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Sewers, Train Graveyard, and Pillar Assault

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

Sewers, Train Graveyard, and Pillar Assault

|| Treasure:| Potion, Phoenix Down(Boss Reward), Steal Materia, Hi-Potion,    ||
||          | Hi-Potion, Echo Screen, Potion, Potion, Potion, Ether,          ||
||          | Hi-Potion, Ether(Boss Reward).                                  ||

After a scene from the Shinra Building, pick up a Potion before talking to Aeris and Tifa. Also, head into your menu and equip Tifa with the Metal Knuckle and Mythril Armlet if you bought it. Also, give Aeris the Fire Materia, as she probably has the highest Magic stat. Now talk to Tifa and Aeris, and Don Corneo's pet, Aps, will show up for a boss fight..

Aps – the Don's pet – immediately assaults you after talking to your chicks. Mainly focus on using magic, and use Aeris' Limit Break Healing Wind to heal the party when necessary.

|Name: Aps (Level: 18)                     |Weakness: Fire                     |
|HP: 1800                                  |Nullifies: Gravity                 |
|Exp: 240                                  |-----------------------------------|
|AP: 22                                    |Status Effect Weaknesses:          |
|Gil: 250                                  |Sleep, Poison, Slow, Stop,         |
|Drops: Phoenix Down(100%)                 |Paralyzed, Darkness                |
|                                          '-----------------------------------|
|Attacks: Sewer Tsunami 1 [All Targets, Phys Atk, 77.5 Base Damage, Note: comes|
|from front, Aps will take between 180-192 damage himself]; Sewer Tsunami 2    |
|[All Targets, Phys Atk, 77.5 Base Damage, Note: comes from back, Aps will take|
|between 45-48 damage himself]; Lick [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 15.5 Base Damage];    |
|Tail Attack; [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 77.5 Base Damage]                            |
|Strategy: Aps may seem like a tough boss, but he's not all that tough due to  |
|his many weaknesses. Always use Fire on him, and unless you have to heal, also|
|Ice and Bolt, which will probably do more damage than your physical attacks,  |
|if only a little more. If you have Aeris' Seal Evil Limit Break, you can use  |
|it to paralyze Aps, but it doesn't give you more than just a few extra turns. |
|Cloud's Limit Break Cross-Slash, can also paralyze Aps, should you have it.   |
|Aps can inflict a bunch of damage with his Sewer Tsunami attack, but also to  |
|himself. If the attack comes from his back, he is hurt for around 185 damage, |
|and if it comes from the front he is hurt for around 45 damage. The party can |
|suffer alot of damage if it comes from the back for them. Having Aeris use her|
|Healing Wind Limit Break can quickly heal your party back up, but so does     |
|using Cure and a few Potions. You could even poison Aps if you really wanted  |
|to, but you might want to save your 'Deadly Waste' item for a future boss,    |
|just in case.                                                                 |

After beating Aps, head up the small ladder, down the other, up the small steps, and grab the yellow Steal Materia. Equip it immediately, and preferably on the character with the highest level to improve your stealing rates slightly. Jump down the hole and head over to the other side. Climb the ladder up to the Train Graveyard.

(Perfect Game Note 3:)
Depending on what type of perfect game you're doing, you might be here for a while, stealing 99 Ghost Hand's from Ghosts. That is, if you're not planning on using the W-Item trick later on, because if you do, you can just get 1 and make sure you never use it, then copy it later on. Also, on a side note, it is still possible to get Ghost Hand's in the Battle Square of the Gold Saucer. Only on Disc 1, and a part of Disc 2. After you get the Highwind, it can never be gotten again, since by then all enemies that can possibly have it (Ghosts, Sneaky Step, Gi Spector) will be gone from the Battle Square. Get some now!

The Train Graveyard holds many items, and not only while exploring. The battles you fight here can turn out to be quite rewarding.. You can steal Ethers from Deenglows (the flying pink-winged creatures), and as you know, they sell for alot of money (750 a piece). You might want to stock up on them, and never kill a Deenglow before stealing the Ether. Then there's the Ghosts, from which you can steal a Ghost Hand. It's an item that drains MP out of your opponent and gives it to you. Not that great, but it's a pretty rare item. Why not steal one and keep it safe? The last item is the Graviball, which can be won from Deenglows. It casts Demi 2, which halves an enemy's HP, if it works. Note: You can only win an item from creatures if you didn't successfully steal from them.  In this case, if you steal Ethers, you won't win a Graviball. Then there's the Striking Staff, but more about that soon.

