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The Underwater Reactor

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

The Underwater Reactor

|| Treasure: | Battle Trumpet, Scimitar.                                      ||
||-----------|                                                                ||
|| Key Items:| Leviathan Scales.                                              ||

Well, back to the story again. Head over to Junon and give the soldier guarding the elevator on the left 10 gil (The guy's really underpaid, I guess.. geez!).  Ride the elevator up, and go to the main street. Cloud will mention that the large cannon is missing. Walk all the way out of the street until you get to a grey passing corridor.  Walk to the end of it (it would've been fun to wipe out the whole squadron with a spell like Beta though..) and enter the elevator.

In the elevator you'll have to fight 2 Submarine Crews, nothing serious. Walk out and fight 2 more. You can't get past the dog now. Walk down a couple of halls and save your game at the save point if you want to. Ride the elevator down, and walk down another hall. You'll now be in the underwater reactor halls so walk to the end of them and ride the elevator down by pushing the button on the left. Here in the reactor you'll see some activities on the background. Walk all the way to the left, and save your game. Exit the hall to another with more shinra marines. You can steal a Shinra Alpha armor from the beige ones, a decent piece of armor. Now walk through the last hallway, and you'll face Carry Armor when you reach the subs..

Carry Armor can be a nuisance if you're rather low levelled, but if you bring Ultimate Weapons/Limits to this fight it will be over fairly quickly. Use attacks that damage all parts of Carry Armor and keep up your defenses.

|Name: Carry Armor (Level: 45)             |Weakness: Lightning                |
|HP: 24000 [10000 for each arm]            |Nullifies: Gravity, Poison         |
|MP: 200   [100 for each arm]              |-----------------------------------|
|Exp: 2800 [1400, 1500 for the arms]       |Status Effect Weaknesses:          |
|AP: 240   [95, 90 for the arms]           |---                                |
|Gil: 4000 [--- for the arms]              |                                   |
|Drops: God's Hand                         |                                   |
|Steal: ---                                |                                   |
|Morph: ---                                '-----------------------------------|
|Attacks: Lapis Laser [All Enemies, Mag Atk, Cost=10MP, 1875 Base Damage];     |
|Damage Attack [1 Enemy, Mag Atk, 562.5 Base Damage, 100% Counter Attack];     |
|Arm Grab [100% Imprisons Character]; Arm Punch [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 624 Base   |
|Damage];                                                                      |
|Strategy: Carry Armor is often regarded as being one of the hardest bosses in |
|the game.. Due to him grabbing your characters which will be flagged dead, and|
|his Lapis Laser that deals 1500 damage to everyone, I can understand. If you  |
|use Magic Hammer on him twice though, this battle is over before it's actually|
|begun. If you don't want to be cheap, have Big Guard up, and attack with your |
|best summons, Magic Breath, and Bolt3, and heal with White Wind.              |

After the battle, grab the Battle Trumpet from the chest on the left, then approach the other submarine. Here, grab the Scimitar from the chest, and MAKE SURE you grab the Leviathan Scales from the chest more on the left. If you miss this Key Item, you'll regret it, same as the Scimitar. This is the first of the two TRIPLE materia growth weapons. It's for Cid.

Now enter the sub, battling the marines while passing though. Once you're on the bridge, you'll come across your parading/posing buddies.. which I always take hostage. They'll be thankful, although it doesn't get you anything. Doing the battle does nothing in particular either. Now check the manual, then start the mission.

For the mini game, all you really need to know is that Square fires your torpedo's, with Triangle you can speed up, and with X you can slow down. You start behind the red sub, so quickly align yourself behind it, and fire a crap load of torpedos in it. After a few salvos it'll be toast. If you manage to lose sight of the red sub, you'll have to deal with yellow subs as well. Try using R1 for an overview to find the red sub quickly again.

After the game you'll have a new vehicle, the Gray Shinra Sub! Note: It's also possible to get the Red Submarine. In order to do this, lose the battle (wait a freaking 10 minutes), then go back to Junon and go through the door where the dog used to be. This whole thing means you can never get the Huge Materia, though, so I advise you not to.

Go back to Junon again, and ride the elevator up. Check out the airport on the right, and exit Junon again.. looks like you were a little too late.

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Comments for The Underwater Reactor

4 comments, latest first.
Jan 10th 2014 Guest
I am trying to get to the underwater reactor and when Iget to the door in the area with the fish swimming above, and the door says locked. What keys and where do I get them from??[color=red][/color] [b][/b]
ID #341879
Aug 4th 2013 Guest
what happened to the 3 lost huge materias before going to the rocket town? shouldn't all the 4 huge materia be in the rocket's locked device instead just the last one?
ID #302504
Feb 27th 2013 chickunboy
I think it was mentioned once before in this guide (I can't remember for sure), but while you are in the underwater tunnels, you need to spend some time battling the Ghost Ship's... You don't want to kill them. You need to morph them in order to obtain the "Guide Book" which can later be traded to the traveling merchant in Kalm.
ID #259117
Feb 6th 2013 Joshage
Would it be possible to add Easy/Medium/Hard level ranges for each section of the guide?
ID #251209