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Route 15 – Brun Way

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Route 15 – Brun Way

Last Updated:
Level Range of wild Pokémon: 33-36
Pokémon Type
Watchog Normal
Mightyena Dark
Pawniard Dark/Steel
Foongus* Grass/ Poison
Klefki* Steel/ Fairy
Murkrow* Dark/ Flying
Skorupi** Poison/Bug

*Also appears in hordes. You can encounter these Hordes deliberately and quickly by using Honey or the Sweet Scent move while standing in the grass. Take note that the scent will fade quickly if its raining.
**Skorupi in this route can be found in flower patches only.

Water Pokemon
Pokémon Type Method
Lombre Grass/Water Surf
Floatzel Water Surf
Poliwag Water Old Rod
Poliwhirl Water Good Rod / Super Rod
Basculin Water Good Rod / Super Rod

Walk a bit to the right and then head south through the grassy field. A Pokemon ranger will appear from hiding and challenge you. Follow the path south then west to reach a clearing. There's a Revive under the pile of leaves in the middle. Just run over them to reveal the item.

Pokemon Ranger Silas (Prize Money: p1,560)
  • LV39 Quagsire (Water/Ground)
  • LV39 Beartic (Ice)

Backtrack to the main path and head to the right. Go south if you want to challenge another trainer. Backtrack again to the main path and walk to the right. There's another pile of leaves there that contains a Net Ball.

Hex Maniac Luna (Prize Money: p1,280)
  • LV40 Chimeco (Psychic)

Jump over the ledge to the right to find a Leppa Tree. Grab the Leppa Berry then get the hidden Antidote to the left of the berry tree.

Head south and jump over the ledge. Another hiding Pokemon ranger will ambush you and challenge you to a battle. Head to the right towards the pond and another hidden ranger will jump out on you.

Pokemon Ranger Dean (Prize Money: p3,120)
  • LV37 Watchog (Normal)
  • LV38 Swoobat (Psychic/Flying)
  • LV39 Seadra (Water)

Pokemon Ranger Keith (Prize Money: p3,280)
  • LV41 Gabite (Dragon/Ground)

Head to the grassfield to the south then check the clearing to the left. There's a Dire Hit found in the pile of leaves there. Head to the right towards the wooden bridge to encounter another trainer.

Pokemon Ranger Pedro (Prize Money: p3,280)
  • LV41 Vileplume (Poison/Grass)

Use surf on the stream and go upstream until you reach a blockade. Get off to the right and scatter the pile of leaves to get a PP UP. Backtrack to the path and cross the bridge. Head south to the narrow grass path and follow it until you reach two stones that you can hop on. Cross the stream to get a Full Heal.

Backtrack again to the main path and break down the large rock using Rock Smash beside the ruins to reach the Protein behind it. You can also challenge the next two trainers along the road for a battle or go around them.

Mysterious Sisters Rune and Rime (Prize Money: p2,560)
  • LV40 Floette (Fairy)
  • LV40 Drifblim (Ghost/Flying)

Continue further to the right past the bridge and the waterfall. You'll receive a short holo clip from Lysandre. After viewing it, use surf in the stream and follow it to the south until you reach a barren patch of land. There's a hidden Pretty Wing in it.

Return to the bridge and head to the grassland to the northeast and break the wall. Head to the right and you'll find the Macho Brace inside. Exit the ruins and follow the route south and you'll encounter another trainer.

Fairy Tail Girl Mahalyn (Prize Money: p1,248)
  • LV37 Dedenne (Fairy/Electric)
  • LV37 Aromatisse (Fairy)

Continue to the west and you'll be in multiple paths. To the north lies the Lost Hotel which we will check out later. For now defeat the trainer waiting at the entrance.

Hex Maniac Carrie (Prize Money: p1,216)
  • LV38 Litwick (Ghost/Fire)
  • LV38 Duosion (Psychic)

Go upstairs the ruins and search the second floor to find a hidden X Defense. The stairs going down leads to the Lost Hotel. Don't enter it yet so backtrack to the main path for now. To the east lies the gate leading to Dendemile Town and the southern path leads back to Route 16. Head to Dendemile town first to heal up your Pokemon and get some new, free items before exploring the Lost Hotel.

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