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Aeris Gainsborough

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Playable Characters

Aeris Gainsborough

Character Data:               Aeris' Last Name:
----------------------------. -----------------
Job:        Flower Merchant | Thomas Gainsborough was is a famous painter from
Age:        22              | the 18th century. However, I can't see a clear
Weapon:     Rod             | connection with Aeris here, other than a few too
Height:     163 cm (5'3")   | far-fetched theories.
Birthdate:  February 7      |
Birthplace: Unknown         |
Bloodtype:  O               |
In-battle/Stat-wise:            Summary:
------------------------------. --------
HP:        Low (-4.4%)        | Aeris is a magic user, deep from the heart.
MP:        Very High ( 14.2%) | Her MP and Magic stats are high, and her HP and
Strength:  Very Low (-14.2%)  | physical strength and defense lack. She is
Vitality:  Low (-6.8%)        | somewhat slower than the rest. She is a great
Magic:     Very High ( 11.2%) | healer, and her Limit Breaks are all of a
Spirit:    High ( 6.7%)       | supporting kind.
Dexterity: Very Low (-10.1%)  |
Luck:      Above Avg ( 3.9%)  | Aeris is best put in the back-row. She should
------------------------------' using magic, which hits for full damage.

Aeris is a flowergirl in the Midgar Slums. She lives with her adoptive mother, Elmyra Gainsborough. Her real mother, Ifalna, was the last surviving Ancient of the planet. She left her daughter the White Materia, which Aeris doesn't know how to use for a long time. Her father is Professor Gast, who found Ifalna in Icicle Inn.

Hojo had Professor Gast shot and Elmyra and Aeris taken to the Shinra HQ. It was seven years later they escaped, but they didn't get far. At the train station of sector 5, where Elmyra was waiting for her man to return from the war with Wutai. Instead she found Aeris and her wounded mother.

Five years before the start of the game, Aeris meets Zack and they fall in love with each other. It is unknown how long they've dated, but it was a quite serious relationship.

In Midgar, Aeris is often pursued by the Turks. One day, Cloud crashed down the roof of the church, and helps Aeris escape. This gets the two involved in the adventure you know as Final Fantasy 7.

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How old is Aeris Gainsborough?
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