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Snowbelle City Gym

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Snowbelle City Gym

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The final gym happens to be and Ice-based one. Ready your Pokemon with Fire, Fighting, Rock and Steel moves to take advantage of the gym trainers’ preferred Pokemon type. Once inside the gym, you’ll be relieved of a simple and straightforward layout.

The Gym Trainers are standing in front of the pressure plates that control the rotation of the floor. Defeat them and you’ll be able to step on the pressure plate that will rotate the portion of the floor with the same color, allowing you to proceed through the main path in the middle. You have to repeat this process and defeat all trainers to reach the Gym Leader.

Ace Trainer Imelda (Prize Money: p5,500)
  • LV54 Sneasel (Dark/Ice)
  • LV55 Cloyster (Water/Ice)

It will be unlikely that you’ll be conquering the gym with even or under-leveled. However, if you do, you’ll be in a rough ride. Sneasel excels in speed and attack so expect it to act first. It doesn’t deal that much damage but it will still be able to get to your nerves. Cloyster has very impressive defense so expect not to deal that much damage unless you’re using super-effective moves.

After defeating her, step on the plate twice to rotate the pink floor and give you access to the blue trainer.

Ace Trainer Viktor (Prize Money: p5,500)
  • LV54 Delibird (Ice/Flying)
  • LV55 Mamoswine (Ice/Ground)

Delibird doesn’t pose that much of a threat so you can take it out easily. Mamoswine is a different story though. It has excellent HP and attack. It will be able to use powerful ground attacks so don’t bring out Pokemon that’s weak against it, unless they’re flying or levitating.

To reach the yellow floor, you have to do some steps. After defeating the blue trainer, step on the plate three times until the blue floor connects in the middle bridge. Backtrack and step on the pink plate three times so the pink floor connects in the middle bridge as well. Proceed to the yellow floor and challenge the green trainer.

Ace Trainer Shannon (Prize Money: p5,400)
  • LV52 Cryogonal (Ice)
  • LV53 Piloswine (Ice/Ground)
  • LV54 Jynx (Ice/Psychic)

Cryogonal will use Confuse Ray whenever it can and it can be annoying if your Pokemon hurts itself because of it. Fortunately, its moves are only ice-based so it will be a good idea bringing out a Pokemon that can resist Ice-type damage. This Pokemon has good speed and high sp. Defense as well. Use physical attacks to break this ice Pokemon.

Piloswine is the younger version of Mamoswine but still has the same assets: good HP and attack. Defeat it easily using water attacks as it is super-effective against it. Piloswine’s Ice-subtype will just make grass and ice attacks deal normal damage. Jynx has an excellent SP. Atk but will use Avalanche (a physical attack) often. Its Wring Out attack can deal greater damage to your Pokemon with higher base HP but other than that, you shouldn’t have problems dealing with it.

After defeating Shannon, don’t step on the green plate yet. Go past her and head to the right to face the trainer on the yellow platform.

Ace Trainer Shannon (Prize Money: p5,500)
  • LV54 Beartic (Ice)
  • LV55 Vanilluxe (Ice)

Beartic has fairly good stats and a bit higher attack stat. It will use Hail to deliver continuous, annoying damage while using Ice Crash and Blizzard as its main attacks. Vanilluxe has a bit higher Sp attack stat and fairly close overall stats. Both are pure ice-types and you can defeat them quickly with any super-effective moves they’re weak against.

After defeating this trainer, step on the yellow plate once then go back to the green platform and step on the plate three times. This should line up the main path in the middle which will lead to the gym leader himself. You may heal up first before facing him. (Though you have to manipulate the pink plate to connect the stairs leading outside)

Gym Leader Wulfric (Prize Money: p9,440)
  • LV56 Abomasnow (Ice/Grass)
  • LV55 Cryogonal (Ice)
  • LV57 Avalugg (Ice)

All throughout the battle, Wulfric’s Pokemon will use Hail. This will deal small but annoying extra damage to your non-ice type Pokemon. You can try mitigating this continuous damage by using HP recovery items like Leftovers or Shell Bell.

Abomasnow should be an easy target since both of its sub-types are weak against fire. Otherwise, you’ll have to put up with its Energy Ball and Ice Beam. Cryogonal has the same attack patterns as the one used by another gym trainer. Since it is a pure Ice-type, attack it with super-effective moves and heal as necessary in case its favorite Confuse Ray makes your Pokemon hurt themselves.

Avalugg is Wulfric’s main staple Pokemon. It boasts very high defense and excellent attack ratings. However, its speed and sp. Defense is low. Use these disadvantages against it by hitting it with special attacks. It will still use Curse to increase its attack and defense but at a cost of the burden of a reduced speed stat. Its main attack is Avalanche that’s capable of dealing high damage against its normal and effective targets.

  • Iceberg Badge
  • TM13 Ice Beam

There will be a convenient, straight path on the way out of the gym. Congratulations for earning your last badge!

You can now present your badges to the guy in Victory Road, which can easily be accessed via Route 22 from the eastern side of Santalune City. This is the easiest way to get there but if you’re a completionist or you just want to wrap everything up before heading there, you can try clearing and exploring Route 21 first.

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