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To sunny places!

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

To sunny places!

|| Treasure:| Ether, All Materia, Wind Slash, White Cape(Boss Reward),        ||
||          | Ifrit Materia, Fire Ring, Motor Drive, Power Source.            ||

On the cargo boat, grab the Ether from the chest on your nearby left. The character blocking the blue orb (which is an All Materia) is actually Yuffie who suffers from motion sickness. You can give her a Tranquilizer, but she won't move either way, until a bit later. Go upstairs, talking with whomever you like.  Up here, there's a sailor who can restore your HP/MP (say you're tired), or sell things (say something's missing). His stock is, well, miniscule though. Talk to Red XIII all the way on the left (should be rather obvious!), then head down again, or talk to all others including Tifa, if you like. Downstairs, talk to Aeris, who's dressed like Shinra Soldier, a bit on the left. When she asks where Barret is, go back up, and all the way to the left. That's where he is, our big little sailor boy! After the alarm sounds, head back and form a party. Now head downstairs.

(Perfect Game Note 12:)

With L4 Suicide, stealing 99 Shinra Beta's isn't that hard. It's just .. very time consuming.

This is, like the Iron Bangles, one of the most time consuming things to get a perfect game file. You must steal 99 Shinra Beta's from Marines, and yes, that takes a LOT of time. There are some things that speed it up though: Use L4 Suicide on them at the beginning of the battle, as they'll become Mini and only hurt you for 1 damage, saving you lots of healing time. Also equip Headband on your stealing character (the one with the highest level), and Silver Glasses on the other(s). That will protect against Sleep, so you can keep stealing, and Darkness, so you can kill the ones off easily that you already have stolen from.  Again, setting the battle speed to max will cut off a few minutes for every hour. It's not much, but it helps. Good luck!

Head down, and make sure you get the All Materia that Yuffie was blocking earlier on. Then head through the door on the left.  Climb up the ladder and walk over to the right to get the Wind Slash from the chest, which is a good weapon for Yuffie with DOUBLE growth, so I suggest you use it. Also take you time to give summons to your characters, then head down and watch Sephiroth appear..he'll leave Jenova Birth behind for you to play with.

Jenova BIRTH can be a tough boss, so it's necessary to keep the pace up and pound away with your strongest attacks.

|Name: Jenova*BIRTH (Level: 23)            |Nullifies: Gravity, Poison         |
|HP: 4000                                  |-----------------------------------|
|MP: 110                                   |Status Effect Weaknesses:          |
|Exp: 680                                  |Slow, Darkness                     |
|AP: 64                                    |                                   |
|Gil: 800                                  |                                   |
|Drops: White Cape(100%)                   |                                   |
|Steal: ---                                '-----------------------------------|
|Attacks: Laser [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 201 Base Damage]; Tail Laser [All Enemies, |
|Phys Atk, 201 Base Damage]; W-Laser [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 201 Base Damage];     |
|Gas [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 201 Base Damage]; Stop [1 Enemy, Mag Atk, Cost=34MP,  |
|Can inflict Stop]                                                             |
|Strategy: Jenova BIRTH has no weaknesses you can exploit, other than possibly |
|Slow (with Spider Web). Use your Summons, Limits, and Enemy Skills whenever   |
|you can. Flame Thrower does good damage, and other spells also help a bit when|
|you run out of supplies. Stay away from poison spells, use Red XIII's Lunatic |
|High if you have it (and use Red XIII), to put everyone in Haste. Jenova BIRTH|
|uses Stop, and it's Tail Laser can pack a punch when used twice in a row. Keep|
|your HP up at all times, and use Hi-Potions and Cure when you think you need  |
|to. Of course, if you have Beta, this battle is no challenge for you.         |

Make sure you grab the Ifrit Materia! After that, leave the boat. Watch the scenes, and head up the steps on the lower right. Ahhh.. the sun! Again, watch another scene. Go inside the first villa. Here, head into the basement and grab a Fire Ring from the chest, and a Power Source and Motor Drive from the ground.  You can also buy the house for 300000 gil if you talk to the man lying on the bed. Perhaps a good investment later in the game.. not now. Unless you're one of those freaks who trains alot and gets 300000 gil right now ;)

You can go in the bar. The guy in the left corner sells armor.. the Platinum Bangle may seem poor on defense, but it's the first (and one of the two) armor in the game with DOUBLE Materia Growth. You can equip one of your characters with it, if you wish to.
There are several events to check out in Costa Del Sol, depending on who you have in your party. If Red XIII isn't in your party, you can kick the ball against him. If Yuffie's not in your party, she'll have replaced the regular Materia Shop owner Butch (doesn't sell anything new). Buy a few Softs if you want to from the Item Shop on the right. If Barret's not in your party, you can see him in the Inn doing .. stuff. Yeah. Go to the beach and talk to Hojo for a scene, but take note that Hojo will not appear if you sleep at the Inn first.  After this, exit the town.

On the World Map, head West/Northwest, and follow the path, over the bridge, until you reach Mount Corel.

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Nov 21st 2013 Guest
umm....what is the advantages i can get for buying Villa Cloud ? which u said about the 300k gil
ID #320796
Aug 6th 2012 Guest
I Have Final Fantasy Complete But I Cant Defeat Rugby Weapon And im on Disc 3 can you Help me?
ID #172850
Jun 4th 2012 Guest
just for the record, the 99 beta's are for a perfect game,( which is defined by getting 99 of every item where 99 is possible) not for anything important. The writer is just covering EVERY base, which is F$%^ING Awesome!!
ID #148656
Jul 5th 2011 Guest
Why do you need the 99 shinra betas?
ID #55100