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Barret Wallace

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Playable Characters

Barret Wallace

Character Data:                   Barret's Last Name:
--------------------------------. -------------------
Job:        Leader of AVALANCHE | 'Wallace' always reminded me of the Scottish
Age:        35                  | leader of the resistance, William Wallace,
Weapon:     Gun-Arm             | who opposed the British and fought for the
Height:     197 cm (6'4")       | freedom of Scotland. In terms of FF7, the
Birthdate:  December 15         | only resemblance I see is the most obvious:
Birthplace: Corel Village       | Barret also leads a resistance group named
Bloodtype:  O                   | AVALANCHE, which opposes Shinra.
In-battle/Stat-wise:              Summary:
--------------------------------. --------
HP:        Very High ( 8.5%)    | Barret is your common, everyday physical
MP:        Very Low (-8.9%)     | fighter: Slow, very strong at physical
Strength:  Very High ( 11.4%)   | attacks, very high physical defense, and low
Vitality:  Very High ( 15.5%)   | magic stats.
Magic:     Very Low (-9.4%)     |
Spirit:    Low (-7.8%)          | Many of Barret's weapons (all his guns) are
Dexterity: Very Low (-16.7%)    | Long-Range. Make sure to put him in the
Luck:      Below Average (-7.8%)| backrow: He'll do full damage, and take half
--------------------------------' the damage from physical attacks.

Barret grew up in the coal mining village Corel. Everything was at peace, until one day Shinra company wanted to build a mako reactor. Barret was one of the people negotiating about it, and he didn't see the cons of the project.. yet. His best friend Dyne on the other hand, was all against it. When the reactor was built, anti-Shinra terrorists (also known as AVALANCHE) attacked the  reactor. Shinra's countermeasure was to burn Corel to the ground, killing many innocents.

Barret and Dyne saw the village burn from a distance, and on their return they were attacked by Scarlet and Shinra troops. In the process, both Barret and  Dyne lost their arm. Dyne fell from a cliff and Barret thought he was dead.  Barret later replaced his lost arm with a prosthetic gun arm. He also adopted Marlene, the daughter of Dyne, who was still alive.

Barret becomes the leader of the second incarnation of AVALANCHE, swearing revenge on Shinra. During the game, Barret's character changes somewhat when he realizes that he doesn't get his family back with revenge.

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