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Route 5 - Versant Road

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Route 5 - Versant Road

Last Updated:
Level Range of wild pokemon: 8-10
Pokemon Type
Bunnelby Normal
Skiddo Grass
Pancham Fighting
Furfrou Normal
Duduo Normal/ Flying
Gulpin Poison
Gulpin Horde Poison
Plusle Electric
Minun* Electric
Scraggy Dark/Fighting
Scraggy Horde Dark/Fighting
Abra Psychic

*Minun only appears in a Horde of Plusles.

After exiting, a Lucario will approach you. Its trainer will come following after. She’ll introduce herself as Korrina, the Shalour City Gym leader. She’ll leave shortly and you’ll be free again to roam again.

Start off by entering the skate park nearby then ride the railing on the upper right to reach the Super Potion outside the skate park’s fence. To ride the railing, approach it from the left side while skating. There's also a Paralyze Heal hidden in the middle of the skating park though you might need to come back for it later once you have the Dowsing Machine if you're having problems finding it. You’ll find the first double-battle challengers past the stairs to the left.

Twin Faith and Joy (Prize Money: 352)
  • LV11 Plusle (electric)
  • LV11 Minun (electric)

After defeating the twin, go to the grassy area then go to the right then south. You should find a Great Ball on the side of the hill. From there, continue west and you’ll find Trevor and Tierno. After a short while, he’ll challenge you to a battle.

Pokemon Trainer Tierno(Prize Money: 1200)
  • LV12 Corphish (water)

After defeating Tierno, Trevor will give you Honey x3. This item can be used to attract pokemon hordes. Go past them then follow the path west then north. There’s another trainer you can fight along the way.

Rising Star Hamish (Prize Money: 780)
  • LV13 Kadabra (psychic)

Head north past Hamish then examine the rock before the railing to get a hidden Super Potion.

Next, ride the railing again to reach the Super Potion downhill. Go around the skate park and backtrack your path again. Continue uphill to the west then south until you find some stairs. If you go past the stairs and continue south, you’ll find a railing that lets you go downhill faster and will take you to a shortcut. There’s an Oran Berry Tree there that occasionally drops berries.

Ignore it for now and continue west. There will be two roller skater trainers nearby that you can fight.

Roller Skater Winnie (Prize Money:352)
  • LV9 Bunnelby (normal)
  • LV9 Skiddo (grass)

Roller Skater Florin (Prize Money:384)
  • LV12 Duduo (normal/flying)

After defeating Florin, ride the rail to the north to reach the western side of the flower field. Next, ride another rail again to the south and it will lead you to yellow pokeball containing TM01 Hone Claws. Jump over the ledge to the south and take on the trainer to the right.

Rising Star Tyson (Prize Money:600)
  • LV12 Bidoof (normal)
  • LV10 Oddish (grass/poison)

From Tyson’s location, go south through the flower field and you’ll find an X Attack near the corner. Go downstairs south and you’ll encounter yet another pokemon trainer.

Backpacker Heike (Prize Money:480)
  • LV12 Sentret (normal)

Continue south to fight another trainer walking around the grass.

Youngster Keita (Prize Money:288)
  • LV12 Pansage (grass)

There are two paths here blocked by thorns. You have to come back later once you have acquired and taught HM01 Cut to a pokemon. You can use it to cut down the thorns. The upper path leads to a Sharp Beak and the lower path just leads to a youngster trainer.

Youngster Anthony (Prize Money:240)
  • LV10 Carvanha (water/dark)
  • LV10 Pancham (fighting)

Keep following the path and you’ll eventually reach Camphrier Town. As soon as you enter, you’ll receive a Holo Clip. After that, it’s time to explore this new town.

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