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Frost Cavern

Pokemon X Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Frost Cavern

Last Updated:
Level Range of wild Pokémon: 36-38
Pokémon Type
Haunter Ghost/Poison
Jynx Ice/Psychic
Piloswine Ice/Ground
Beartic Ice
Bergmite Ice
Cryogonal Ice

Horde Encounters
Pokémon Type
Smoochum Ice/Psychic
Vanillite Ice
Cubchoo Ice

Water Pokemon
Pokémon Type Method
Floatzel Water Surf
Poliwag Water Old Rod
Poliwhirl Water Surf/ Good Rod / Super Rod
Basculin Water Good Rod / Super Rod

To reach this area, you have to take the bridge in the northern part of Dendemille Town. As soon as you enter the area, go to the left and challenge the hiker there.

Hiker Ross (Prize Money: p2,464)
  • LV44 Vibrava (Ground/ Dragon)

You'll see an item in the lower ridge however you need an HM that will allow you to ride the waterfall so ignore it for now. After defeating the hiker, head to the right towards the bridge. There's a Sky Trainer that you challenge there as well.

Sky Trainer Celso (Prize Money: p4,400)
  • LV41 Carnivine (Grass)
  • LV44 Swanna (Water/Flying)

Cross the bridge and you'll learn more about the distressed Mamoswine. Trevor will arrive shortly and will inform you about his expedition to the cavern. Before heading there, go to the east first and look at the edge of the cliff there to discover a Sky Trainer on the other side. Challenge her if you want.

Sky Trainer Era (Prize Money: p4,500)
  • LV45 Cryogonal (Ice)

After defeating her, proceed to the west and you'll find an artist beside the signboard. Talk to him or get his attention to challenge him in a battle. There's also a hidden X Sp. Def just north of that artist.

Artist Salvador (Prize Money: p2,464)
  • LV44 Smeargle (Normal)

Proceed forth and you'll find a Photo Spot location ahead. Take your pic if you want then head to the entrance. There's a hidden Escape Rope in the corner, to the left of the cavern entrance. Continue inside the actual cavern after getting the item.

Once inside, check the rock in the corner to your left to find an Ice Heal. You can then fight a roving trainer nearby before proceeding east.

Ace Trainer Cordelia (Prize Money: p4,600)
  • LV44 Doublade (Steel/Ghost)

You'll now have to slide through ice. Remember that you'll keep sliding until you hit a solid object like a wall, boulder or until you reach normal ground. The good thing about this is that you can slide diagonally. Slide to the right then head north. Take the stairs straight ahead then search the rock to the left to get a hidden Dire Hit.

Backtrack to the previous floor then slide briefly to the middle of the small ice patch and examine the space in the middle to get a hidden Dusk Ball. You can also challenge the ace trainer nearby. After defeating him, go upstairs to the second floor.

Ace Trainer Neil (Prize Money: p4,300)
  • LV42 Raichu (Electric)
  • LV42 Golduck (Water)
  • LV43 Marowak (Ground)

This area's floor is covered with slippery ice sheets so you have to slide from one point to the next. Start off by sliding straight to the north. Examine the rock to the right to get an Ice Heal. From that position, you can simply slide diagonally to the southwest or to slide straight while following these directions: south, east, south, west, north to reach the normal patch of land like the image below.

Walk to the south a bit then position yourself in the tile going leftward. Slide from there and you'll end up in a patch of land with a hiker who will instantly challenge you to a battle.

Hiker Delmon (Prize Money: p2,352)
  • LV42 Relicanth (Water/Rock)
  • LV42 Rhydon (Ground/Rock)

After defeating the hiker, slide to the north through the small passage to reach an Ice Heal.
Get back to the hiker's patch of land then slide southwest to the reach the main path to the left.

You'll find a split in the road. To the west lies two trainers who will engage you in a double battle while taking the path to the north will lead you to a lone trainer. Go to the west first before taking the northern path.

Brains & Brawn Eoin & Wolf (Prize Money: p4,784)
  • LV44 Grumpig (Psychic)
  • LV46 Hariyama (Fighthing)

Black Belt Alonzo (Prize Money: p2,112)
  • LV43 Scrafty (Dark/Fighting)
  • LV43 Throh (Fighting)

Slide to the south and you'll find another trainer waiting for you.

