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Final Fantasy VIII Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VII Guide
Final Fantasy VIII Guide
The definitive ad ultimate guide to Final Fantasy VII by Absolue Steve. Ehanced only on SuperCheats with over 60 videos showing you his gamelay and ..

We have 8 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy VIII please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation

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Hidden Combat King Magazines

Using Tonberry's Familiar ability it is possible to buy ALL of the Combat Kings at the Esthar book shop.
Combat King 001 :
First floor of D District Prison.
Combat King 002:
Defeat Fujin and Rajin.
Combat King 003:
Girl who has a crush on Zell in Balamb hotel.
Combat King 004 :
Second visit to Esthar, from Esthar soldier Combat King.
Combat King 005:
Lunatic Pandora as Squall.

Hidden Occult Fan Magazines

Search the following locations for the corresponding Occult Fan magazine issue.
Issue 1:
Balamb garden Library first bookcase on the left.
Issue 2:
Purchased using GF Tonberry Ability 'Familiar' ability in Esthar Book shop. It can also be obtained by challenging the Pub manager in Dollet to a card game.
Issue 3:
Purchased using GF Tonberry Ability 'Familiar' ability in Esthar Book shop. It can also be obtained when you first arrive at FH by finding the master fisherman.
Issue 4:
Presidential Aide in Esthar's Presidential Palace.

Ending Scene

If you let the credits complete after the final FMV sequence you will be able to see a hidden ending scene featuring Squall and Rinoa.

Hidden Song

If you place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track 2 you will be able to hear the song 'Eyes On Me' by Faye Wong.

Missed GFs

You can get any missed GFs during Disc 4 at Ultimecia's Castle. When you have defeated Sphinxaur select to unlock the Draw ability and you will be able to draw the following GFs from the corresponding Bosses.
Red Giant


Complete the following tasks to get the corresponding GF. GF's will not be useful when you reach Disc 4.
Draw from Edea 2nd Round (Disc 2).
Battle the Deep Sea Research Center at the Far South-West of the World Map (Best at Disc 3).
Complete Tomb Of The Unknown King Quest (Disc 1).
Draw from Iguion at Edea 's Parade (Disc 1).
Optional fight inside Galbadia Garden Hallway (Disc 2).
Use Magical Lamp (Any Disc).
Aquire Solomon 's Ring and go to the Tear 's Point (Best at Disc 3).
Draw from Ultima Weapon at the Deep Sea Research Center lowest level / floor (Disc 3).
Battle Fire Cavern (Disc 1).
Jumbo Cactuar:
Battle at Cactuar Island (Only at Disc 3 with Ragnarok).
Draw from garden master NORG once returned to Balamb Garden (Disc 2).
First fight with Fujin, Raijin. Draw from Fujin (Disc 2).
Access Control Panel on Your Desk/ Talk to Quistis (Disc 1).
Access Control Panel on Your Desk/ Talk to Quistis (Disc 1).
Draw from Elvoret at the Dollet Communication Tower (Disc 1).
Tonberry King:
Defeat 18 to 22 Tonberrys at Centra Ruin (Disc 2-3).

Easy Diablos Victory!!!!

Ok I know alot of you out there have been having trouble getting diablos so here's the method I found to be easiest...
First make sure you have all characters except one having ITEM in their then....the easiest time do do this is either , if your feeling lucky, when you get Carbuncle GF.... Or ,best option in my opinion, when you get Cerberus GF (DISC 2).
Now first part of the battle is to prepare so make sure you have lots of potions and hi-potions and also pheonix downs....
When the battle starts first thing to do is use CARBUNCLE GF...this will give you all REFLECT and will minimise damage you get (as he can only do physical attacks) and will also cut down diablos HP by a hell of alot because most of the time all he does is DEMI or GRAVIJA attack which gets reflected right back onto him!!
Next use CERBERUS GF as this will give you double and triple so then pound him with other GF's and triple magic...if you wait till you have Cerberus then you should have ultima this does at least 1500HP damage to Diablos but wait till after at least the fourth demi reflect as that cuts his health down by quite a bit...
Hope this helps

I can give you the places where all the gfs r.....

I can give you the places where all the gfs r...

quezacotl-squall's study panel

shiva-squall's study panel

ifrit-end of fire caveren

siren-draw from elvoret,the bose guy at the top of the tower

brothers-tomb of the unknown king

diablos-the itiem magical lamp...

carbuncal-draw from the iguions,the stone lizard guys

leviathon-draw from NORG

pandemonia-draw from fujin while he's with rajin

cerberus-main hall in balbadia garden at disk 2

alexander-draw from edea when your in the galbadia garden

doomtrain-find a ring called the solomon ring

bahumat-deep sea research place

jumbo cactuar-cactuar island

odin-centra crater

tonberry king-centra ruins

eden-deep sea research place

If SOMEONE knows how to defeat diablos easily, PLEASE contact me at [email protected]

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