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Victory Road

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Victory Road

Last Updated:
Level Range of wild Pokémon: 56-59
Pokémon Type
Graveler Rock/Ground
Haunter Poison/Ghost
Lickitung* Normal
Gurdurr* Fighting
Druddigon* Dragon
Zweilous Dark/Dragon
Geodude (Horde)* Rock/Ground

* Also appears in hordes

Ceiling Pokemon
These Pokemon will appear as dark spots. Aside from that, you'll see some dust falling off from above. Stepping on the shadow will make these Pokemon drop from overhead.
Pokémon Type
Noibat Flying/Dragon
Ariados Bug/Poison

Field Pokemon
These are the Pokemon that you'll encounter outside. If you're near one, you'll see a shadow. If you get adjacent to the shadow the Pokemon will dive down from the sky to attack you.
Pokémon Type
Fearow Normal/Flying
Skarmory Steel/Flying
Hydreigon Dark/Dragon

Water Pokemon
Pokémon Type Method
Lombre Water/Grass Surf
Floatzel Water Surf
Poliwag Water Old Rod
Basculin Water Good Rod / Super Rod
Poliwhirl Water Surf/ Good Rod / Super Rod
Poliwrath Water/Fighting Super Rod

You have to bring Pokemon that knows Surf, Strength and Rock Smash. Head inside the cave and fight your first opponent inside.

Ace Trainer Alanza (Prize Money: p6,000)
  • LV60 Weavile (Dark/Ice)

Weavil is fast and has high attack so expect it to act first or even get two turns if your Pokemon is slow. Use super-effective attacks like Fire to defeat it.

After defeating her, Surf to the west and get off to the other side. There's a hidden X Attack in the rock beside the stairs. Head north to fight another trainer.

Ace Trainer Bence (Prize Money: p5,700)
  • LV56 Steelix (Steel/Ground)
  • LV56 Electrode (Electric)
  • LV57 Kangaskhan (Normal)

Continue upstairs to the left then south. You'll find another trainer walking around. After defeating him, head south until you find a small pond. Go to the southwest corner to find a Dusk Ball and fight a roving trainer as well. After defeating her, backtrack then exit to the west.

Black Belt Markus (Prize Money: p2,880)
  • LV60 Machamp (Fighting)

Battle Girl Veronique (Prize Money: p2,784)
  • LV57 Hawlucha
  • LV58 Mienshao

Once outside, cross the bridge going north and you'll find another trainer there.

Backpacker Farid (Prize Money: p2,320)
  • LV58 Haxorus (Dragon)

Continue north and get the hidden Hyper Potion in the corner of the road. Follow the path and find the hidden Full Heal in the shrub, left of the cave entrance. Enter the cave afterward.

Once inside, you'll find another trainer going back and forth. Hop on the rocks and make your way to the upper left.

Battle Girl Sigrid (Prize Money: p2,880)
  • LV60 Medicham (Fighting)

Go around and smash the cracked boulder by the small ramp going south. Find the hidden Ultra Ball in the dead end in the middle.

From there, go around the rocks heading southwest then make your way to the east until you find some stairs. Go upstairs and hop on the rocks on the right. Continue until you exit the cave. Go all the way to the south and you'll find another cave entrance. Enter it and you'll find TM03 Psyhock inside.

Backtrack to the previous cave and hop on the ledge to reach the rocks you can hop on. Make your way to the top left again and continue heading to the north this time, past the large boulder. You'll encounter another trainer there.

Black Belt Ander (Prize Money: p2,784)
  • LV57 Pangoro (Dark/Fighting)
  • LV58 Heracross (Bug/Fighting)

Continue upstairs to the north and you'll find a dead end. Get the hidden Smooth Rock in the northern wall and Carbos to the left.

Backtrack again and this time go to the southeast of the boulder. You'll find stairs there. Go uphill and make your way to the other side. A trainer will be waiting there so defeat him before moving forth. After defeating the trainer, go downstairs and push the boulder to the left, until the hole is filled.

Psychic William (Prize Money: p3,248)
  • LV58 Espeon (Psychic)

Continue upstairs where two more trainers are waiting. Engage them for a double-battle.

Brains and Brawn Arman and Hugo (Prize Money: p6,240)
  • LV58 Medicham (Fighting/Psychic)
  • LV60 Gallade (Fighting/Psychic)

Before going to the bridge, follow the narrow path going to the northwest. Exit and you'll find a Rare Candy outside. Return to the cave and cross the bridge this time. Follow the path until you reach the exit.

Head to the right until you see a large boulder. Use Strength to push it to the hole then get the hidden Revive in the rock nearby. Enter the cave to the left and follow the straightforward path until you reach a boulder. Push it to the hole and you'll discover that you just made a shortcut to the Victory Road's entrance.

Now backtrack all the way to the other cave entrance you came in moments ago and challenge the Fairy Tale girl walking around the ruins' entrance to the north. After defeating her, destroy the cracked wall to the left, a few steps north of Corinne. Find and obtain the PP Up to the left of the tower.

