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Final Fantasy VIII Cheats for PlayStation

Cheats and Tips for Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VII Guide
Final Fantasy VIII Guide
The definitive ad ultimate guide to Final Fantasy VII by Absolue Steve. Ehanced only on SuperCheats with over 60 videos showing you his gamelay and ..
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Check out our cheats which includes getting easy experience points, unlocking free potions and a complete list of GFs. We'll also show you how to get Sqaull's Lionheart gun blade on the first disc.

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We have 105 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy VIII please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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No Random Encounters

In the US version of the game you will not trigger random encounters while you are walkng if you keep opening and closing the menu by pressing Circle. Doing this is useful during the early stages of the game as it prevents you getting unwanted Exp before getting LV Up Bonus Abilities.

Easy Experience Points

Display the world map and then travel to the left-most island. On this island are powerful monsters that can easily level up your characters after battles.

Alternative way to get Missable GFs

You can get any GF during Disc Four at Ultimecia's Castle If you missed any on your way through the game. When you have defeated Sphinxaur select to unlock the Draw ability and you'll then be able to draw the following GFs from the corresponding Bosses.
Unlock Alexander:
Draw from Catoblepas

Unlock Carbuncle:
Draw from Krysta

Unlock Cerberus :
Draw from Gargantua

Unlock Eden:
Draw from Tiamat

Unlock Leviathan:
Draw from Trauma

Unlock Pandemona:
Draw from Red Giant

Unlock Siren:
Draw from Tri-Point

Unlock Free Potions

Get free Potions in 'Timber Town' by having Rinoa in your party then go to the bridge where you saw the guards. Keep returning until a man appears. Talk to him and then talk to him a second time to receive a potion. Leave the screen and return until he appears again and keep repeating this process until you have the desired amount of potions.

To Get The GF Eden:Once you have the ragnarok, f..

To Get The GF Eden:

Once you have the ragnarok, fly down to the bottom left hand corner of the globe and look for a run down building in the middle of the ocean (it doesn't show up on the map) And land on it by pressing X when your shadow is above it.

Squall will say something about A research center. Go in the door, there is a blue light in the centre of the room.

Every time it stops flashing walk forward and stop when it flashes (otherwise you will have to fight loads of battles-Anacondaur-Bombs and Bloud Souls mainly) when you get to the core it will ask a question, I think you can answer either way and you will fight a ruby dragon.

Kill it and it will ask anot..

Area where you can level up very quickly!

Before you eagerly read this, please note that you can only do this on Disk 2. Also, the only time on Disc 2 that you can do this is on the area where you found Edea's orphanage, and you are fighting against the floating ship of Galbadia. There is an area that I found where if you fight the monsters, you can easily get from 600 experience to 700 experience after every battle. Using this method of training, I leveled up all my characters by 20 levels.
Alright, first walk into the main area of the ship, and save your game. Now walk into the hallway on the left, and then walk into the doorway on the left. You should now be in a giant room where a ice hockey stadium is. Run on the ice field until you encounter some monsters that look like hockey players. Use Ifrit and quickly kil..

Get Squall's ulimate weapon, Lion heart, before ..

Get Squall's ulimate weapon, Lion heart, before the end of the first disk.

As you probably already know you need several key items to get the lion heart. You need 12 pulse ammo, 4 dragon fangs and an adamantine in order to have this made at a junk shop. To get the 12 pulse ammo make sure you have Ifrit's ammo-rf abilitiy and Quazacotl's card mod ability. Now go to Balamb and play cards with a man sitting down at the docks. He will use th Elnoye cards every now and again. Play until you won 20 elnoyle cards from him. Then use the card mod ability to chande them into 2 energy crystals. After that use the ammo-rf ability to change those 2 energy crystals into 20 pulse ammo. The longest part is now done; while going to Galbadia garden you stop along woods which you mu..

T-Rex Easy Battle

At the start of the game it is really easy to beat the T-Rex. All you have to do is put him to sleep and then use Shiva on him. This is also a good way to draw all the good magic out of him.

How to get the Shiva card.

