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Cid Highwind

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Playable Characters

Cid Highwind

Character Data:             Cid's Last Name:
--------------------------. ----------------
Job:        Pilot         | This is an easy one. Highwind refers not only to
Age:        32            | the Airship (and that is likely the other way
Weapon:     Spear         | around), but to Cid's ambitions to someday fly to
Height:     178 cm (5'8") | the ends of the universe. To fly high, so to speak.
Birthdate:  February 22   | His final Limit Break is also called Highwind, due
Birthplace: Unknown       | to the airship being involved.
Bloodtype:  B             |
In-battle/Stat-wise:          Summary:
----------------------------. --------
HP:        Average ( 0%)    | Cid is belongs to the Dragoon class, sort of. Not
MP:        Low (-5.8%)      | only his limit breaks suggest this, but his stats
Strength:  Above Avg ( 1.7%)| seem to lean more to the physical side. Cid does
Vitality:  High ( 9.7%)     | have a high Spirit stat, so his defense is good
Magic:     Low (-8.3%)      | versus magic. Magic isn't Cid's strongest point,
Spirit:    High ( 6.8%)     | and he's a tad slower than the rest.
Dexterity: Low (-5.1%)      |
Luck:      Low (-7.8%)      | Cid is best put in the front row to ensure solid
----------------------------' physical damage.

Cid dreamt of flying to outer space since his childhood. He had an opportunity when the Shinra Space Program was initiated, however Cid had to cancel the launch because of Shera, who was repairing a malfunctioning tank. Cid always held this grudge against Shera, while Shera actually loves Cid very much. She has devoted her life to him, pretty much.

Cid is the single most swearing character in FF7, even more so than Barret. Cid looks and acts tough, smoking a cig after each battle. But is heart is in the right place. He has a passion for flying and he's also the captain of the Highwind. He also becomes the party leader for a while during Cloud's absence.

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Comments for Cid Highwind

2 comments, latest first.
Feb 22nd 2013 Guest
The previous members of the Dragoon class in earlier games also had the last name Highwind. Just saying.
ID #257311
Mar 14th 2012 Guest
he is also the most awesome guy in the world
ID #122916