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Route 8 - Muraille Coast (Part 2)

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Route 8 - Muraille Coast (Part 2)

Last Updated:
Level Range of wild pokemon: 15-17
Pokémon Type
Dwebble* Bug/Rock
Binacle* Rock/Water

Water Pokemon
Pokémon Type Method
Luvdisc Water Old Rod
Staryu Water Good Rod
Clauncher Water Good Rod
Starmie Water/Psychic Super Rod
Clawitzer Water Super Rod
Qwilfish Water/Poison Super Rod
Tentacool Water/Poison Surf
Wailmer Water Surf

* These Pokémon can only be encountered by smashing cracked rocks.

This is the other part of Route 8 which takes you to the coastal area. Start by going to the beach and heading northwest to find a Mago Tree. Pick up the Mago Berry on the ground. Since you have the Old Rod, you can start fishing for some new water-type pokemon.

Head to the right and the girl in bikini will give you a Dowsing Machine. Use it from your Bag's Key Items tab and follow the direction of the rods until they turn red and beep. For Starters, check the corner shore southwest of the swimmer to find a Pearl. Head south a bit and you can get an Ultra Ball from a boulder southeast of the tree.

There's also a Stardust hidden in the sand southwest of the berry tree. Walk a bit to the south along the shore to find a Heart Scale. That's the hidden items in this immediate area for now.

Next, go back south to the stairs leading back to Ambrette City then take the path to the west along the shore. This will bring you to the beach south of the city. Use the dowsing machine to find the Rare Candy on the shore. Get the Pearl in the far right afterward as well.

Backtrack to the northern coast and continue forth. You'll find your first challenger trainer after passing through the overhead cliff.

Swimmer Genevieve (Prize Money: 336)
  • LV19 Wingull (water/flying)
  • LV21 Psyduck (water)

Before moving on, face the rocky cliff to the east and look for the little nook behind the fisherman. Approach it and a Sky Trainer from the ledge above will challenge you.

Sky Trainer Aveza (Prize Money: 2,200)
  • LV19 Skiploom (grass/flying)
  • LV22 Swoobat (poison/flying)

Talk to the fisherman nearby to challenge him to a battle.

Fisherman Wharton (Prize Money: 1,064)
  • LV19 Tentacool (water/poison)
  • LV19 Tentacool (water/poison)
  • LV19 Tentacool (water/poison)

Talk to the next fisherman up north to challenge him to a battle.

Fisherman Shad (Prize Money: 1,120)
  • LV20 Shellder (water)
  • LV20 Staryu (water)

To his northeast is a walking swimmer. Challenge her to a battle as well if you want.

Swimmer Marisa (Prize Money: 352)
  • LV22 Masquerain (bug/flying)

Continue walking a few more steps and you'll shortly reach Cyllage City.

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