Here is how you can get the Shiva card for the mini game, Triple Triad. Note that you can only get this on Disc 3.
In order to get the Shiva Card, you first need to find a magazine called, "Girl next door." Or something similar to that. Anyway, you can find the magazine in a stack of magazines in the timber maniacs building. Go into Timber, and go into the building that says Timber Maniacs on the top of it. Right when you enter, you should see several stacks of magazines. Click on on all of the piles from different angles until you find the correct magazine. Now, all you have to do is play the game until Eda tells you to find the White SeeD ship. You can find the ship somehwere on the continent that looks like some bit into it. Go on the ship, and you should be able to talk to..

Tonberry / Odin Walkthrough

Odin Walkthrough
Diffuculty: Easy
Requirements: At least Shear Trigger, some Aura, Level 10+, Enc-None
Okay. First, you must go to the structure southwest of Kashkabald Desert. This is the Centra Ruins, but it's a tower where a man named Odin awaits to be your next GF. Go all the way up the stairs. When you reach a temple, head in it, and there will be a stone block on front of you. Step on the block, and then head up the ladder to the left. Press X on the little power source and things will get moving. Climb back down the ladder, and you'll notice that there's something glowing in between the two ladders. Press X on it to be revealed a secret stairway. Go all the way up it, then climb up this small ladder here that leads to a gargoyle. Take ou..

After you get off the train at East Academy Stat..

After you get off the train at East Academy Station, you will have to pass through a forest to get to Galbadia Garden.

Before you enter the forest, equip Quisties and Selphie with a few GFs. If you don't, then Kiros and Ward won't be much help during the next part.

As you go, there will be two types of soldiers that you fight, humans and cyborgs.

The cyborgs are way stronger and have more HP, but you can easily defeat them by drawing Thundaga from them and using it on them.

Also, make sure that you find the two old keys, set the trap for the soldiers, push the boulder in the wall, and then find the detonator and push the red switch, then the blue switch.

Then when you..

EVER SINGLE GF!!!!!(well, except a couple mini o..

EVER SINGLE GF!!!!!(well, except a couple mini ones)and small boss guides to gf related bosses.

Shiva-squall's computer in the class room

Quezacotl- same as Shiva

NOTE-both of these will be given to you automatically if u forget to get them from the computer when u leave the garden

Ifrit- Fire Cavern. Beat him and he will join you. He is not hard, just beat on him with your two gfs.

Siren- Draw from the boss elvoret at the communications tower.

Brothers- This is a sorta long one. When you go to the tomb of the unknown king to get the number for the soldier in front of caraway's mansion, take cotninuous rights to find sac..

Hey, I have found the easiest way to defeat the ..

Hey, I have found the easiest way to defeat the 19 tonberrys to get the Tonberry King, in two plays in fact! First, get Diablos to where he takes off 9999 hit points every time he hits.

(its fairly easy) then you need Cactaur's Kamikaze.

Have one of your players use Kamikaze, ( the player I used had only around 4500 hit points) which will take off 22,880 hit points off the tonberry, then use diablos on it and BOOM! One less tonberry!

Oh, and you can't use Diablos on the Tonberry King, but if you use the Kamikaze and then just keep using Aura on Squall, with his lionheart, he dies pretty quickly!

I want to know how to get steel pipes, cause I can't seem to find any..

another way to get eden is to draw it from tiama..

another way to get eden is to draw it from tiamat in Ultimecias castle,instead of fighting ultima weapon.

also a good way to get strong is to draw 100 full lifes from an enemy and junction it to ur hp you well have 9999 hp

To get Pupu card (level 5) you must encounter al..

To get Pupu card (level 5) you must encounter all 4 spaceships ( you must have Diablos ability Enc None to see them) go to the hole where Balamb Garden used to be, and you will encounter another spaceship.

Fight and defeat the spaceship. then you will encounter a Pupu.

You must feed it five Elixers and you will be rewarded by It's card.

It may only be Lvl 5, but it is certainly the hardest to get.

'ello!A few things to make life a little better...


A few things to make life a little better...

First, if you missed getting any gf's in the game, you can still draw them from the bosses at ultimecia's castle.

(if you can't find eden, try swinging across the pendulum in the clock tower!) NOTE: this doesn't work with tonberry, cactuar, bahamut, doomtrain, and diablos since you get them differently.

