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Lumiose City (North)

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Lumiose City (North)

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Now you've reached the northern part of Lumiose City, it's time to go around and discover more establishments the city has to offer. As you walk ahead, Shauna will catch up with you and invite you to see the Prism Tower. You can't go anywhere else without seeing the tower together first so head towards the tower to reach Magenta Plaza. There's a Pokemon Center right before reaching the tower so you may want to visit it first if you want. Continue towards the tower for a scene.

After the scene, the gym – which is the tower itself will now be opened. You can go there and challenge the gym leader or fully explore the city. It's okay to get lost since there are taxi cabs and Gogoat Shuttles around the city that will help you go to your destination. It will be a challenge to give directions so we'll just list the locations of important buildings and establishments so you can explore them on your own.

Centrico Plaza

This is the center of Lumiose City and where the Prism Tower is located. The area's large so the camera will pan outward and give you a top view. There's nothing to do here so you can just leave to any of the interconnected streets.

North Boulevard

LMV Station

This station operates the trains and you won't be able to board them without a pass. There isn't anything to do here at the moment so you can just come back later.

Cafe Bataille

This is found across the Lumiose Station. This is a cafe catering to fighters. Sadly there's nothing much you can do here.

Battle Institute

This is where you can participate in Battle Tests – five straight battles without any pause. You'll earn Battle Points (BP) which can be used to exchange for items. You'll earn more battle points based on your performance. Download Tests are special Battle Tests that can be downloaded during certain times via Internet or special-event location. You can use either a Local Connection or Network Connection.

The rules in the battles are simple:
  • All pokemon will battle at LV50
  • You can select three Pokemon for a Single Battle Test
  • You can select up to four Pokemon in the Double Battle Test
  • No duplicates! Pokemon and the items they carry must be different.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to use this facility for now since this is considered as a post-game feature.

Cafe Action

This is a cafe for film enthusiasts. Talk to man beside the counter to receive some additional statements for your PR video. This is a daily event so you can talk to him once a day to get more statements for your PR Video.

Further along the street, you'll find a roller skater girl that will teach you a new roller skate trick: the backflip. It will allow you go over the ledges, the other way around. You'll find her in front of Cafe Ultimo.

Cafe Ultimo

This cafe is a watering hole for S.T. (Super Training Fanatics). You won't get any item from them; just tips and more information about Super Training.

Office Building

This is found across Cafe Ultimo. Talk to the researcher to the right will be looking for a Pokemon with Aroma Veil, Flower Veil or Sweet Veil. The easiest Pokemon to show her will be Flabebe (Flower Veil) or Twirlix (pokemon x) / Spritzee (pokemon y). If you're not sure if your pokemon have them, use your Boxes' Search function.

Show her the Pokemon that has any of the abilities she's looking for and you'll get a Star Piece. The second floor doesn't contain anything worthwhile. The fourth floor has a toddler that will give you a Prism Scale by talking to her.

Hotel Richissime

You'll find Mr. Bonding inside who will give you the O-Power Bargain Power. This will allow you to purchase items cheaply in the PokeMart. You can also stay in the hotel but it won't be by any means cheap. You can also talk to the woman by the counter and accept the part-time jobs available in the hotel. You can only take three different jobs a day. This is a daily event so you'll have to return the next day to be able to work again. As you get your job done perfectly, the difficulty and the compensation changes.

For more information about the part-time jobs you can do in this hotel, please follow this link.

Use the elevator and head to the fifth floor of the hotel to reach the penthouse suites. Enter the room to the right and talk to the girl in the bathroom to get a TM49 Echoed Voice.

Lumiose Museum

You can enter for free but you can pay P200 for the audio guide. With the audio guide, you can operate the panels beside the paintings to get an explanation for them. On the first floor, head to the left and talk to the purple-haired guy to receive a TM82 Dragon Tail.

Pokemon Center

There another Pokemon center here in North Boulevard. There's no interesting NPC here but the Pokemart sells some special balls as well.