Battle Girl Kinsey (Prize Money: p2,112)
  • LV43 Sawk (Fighting)
  • LV44 Mienshao (Fighting)

From there, use Surf on the icy river then head to the left until you can get off on another trail. Follow the path and it will you downstairs. Here you'll find the Ice Rock, which can evolve certain Pokemon like Eeeve to Glaceon. Pick up the Icy Rock in the southeast corner of the room. This held item extends the duration of the move Hail when used by the holder.

Backtrack to the surface then use surf to cross the river and return to the main path to the right. Head to the edge of the river to the left then slide to the south until you hit a rock. Move to the right one tile then go south again. There's a hidden Pearl in the rock ahead.

Move to the left then slide to the south. Surf again on the river then head south. You'll reach a patch of land with a Never-Melt Ice. This held item repels heat effects and boosts Ice-type moves of the holder. Backtrack to the main path this time.

Slide to the right then slide east again to find a Max Repel. Make your way downstairs afterward.

You'll be back near the entrance of the cavern. The girl near the stairs can let you rest and restore your party's health. Go south from her to get a Hyper Potion. Be careful not to slide on the slope to the right as it will lead you back to the entrance.

Head to the north to fight another hiker. Defeat him and head to the next area.
Hiker Alain (Prize Money: p2,532)
  • LV40 Graveler (Rock/Ground)
  • LV41 Graveler (Rock/Ground)
  • LV42 Carbink (Rock/Fairy)

Find the hidden Super Potion to the right then take the stairs again. You'll be in another room with ice sheets again. Slide to the north and challenge the roving black belter.

Black Belt Kenji (Prize Money: p2,208)
  • LV46 Gurdurr (Fighting)

There's an Ether to the left so just slide your way to reach it (there's a lot of ways to reach it so I won't be dictating any steps) There's a hiker hiding in the northeastern path just in case you want some extra exp and cash. Don't go straight to the north yet since this will trigger the story. There's still a few more stuff to do before heading there.

Hiker Brent (Prize Money: p2,464)
  • LV44 Probopass (Rock / Steel)

From the left side of the main path, aim for the nearest boulder to the south and slide there. Next, slide to the right and you'll get through a narrow path. Walk down then slide left and finally slide down again to reach a path. A trainer should be waiting there.

Battle Girl Gabrielle (Prize Money: p2,208)
  • LV46 Medicham (Fighthing/Psychic)

Find the hidden Elixir beside the battle girl then slide to the right. Slide down then head to the right again to find a Zinc.

Backtrack to the main path and go downstairs. This is a medium-sized room where you can find the TM79 Frost Breath in the middle-south. You can reach it by sliding to the east, then south the diagonally to the northwest then south again. After getting it, backtrack all the way to the icy room with the blackbelter and hiker.

Once you're back in the previous large, icy room, head to the north to find Team Flare harassing an Abomasnow. You'll have to defeat them in battle afterward.

Team Flare Grunt (Prize Money: p1,680)
  • LV42 Golbat (Poison/Flying)
  • LV42 Manectric (Electric)

After defeating the grunt, you'll have the chance to control your character. Heal up if you need to and get the hidden PP Up to the southeast, beside the pit. After that, talk to the blue-haired TF member to fight her.

Team Flare Mabel (Prize Money: p6,720)
  • LV48 Houndoom

Mabel's Houndoom has threatening attacks that can deal considerable damage. Fortunately, it also has weak defense so expect it to fall quickly especially against ground or water attacks.

After the battle, talk to Abomasnow to receive an Abomasite. This is clearly its Mega Stone however you can't catch it. You can now backtrack to the south until you reach the entrance. Slide down the slope and exit the cavern.

Return back to town to heal up then exit to the southeast corner of the town to reach Route 17.
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I am sorry I just don't know how I will go through to me eighth gym battle guards won't let me through
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There is a ice block to evolve eevee if it evolved in the same place
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thanks for the help needed glacion

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