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Red XIII (Nanaki)

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Playable Characters

Red XIII (Nanaki)

Character Data:             RedXIII's Name:
--------------------------. ---------------
Job:        Beast         | The name 'RedXIII' is actually only a codename that
Age:        48 (15 or 16) | was given to him by Professor Hojo. RedXIII's real
Weapon:     Head-dress    | name is Nanaki, although the official FF7 name
Height:     120 cm (3'9") | in-game stays RedXIII initially. There's no last
Birthdate:  Unknown       | name here, so there's also no theory here. And I'm
Birthplace: Cosmo Canyon  | sure you know how Hojo came to 'Red' and 'XIII'...
Bloodtype:  Unknown       |
In-battle/Stat-wise:            Summary:
------------------------------. --------
HP:        High ( 3.4%)       | RedXIII is a very speedy, balanced character.
MP:        Average (-1%)      | He's the fastest character, and all his other
Strength:  Average ( 0%)      | stats are all around the average.
Vitality:  Above Avg ( 3.8%)  |
Magic:     Below Avg (-2.7%)  | I suggest putting RedXIII in the front row, so
Spirit:    Average ( 0%)      | he can also deal good damage with physical
Dexterity: Very High ( 22.8%) | attacks.
Luck:      Below Avg (-3.9%)  |

RedXIII is a powerful beast with the ability to speak. His real name is Nanaki, and RedXIII is just the name Hojo gave him. Hojo attempted to mate RedXIII with Aeris, seeing how 'both are endangered species'.

RedXIII is the oldest member of the party with his 48 years old, but he is only an adolescent because he ages very slowly. His species can become over 500 years old, in fact RedXIII lives at least 548 years.. :)

RedXIII believed that his father, Seto, was a coward when his tribe was at war with the Gi Tribe. At Cosmo Canyon, RedXIII discovers that Seto didn't ran away but actually fought with his life to protect his family, until the spears turned him to stone.

Bugenhagen is an important figure in RedXIII's life. He even refers to him as his grandfather.

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