Office Building

This is the office building west of Gate 14. Head to the second floor and you'll witness something creepy. The room will be eerily empty so just proceed to the third floor.

Talk to the woman to the right, in front of the cabinet to receive an Expert Belt. Talk to the girl beside her to receive a Protein.

Lumiose Galettes Shop

This is a time-restricted shop that only sells Lumiose Galettes at the following times: 3AM, 9AM, 3PM and 9PM. Be sure to come back and buy some. These are very helpful items that will heal ANY status ailment – a much cheaper alternative vs Full Heals.

Cafe Triste

This is located along North Boulevard near the corner of Autumnal Avenue. There's nothing to do here and the place's practically deserted, probably because of its rude employees.

Estival Avenue

Cafe Rouleau

This is a cafe for roller skaters. Talk to the old man sitting to the right to learn about the legendary skater “The Dancing Whirlwind” in the Lost Hotel in Route 15. Talk to the skater near the counter to learn a new trick: the 360.


This is a once-a-day lottery where an ID number is generated and compared to the ID's of the Pokemon you have. If the generated ID for the day matches any of your Pokemon's ID, you'll win a corresponding prize. 4th prize (1 digit) is a Moomoo Milk while 3rd prize (2 matching digits) will give you a PP UP. Three numbers will get you a PP Max while five matching numbers will get a Master Ball. You'll get more Ids by regularly trading Pokemon.

Lumiose Press

Here you'll find Alexa, the same journalist who gave you the Exp Share item before. She'll also tell you about the city's hotspots.

Cafe Gallant

Just a typical cafe with two old managers. Nothing of interest here.

Autumnal Avenue

Juice Shoppe

This is found in Autumnal Avenue, beside a taxi cab on the way to the Prism Tower. You can buy pre-mixed juices from the man on the left side of the counter but you can only choose once per day. The lady to the right can mix various berries to make them as a juice/shake. You can't keep the purchased or mixed concoction so you'll have to give it to one Pokemon in your party.

One thing you can not is that the price of the juice seems to determine the value of the stat that will be boosted. A P400 juice will increase 4 points while a P600 juice will increase the value by 6.

To learn more about the juices, their effects and how to mix them, refer to this link.

Restaurant Le Yeah

This is similar to the South Boulevard Restaurant, Restaurant Le Nah. This establishment offers a Triple Battle and Rotation Battle Meal, each costs p15,000. After completing the course meal without going over the required number of turns and without any pokemon fainting, you'll receive Big Mushrooms as reward.

The number of mushrooms may vary on your performance. To know more about the Pokemon line up, refer to this link.

Cafe Pokemon-Amie

This is a cafe for those who love using Pokemon-Amie and playing with their Pokemon. Aside from some useful tips, there's nothing else you can do in this shop.

Poke-Ball Boutique

Talk to the little girl inside to receive a random special pokeball like Luxury or Heal Balls. Talking to her is considered as a daily event so you can talk to her again the next day to receive another special pokeball. You can also purchase all the available special Pokeballs. (Bargain Power O-Power affects the prices of this boutique too)

Hibernal Avenue

Cafe Kizuna

Just another cafe in the city with no significant importance.

Restaurant Le Wow

This is a 3-star Battle Dining place but you can't enter yet until you've become a Champion.

Jaune Plaza

There is the short alley connecting Jaune Plaza and North Boulevard. This alley is right in front of the city's Gate 13. There's only one place you enter here and apparently, this is Trevor's house.

Magenta Plaza

Lysandre Cafe

This is an elite cafe located in the alley between the Magenta Plaza and Autumnal Avenue. There's nothing you can do here at the moment.

Rogue Plaza Alley

This alley has two establishments: Commercial Unit for Rent and Sushi High Roller. The commercial unit doesn't have anything at the moment. The karate bouncers in the Sushi High Roller restaurant won't let you in for now as well.

