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Tifa Lockheart

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Playable Characters

Tifa Lockheart

Character Data:             Tifa's Last Name:
--------------------------. -----------------
Job:        Bar Hostess   | I always thought that 'Lockheart' was pointing
(and AVALANCHE member)    | subtle to the fact Tifa had been locking some
Age:        20            | secrets about Cloud, deep away in her heart.
Weapon:     Glove         | Secrets, such as she loves him, such as she doesn't
Height:     167 cm (5'4") | tell anyone how the incident in Nibelheim really
Birthdate:  May 3         | went (although she is confused about it at first).
Birthplace: Nibelheim     |
Bloodtype:  B             |
In-battle/Stat-wise:            Summary:
------------------------------. --------
HP:        Below Avg (-2.1%)  | Tifa at first sight seems a rather mediocre
MP:        Below Avg (-2.7)   | character when it comes down to stats. She is
Strength:  High ( 6.25%)      | obviously a speedy powerhouse, while she does
Vitality:  Below Avg (-4.4%)  | not fall into either the catagory of magician
Magic:     Below Avg (-4.9%)  | or fighter.
Spirit:    Average ( 0%)      |
Dexterity: Very High ( 11.4%) | Tifa is probably best put in the front row;
Luck:      Above Avg ( 3.9%)  | Seeing how Strength is her main talent, you
------------------------------' wouldn't want to cut that power in half.

Tifa grew up in Nibelheim as Cloud's neighbor. Because of circumstances, they never really got close. When Tifa's mom died when Tifa was 8 years old, Tifa went looking for her through Mount Nibel, believing her spirit passed though. Cloud was the only one who came for her, but it results in both of them falling down a bridge. Tifa went into a coma for week. Cloud got the blame for the accident by Tifa's father, and their relationship remained distant.

When Cloud was 14 he asked Tifa to come to the well one night, He told Tifa about his plans of becoming a SOLDIER. Tifa was surprised and disappointed both and she asked him to promise that he would come for her if she ever was in trouble.

After Cloud left, Tifa started to wonder about Cloud, even though they never really were close. She began reading newspapers looking for a story about  Cloud.

When Tifa was 15, she was the guide for a group of Shinra SOLDIERs who were sent to inspect the reactor in Mount Nibelheim, where an incident had happened. This group consisted of Sephiroth, Zack, and two Shinra grunts. Tifa didn't know that Cloud was in fact one of these grunts. Cloud, in shame, did not reveal his identity to her.

Sephiroth discovers several disturbing things about his past, and he burns Nibelheim to the ground. He also kills Tifa's father in the reactor. Tifa also rushes to the reactor, but gets seriously injured by Sephiroth. Cloud then comes to the rescue, laying her on a safer spot, after which he confronts  Sephiroth. He gets stabbed, though with all his strength he slams him in the depths of the reactor (the lifestream). Tifa is then rescued by her martial arts teacher Zangan, who brings her to Midgar where he leaves her with a doctor.

In Midgar, Tifa recovers from her injury and sets up the bar '7th Heaven'. She meets Barret here, who she joins AVALANCHE with so she can get revenge on Shinra.

Shortly before the game begins, Tifa finds a rather sick and confused Cloud at  the train station. It's the first time she has seen him in 7 years, although Cloud tells her it's only been 5 (Cloud remembers the whole Nibelheim incident vaguely, while Tifa doesn't know he had been there). Tifa quickly found out there were many things Cloud couldn't have known, so she offered him the job at AVALANCHE just to get more time to figure out the mysteries behind Cloud, and also, of course, to look after him.

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May 3rd 2012 Guest
i thought it was "Lockhart"?
ID #138972
Aug 12th 2011 Guest
Tifa is a young-hearted girl.
ID #66531