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Route 16 – Melancolie Path

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Route 16 – Melancolie Path

Last Updated:
Level Range of wild Pokémon: 33-36

Pokémon Type
Phantump Ghost/Grass
Weepinbell Poison/Grass
Pumpkaboo*** Ghost/Grass
Floatzel Water
Skorupi** Poison/Bug
Klefki* Steel/ Fairy
Foongus* Grass/ Poison
Murkrow Horde Dark/ Flying

*Also appears in hordes. You can encounter these Hordes deliberately and quickly by using Honey or the Sweet Scent move while standing in the grass. Take note that the scent will fade quickly if its raining.
**Skorupi and Weepinbell in this route can be found in flower patches only.
***Found in tall grass only

Water Pokemon
Pokémon Type Method
Lombre Grass/Water Surf
Floatzel Water Surf
Poliwag Water Old Rod
Poliwhirl Water Good Rod / Super Rod
Basculin Water Good Rod / Super Rod

This is an optional route that can also be accessed from Lumiose City. We will cover this route from the Dendemile City side. Start off by using Strength and push the boulder out of the way. There's a Sky Trainer on the hills to the south. Approach her to challenge her if you want.

Sky Trainer Clara (Prize Money: p4000)
  • LV38 Emolga (Electric/Flying)
  • LV38 Swellow (Normal/Flying)

Head to the left a bit and you'll find another ruins to the north. Go upstairs and search the corner to find a Max Revive. At ground level, behind the tall grass, you'll find the stairs leading down to the second area of the Lost Hotel.

There's a tall grass field to the west. Go there and find the thorny tree that you can cut down. Go straight north the find a clearing in the northeast corner. You'll get a Rare Candy from there.

Leave the grass field and head south. There's an off road path where two skaters go around in circles.

Roller Skater Jet (Prize Money: p1,248)
  • LV37 Delcatty (Normal)
  • LV39 Swanna (Water/Flying)

Roller Skater Olle (Prize Money: p1,280)
  • LV40 Manectric (Electric)

Head to the west and you'll find the roads covered with leaves. Go through the grass field to the north and you'll find a sky trainer by the rocky hill, in front of the sign.

Sky Trainer Gavin (Prize Money: p3,900)
  • LV37 Chimeco (Psychic)
  • LV37 Vibrava (Ground/Dragon)
  • LV39 Talonflame (Fire/Flying)

As you follow the main path around the tall grass going south, you'll encounter another hidden ranger that will ambush you.

Pokemon Ranger Lee (Prize Money: p3,120)
  • LV39 Crawdaunt (Dark/Water)
  • LV39 Sandslash (Ground)

Continue following the path to the south and another trainer hiding in the tall grass will ambush you. Continue to the east and it will lead you to a Lum Berry tree. Get the Lum Berry on the ground.

Hex Maniac Osanna (Prize Money: p1,280)
  • LV40 Pumpkaboo (Ghost/Grass)

Grab the berry and look for the hidden Big Mushroom (use your dowsing machine to make it easier) along the the corner of the path, southwest of the tree. From there, go through the tall grass field and head to the east to find a clearing with a Max Potion hiding under a pile of leaves.

Head to the left this time and follow the main path. There's another pokemon ranger hiding in the pile of leaves along the way. Head to the left and go downstairs. You'll have to fight the two trainers below in order to get past them.

Pokemon Ranger Bjorn (Prize Money: p3,280)
  • LV41 Sliggo (Dragon)

Mysterious Sisters Achlys & Eos (Prize Money: p2,560)
  • LV40 Alakazam (Psychic)
  • LV40 Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy)

Use Strength to get the boulder out of the way and continue ahead. There's a walking girl here that will challenge you to a battle as well.

Fairy Tail Girl Alice (Prize Money: p1,248)
  • LV37 Klefki (Steel/Fairy)
  • LV39 Mawile (Steel/Fairy)

The path going north just leads to a couple of thorny trees and a waterfall. You can't do anything in there at the moment so you don't need to go there for now. Go to the left then downstairs south. Go through the flower fields and use Strength again to get the boulder out of the way. Go upstairs and get the Fist Plate at the end. There's also a Rare Candy that's hidden in the boulder in the corner.

Backtrack to the main path and enter the Fishing Shack. Talk to the fisherman in the kitchen to get the Super Rod. The other fisherman here will give you Dive Balls if you beat his consecutive fishing record.

Head to the fishing area and talk to the fishermen to challenge them to battle. The dock in the middle has a hidden Repel too.

Fisherman Wade (Prize Money: p2,184)
  • LV37 Poliwhirl (Water)
  • LV39 Poliwhirl (Water)

Fisherman Seward (Prize Money: p2,240)
  • LV40 Whiscash (Water/Ground)

Fisherman Finn (Prize Money: p2,128)
  • LV38 Basculin (Water)
  • LV38 Basculin (Water)

Continue to the north and head left to find a Dive Ball. You can now head Back to Lumiose City if you want or fly back to Dendemile Town to continue with the story.

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