If you check the alley to the side of this restaurant, you'll find a trainer hanging out in the deadend. You can talk to him to challenge him to a battle.

Bleu Plaza

This is one of the many plazas in the city that are interconnected to major streets and unnamed alleys. Talk to the old man in a suit in the short alley leading to the Prism Tower for a battle.
Owner Toro (Prize Money: 600)
  • LV30 Diggersby (Normal/ Ground)

After beating him, check the alley leading to Gate 5 in South Boulevard to find two trainers you can challenge.

Waitress Paget (Prize Money: 600)
  • LV30 Kirlia (Psychic/Fairy)

Beauty Kassandra (Prize Money: 680)
  • LV34 Roselia (Grass/Poison)
  • Reward: Nugget

After defeating the two girls, check the backalley in the same alley where you fought them and that will lead you to another trainer.

Chef Kamaboko (Prize Money: 600)
  • LV30 Pidgeotto

Vert Plaza

The skater there will give you a tip on how to perform a drift-dash though this won't be registered as a new roller blade move. There's another cafe in the unnamed alley loading to South Boulevard's Gate 4. There's also another trainer in the alley that you can challenge.

Punk Girl Lilian (Prize Money: 600)
  • LV30 Krokorok

Cafe Cyclone

There are some poets inside and an impersonator. Talk to the girl to the northern side of the room and she'll transform to a celebrity in front of you. Aside from that, there's nothing much to do here either.


There will be trainers that are hanging out in the narrow backalleys of the city. If you talk to them, will challenge you to a battle and will disappear after defeating them. Similar trainers can be found in the main unnamed alleys as well, similar to those you'll encounter in Bleu Plaza. They will reappear in the same locations after and you can battle them over and over again.

Garcon Jacopo (Prize Money: 600)
  • LV30 Gabite (Dragon/Ground)
  • Location: Alley beside the Loto-ID Center, along Estival Avenue

Punk Guy Faust (Prize Money: 600)
  • LV30 Haunter (Ghost)
  • Location: Backalley between Autumnal Avenue and Rogue Plaza

Black Belt Killian (Prize Money: 600)
  • LV30 Machoke (Fighting)
  • Location: Alley behind Sushi High Roller Restaurant. The said restaurant is found between North Boulevard and Rogue Plaza.

Beauty Anais (Prize Money: 680)
  • LV34 Seadra (Water)
  • Reward: Elixir
  • Location: Backalley between Jaune Plaza Alley and Hibernal Avenue

Owner Toro (Prize Money: 600)
  • LV30 Diggersby (Normal/ Ground)
  • Location: Short alley from Bleu Plaza leading to the Prism Tower.

Waitress Paget (Prize Money: 600)
  • LV30 Kirlia (Psychic/Fairy)
  • Location: Alley between Bleu Plaza and Gate 5 in South Boulevard.

Beauty Kassandra (Prize Money: 680)
  • LV34 Roselia (Grass/Poison)
  • Reward: Nugget
  • Location: Alley between Bleu Plaza and Gate 5 in South Boulevard.

Chef Kamaboko (Prize Money: 600)
  • LV30 Pidgeotto
  • Location: Backalley, Plaza Blue alley leading to Gate 5, South Boulevard

Punk Girl Lilian (Prize Money: 600)
  • LV30 Krokorok
  • Location: Alley between Vert Plaza and South Boulevard's Gate 4.

Beauty Aimee (Prize Money: 680)
  • LV34 Fletchinder
  • Reward: Destiny Knot
  • Location: Alley between Vert Plaza and South Boulevard's Gate 4.

Lumiose City Gym

The next gym leader's an electric-type so unless you have Ground/Rock type Pokemon in your party, it might be a good idea to train one or two before facing him. Check the next page for the battle tips and trainer/Pokemon line up for this gym.
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Beauty Aimee is not where you say she is.
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how do i get past the old lady that is in the office building where they are having a photo shoot with mamoswine
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