Fairy Tale Girl Corinne (Prize Money: p1,792)
  • LV56 Azumarill (Water/Fairy)
  • LV56 Florges (Fairy)

Continue north and you'll another trainer. After the battle, talk to the gorgeous Pokemon Ranger to rest up. Save your game now if you haven't done yet in a while.

Hex Maniac Raziah (Prize Money: p1,856)
  • LV58 Gourgeist (Ghost/Grass)

Continue to the ruins and get the Quick Ball behind the altar. Head south and your rival/neighbor will run after you and challenge you to another friendly Pokemon battle.

Pokemon Trainer Serena (Prize Money: p6,100)
  • LV57 Meowstic (Psychic)
  • LV57 Flareon/Jolteon/Vaporeon (Fire/Electric/Water)
  • LV59 Absol (Dark)
  • LV58 Altaria (Dragon/Flying)
  • LV61 Delphox/Greninja/Chestnaught

Your neighbor will have a new addition to her team at last. You already know how to deal with Meowstic; besides, it's weakest Pokemon in your neighbor's group. The three eevolutions should be deal with super-effective moves they're weak against. Altaria can be instantly defeated using ice attacks. Otherwise, electric and rock can deal considerable damage as well.

Absol still deals considerable damage but it's defense and sp defense isn't that high so expect it to be defeated easily. Finally, your neighbor's starter will be a force to reckon with, especially if you'll pit your own starter against it. Use super-effective moves against her starter to seize victory.

After the battle, you'll obtain two Max Revives from your neighbor. She'll bid farewell and you'll have to continue forth. Talk again to the female Ranger to the left to heal up before proceeding. Head south then west to find a cracked wall. Destroy it using Rock Smash and get the Zinc inside the walls. Continue east and enter another cave.

Go upstairs and challenge the next trainer to battle. After the battle, there are two ledges south. Take the one to the right and jump over more ledges going south. Take the stairs to the left then slide down the slope to the west to find an exit.

Pokemon Ranger Petra (Prize Money: p4,560)
  • LV57 Slowbro (Water/Psychic)
  • LV57 Altaria (Dragon/Flying)

Head outside and get the hidden Pretty Wing in the rock to the west. Proceed north and get the Max Elixir inside the ruins. Slide down the slope and enter the cave again to go back to where you started.

Now from where the Pokemon Ranger is, jump over the ledge to the right again, then jump to the right then south, south. There's a hidden Escape Rope on the ground, in the middle. Jump to the east and go upstairs. Head to the north first and get the hidden Max Repel on a stalagmite to the left, just before the corner.

Continue ahead to challenge another trainer. After defeating her, head to the left then go down the slope south. Grab the Dragon Fang and go back upstairs to the south again.

Veteran Inga (Prize Money: p8,540)
  • LV61 Talonflame (Fire/Flying)

Head to the southwest this time to find a Full Restore in the corner. You can also challenge the roving ranger or avoid him.

Pokemon Ranger Ralf (Prize Money: p4,720)
  • LV59 Crobat (Flying/Poison)

Go upstairs to the east this time where another trainer is waiting. After the battle, don't exit yet. Use Strength to push the boulder to the south. Follow the same straightforward path as leads you outside where another boulder needs to be pushed to the hole. You have completed yet another straightforward shortcut, near the entrance of the shortcut cave you cleared a while ago. Backtrack again to the previous cave you're in and head to the exit to the east.

Veteran Gerard (Prize Money: p8,260)
  • LV57 Banette (Ghost)
  • LV59 Leafeon (Grass)

Once outside, go to the south and challenge the painter if you want. There's also a hidden X Defense in the boulder south of his position.

Artist Vincent (Prize Money: p3,248)
  • LV58 Smeargle (normal)

Continue to the south and you'll find another trainer again.

Ace Trainer Michele (p5,800)
  • LV57 Magcargo (Fire/Rock)
  • LV58 Scizor (Bug/Steel)

Continue to the left until you reach the dock. Surf to the waterfall and use HM Waterfall to climb it. (In case you can't / don't want to teach it to any of your current Pokemon, you can go back to a Pokemon Center and swap one of your party Pokemon to a temporary one that could learn Waterfall. Getting back here will be so straightforward and easy using the shortcuts you have opened)

Head north and find the patch of land to the right that you can get off on. Challenge the trainer there and defeat him to reach TM02 Dragon Claw. There's also a hidden Max Ether on the ground to the right. Use your Dowsing Machine to find it easily. After getting the items, surf back down and enter the cave.

Hiker Corwin (Prize Money: p3,136)
  • LV56 Torkoal (Fire)
  • LV56 Golem (Rock/Ground)

Once inside, you'll be in a straight path going to the north. However, you have to face several trainers along the way.

Veteran Timeo (Prize Money: p8,260)
  • LV57 Trevenant (Ghost/Grass)
  • LV59 Gigalith (Rock)

Veteran Catrina (Prize Money: p8,260)
  • LV57 Glaceon (Ice)
  • LV59 Snorlax (Normal)

Veteran Gilles (Prize Money: p7,980)
  • LV55 Skarmory (Steel/Flying)
  • LV57 Alakazam (Psychic)
  • LV55 Umbreon (Dark)

After defeating the last veteran, head north and find the hidden Star Piece on the ground. Go upstairs to reach the Pokemon League area.

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