Hex Maniac Melanie (Prize Money: p1,472)
  • LV46 Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy)

Watch out for Gardevoir’s Psychic. It will almost always start by using Calm Mind to boost its Sp Atk and Def. Use physical attacks to take advantage of its average defense.

Use the portal to the west then in the next walkway, head north. You’ll find the gym leader Olympia there. Save your game and heal up then talk to her to challenge her.

Gym Leader Olympia (Prize Money: p7,680)
LV44 Sigilyph (Psychic/Flying)
LV45 Slowking (Water/Psychic)
LV48 Meowstic (Psychic)

Olympia will use Hyper Potion to heal her Pokemon, especially if they’re not powerful enough to take out her Pokemon with one hit. Sigilyph isn’t much of a threat. Since it is a dual-type, you can use any of the moves that’s strong against flying and/or psychic Pokemon. It will consistently use Reflect to further increase its Sp defense throughout the battle.

Slowking isn’t a pushover though. It’s high Sp Def and considerably high defense ratings will surely enable it to withstand even some super-effective attacks. If you have a Pokemon that excels in delivering pure physical attack damage, that will be the best way to go against this.

Meowstic excels with a very high speed rating and average defense and sp defense. If you’re using a slower Pokemon, expect it to act at least twice per turn. It doesn’t have that much HP and defense so you should be able to inflict more damage using physical attacks against it.

  • Psychic Badge
  • TM04 Calm Mind

Olympia will offer you to be transported to the entrance. Accept the offer and leave the gym. Once outside, your rival will come running to you and challenge you to another battle. However, this is interrupted when a Holo Clip from Lysandre arrives. After viewing his message, you’ll have to fly Back to Lumiose City.

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Feb 23rd 2014 Guest
where is the guy u have to meet in lumiose city i cant find him
ID #358229
Feb 15th 2014 Guest
i realy wana know more of how you clear the city/level/thingy
ID #355274
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