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Shalour City

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Shalour City

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In this city:

Head inside the Pokemon center and you'll find Mr. Bonding on the left side, in front of a display screen. Talk to him to receive the Critical Power LV1 O-Power. The Pokemart sells some new TM s that may interest you as well.

Exit the Pokemon Center and enter the house to the left, beside the streetlamp. Talk to the old lady inside to get a Soothe Bell. Enter the next house and talk to the guy beside the table. Show him a pokemon with maximum happiness/ affection and he will award a Footprint Ribbon to that pokemon.

While in the same house, talk to the woman by kitchen and she'll ask if you have a flying or psychic pokemon with you. If you happen to have one in your party, she'll ask for its help to get an out-of-reach luggage. You'll get x5 Stardusts from her.

Leave the house and head to the right this time. Enter the house just past the pokemon center and talk to the scientist in the middle. He'll check your Coastal Pokedex and if you have enough pokemon registered, he will give you an Eviolite. This is a mysterious item that raises the defense and special defense of a pokemon that's holding it. However, it only works to pokemon that can evolve but haven't finished evolving.

Exit the house. If you continue to the right, you'll reach the transition building leading to Route 12. We don't need to go there at the moment so head to the left and follow the main path north. Before reaching the stairs, Tierno and Trevor will arrive. They will mention that the Mega Evolution guru is located in the Tower of Mastery.

Go past them and go to the left. Continue upstairs and enter the first house. There's a guy there that will trade your Sitrus Berry to a Leppa Berry. If you only have Sitrus Berry from the last time, you may want to cultivate and multiply it first. Exit and continue to the left to find the city gym. Apparently, the gym leader Korrina is out, doing intensive training in the Tower of Mastery. Before leaving, grab the hidden X Sp. Atk behind the bench in front of the gym.

Go back downstairs and head to the beach level. Tierno will catch up with you and give you an Intriguing Stone. You'll see the Tower of Mastery at a distance and Tierno will tell you to go ahead.

Once he leaves, follow the path and find a hidden Stardust on a rock beside the shore and a photo shot location.

Head to the tower but before entering, grab the Max Ether from the rocks on the right side of the Tower's entrance. Go inside and take the stairs. Just outside the Tower's doorsteps, check the bush on the right side to find a hidden Max Repel. Enter the tower when ready.

Once inside, just enter the door ahead to find Korrina and the guru. Shortly, the others will arrive and the guru himself will start talking to the group about Mega Evolution. After leaving you and Serena (or Calem if your character is a girl) as the top candidates to get the Mega Ring, Serena will challenge you to a battle to prove who's worthy one.

Save your game if you want and prepare your best pokemon then speak with her to start the battle.
Pokemon Trainer Serena (Prize Money: 3,000)
  • LV28 Meowstic
  • LV28 Absol
  • LV30 (Starter with type-matchup advantage over yours)

Take note that your neighbor's pokemon will depend on the starter you chose when you started your game. Your pokemon should be higher-leveled than what your neighbor has so this battle shouldn't be that hard. After defeating your neighbor, the group will disperse and you'll have to challenge Korrina in her gym. Her gym's located on the western hill, which we visited earlier.

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Feb 24th 2014 Guest
I have a lv 100 Togekiss from soulsilver in X. I hatched it from an egg, so it should say 1 -> 100, but he says 100-> 100. My victini from unova was classified 15-> 100. Something's wrong.
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