Here's a save point, should you want to save. Head into the first train, and walk out of it and check out the barrel to find an Hi-Potion. Walk back, and this time climb up the train by the ladder of some sorts. Pick up the Hi-Potion and walk to the end. Walk off the train by the left, and check the barrel to receive an Echo Screen. Now walk a bit to the right and down between the trains.  Go inside and grab the Potion, after which you can exit the train again on the lower right side. Climb the ladder almost in front of you, and go down the other one up ahead. Walk through the last train, and get the Potion before exiting the screen.

The Train Graveyard is home of strange creatures, among which the creature Eligor. It only appears in the northern section of the Train Graveyard (with about 23% chance of appearing). Be sure to equip someone with the Steal Materia you found in the sewers, because you can steal the Striking Staff from Eligor, a VERY good weapon for Aeris at this point of the game. Also steal unique Ghost Hands from Ghosts, and Ethers from Deenglows.]

In this next screen, it should be noted that you keep an eye out for a creature called 'Eligor'. It appears alone, and it looks like half cyborg, half horse.

It's stronger than the regular enemies, and you can steal the Striking Staff from it, a GREAT weapon for Aeris. It's got at least 16 more attack than the weapon she's got now, so I suggest you get it. Usually, this will take many steal attempts (like 30). It's worth it, though. The chance you encounter Eligor when you get into a battle (Northern part of the Train Graveyard only), is roughly 23.4%.

On this screen, first grab the Potion that's visible on the lower left of the screen. After this, head more to the left and check out the barrel for an Ether.  Now head over to the right of the screen, and hop into the brown-ish train to move the other train on the left. Finish the job by also hopping in the upper brown-ish train. Now climb the ladder and grab the Hi-Potion there. Walk over the train you moved, and exit the place by the left. Walk all the way to the left to find that a battle is going on at the Pillar.

After the dialogue, use the save point if you want, then climb the stairs. It's a fairly long climb, but you'll manage. At the top, talk to Barret, and access the menu for some last 'modifications' before the next boss battle. Have Barret in the back row as always, and don't forget to give him some Materia, like Fire.  Give restore to Tifa, who probably has the least strength stat. Also equip Barret with a better armor, like Mythril Armlet. Now you're ready to rock!

Reno's no pushover and his pyramid attack entraps one of your characters. Perform a physical attack against the pyramid to release that character and take back control of him/her. Reno himself is best pummelled by fire spells and Limit Breaks until he bails.

|Name: Reno (Level: 17)                    |Halves: Lightning                  |
|HP: 1000                                  |Nullifies: Gravity                 |
|Exp: 290                                  |-----------------------------------|
|AP: 22                                    |Status Effect Weaknesses:          |
|Gil: 500                                  |Sleep, Poison, Stop, Slow,         |
|Drops: Ether(100%)                        |Darkness                           |
|Steal: ---                                '-----------------------------------|
|Attacks: Short Staff [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 61.25 Base Damage]; Pyramid [1 Enemy,|
|Causes 100% Imprisoned]; Electro-mag Rod [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 73.5 Base Damage,|
|Can inflict Paralyzed];                                                       |
|Strategy: Reno has an attack called Pyramid. This special attack will keep the|
|character it's used against imprisoned in a pyramid, and he/she will not be   |
|able to fight for as long as they're in that status. The only way to cure this|
|is to attack that character with a physical attack. The pyramid will then     |
|vanish. His Electro-mag Rod attack can sometimes paralyze a character, but    |
|this status doesn't last very long. Pound away with Fire and Ice spells, but  |
|avoid Bolt spells. Use Limit Breaks when you can, and you won't be having any |
|problems with Reno.                                                           |

After the battle, a bunch of scenes will occur. Eventually, you'll be back in Sector 6.

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Comments for Sewers, Train Graveyard, and Pillar Assault

4 comments, latest first.
Nov 28th 2014 Guest
Those two soldiers are actually protecting the entrance to Sector 5. Remember that giant door in the Sector 5 playground, the one that Tifa comes through on her way to Don Corneo's? That's the one. That drove me crazy for a long time, too.
ID #477524
Apr 1st 2013 Lucius-Boi
I don't think you can get to it after the plate falls
ID #269626
Dec 3rd 2011 Guest
Can you ever get to the train graveyard again after the plate falls in?
ID #92172
Dec 1st 2010 Guest
At the bottom of the pillar scene directly south there are usually 2 soldiers guarding an exit, but during this part of the story they are not there but you still cannot get through as Tifa reminds you that barratt is above in the tower.

What are the two soldiers guarding and how do you get to it?
ID #19881