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Azure Bay

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Azure Bay

Last Updated:
Level Range of wild Pokémon: 24-27
Pokémon Type
Chatot Normal/Flying
Inkay Dark/Psychic
Slowpoke*** Water/Psychic
Exeggcute*** Grass/Psychic
Pinsir Bug
Tauros *** Normal
Miltank*** Normal
Wingull Horde Flying/ Water
Mareep Horde Electric
Tentacool* Water/Poison
Mantyke* Water/Flying
Lapras* Water/ Ice
Luvdisc** Water
Remoraid**** Water
Chinchou**** Water/Electric

*Can be encountered in the sea while using Surf.
**Can be encountered by fishing (using old rod)
***Can be encountered alone or as part of a horde
****Can be encountered by fishing (using Good rod)

From Route 12, swim north of the beach before taking the stairs leading to Coumarine City. You'll encounter the first trainer along the way to the west and another one as your turn north around the corner.

Swimmer Kieram (Prize Money: 432)
  • LV27 Remoraid (Water)
  • LV27 Skrelp (Poison/Water)
  • LV27 Wailmer (Water)

Swimmer Romy (Prize Money: 480)
  • LV30 Slowpoke (Water/Psychic)

Continue north and you'll reach an island with a photo spot location. Talk to the old man to receive a Mega Stone called Ampharosite.

Talk to the Fisherman nearby to engage him to battle.

Fisherman Ewan (Prize Money: 1,607)
  • LV27 Clauncher (water)
  • LV29 Carvanha (Water/Dark)

Step at the edge of the water to the right of the photo shot location and a Sky Trainer will challenge you.

Sky Trainer Indra (Prize Money: 3,100)
  • LV31 Sigilyph (Psychic/Flying)

The opponent will use Thunder Wave to paralyze your pokemon and slow it down before using Charge Beam to deal damage against flying-types while having the chance to increase its Sp Attack by one stage. It will help using a pokemon with just a flying sub-type to at least avoid bonus damage from this attack.

Head to the east and until you reach the darker part of the water then from there, head north until you spot a small island with a lone rock. Land there and examine the rock to get a Star Piece. From there, head to the left to find another grassy beach with a Big Pearl in the middle.

Head northwest from there to reach an island. Head to the northeastern part of it to find a Splash Plate. The cave in the island (Sea Spirit's Den) is empty at the moment and there's no hidden item inside so don't bother checking it out.

From the island, head to the northwest past some rocks and you'll find another barren island. Get the Dive Ball from it and walk a bit to the north to battle a Sky Trainer.

Sky Trainer Elata (Prize Money: 2,900)
  • LV28 Fletchinder (Fire/Flying)
  • LV29 Pelipper (Water/Flying)

Fletchinder has Flame Charge that deals fire damage and increases its speed. It also has the Acrobatics move which has a base power of 55 but doubles to 110 if the user isn't holding an item. Pelipper in the other hand doesn't hit that hard but it is more resilient to attacks.

Surf to the south again and you'll find another dry land. Walk to the south and find a hidden Heart Scale in one rock near the breakable ones. Use your dowsing machine to locate it if you need to.

Head south and use surf again. Follow the westernmost edge of the area until you reach a narrow path past the rocks and an island, that leads to an enclosed grassy field. Pick up the Deep Sea Tooth from there. There's also a hidden Hyper Potion in a rock southeast of the item.

Continue to the south and you should spot another pokeball in the grass containing a Deep Sea Scale. Head further to the south and you'll find TM81 X-Scissor. Exit the area then make your way around the secret location then proceed to the southeast. You should find a swimmer pokemon trainer along the way.

Swimmer Isla (Prize Money: 448)
  • LV28 Corsola (Water Rock)
  • LV28 Lanturn (Water/ Electric)

You're basically done in this area. You can now head to the next city.
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