Second, if you missed joker in the cc club quest, you can still challenge him when on the ragnarok after the fight with adel.

Third, outside of ultimecia's castle (along the big chain) are three gateways.

If you jump across to them, they take ya back to ..

If you want all your GFs to learn abilities a lo..

If you want all your GFs to learn abilities a lot quicker, head to cactuar island.

This can be found off the south-east coast of the esthar continent.

If you equip all of your GFs to your main party, they will learn abilities a lot quicker with every battle you get in, because the only enemies are cactuars.

Cactuars are very weak enemies and 20AP is given for each cactuar killed.

If your characters are at a high enough level, you can try and challenge the Jumbo Cactuar, just look for the green lump that pops up out of the ground on the island.

This has got quite a lot of HP and some fairly strong attacks, but i killed it easily with ..

When trying to get Bahamut. Use Diablos on the R..

When trying to get Bahamut. Use Diablos on the Ruby dragons. This should help you defeat them quite easily as it can take off up to 7000HP.

Although Diablos will not effect Bahamut So if You Have use a Hero When he uses His big move you then should then be able to defeat him easier.

When facing any enemy that is not a boss you can..

When facing any enemy that is not a boss you can kill it in one go.

Simply cast zombie or GF doomtrain, then cast life or use a phoenix down and they will instantly die

This is not a cheat but when you reach the G-ga..

This is not a cheat but when you reach the G-garden and you are about to leave Irvine will choose the partys.He will have Rinoa and Selpie and Squall will have Zell and Quistis.If you agree then Rinoa says "Fine then we will have a good time.
"Then she hugs Irvine and Selpie will say "Yeah we will have a good time."And she hugs Irvine and they leave.Then Squall Zell and Quistis complains. When Irvine Rinoa and Selpie leaves,Quistis hugs Squall and says lets go.

On CD three, find GF Odin's dungeon.Make your wa..

On CD three, find GF Odin's dungeon.
Make your way up to the top and climb the ladder on the left, then at the
top go into the room and press the button. Then go back down and press the
button ( it is shining blue ) and stairs should appear, climb those stairs
and you should see a statue, grab the eye from it and then climb the stairs
on the right. There will be another ladder, climb it and there will be
another statue, place the eye into it and then leave it, it will tell you a
CODE. ( write it on paper to remember it ). Take out the remaining two eyes
and then place them in the statue down the stairs. Numbers should appear on
the right hand side, type in the CODE and the door below will open. In there
is ODIN, but be careful you are tim..

Every gf

1.)quezacolt-have to get
2.)shiva-have to get
3.)ifrit-have to get
4.)siren-draw from elvoret
5.)brothers-get after defeating sacred and minuitor
6.)diablos-rub magical lamp and defeat him
7.)carbunkle-draw from one of the igions
8.)laviathan-draw from NORG
9.)pandamona-draw from rajin in blamb hotel
10.)cerberus-fight in the main hall of galbadia
11.)alexander-draw from edea end of disc 2
12.)doomtrain-click on solomons ring found at tears point north of estar while you have 6 steel pipes 6 maloboro tentecles and 6 remedy+ yes remedy+ not just a remedy that doesnt work
13.)bahuamut-the abandoned reserach facility
14.)tomberry king-go to wear you..

How to kill monsters with 1 hit

First, you have to equip a GF that has ST/Attack ability then in the attack part you put in 100 Deaths (you can get them from draw it from a monster.
I forgot what monster I draw it from put it's possible) so now when you attack you kill the monster with 1 hit.
It dosn't work on some monster but I know it works on T-Rex's so you can train on them.
Thats how I got all my characters up to 100.

Easy draws!!!

For this cheat to work go to the menu screen. Go to that screen where you can change the controller settings (buttons,vibration,etc.) change the confirmation button thing to "memory." once you go into battle select all of the things you want your characters to draw and then just hold the "X" button (or whatever you have for that) you could also just securely put something heavy over that button (a hardcover book, something like that) and go get something to eat. You'll have a 100 Cures or Firas or whatever in no time!!! Just don't use this on tough enemies that aren't handled easily (cough* ruby dragons cough*)

Get Sqaull's Lionheart Gun Blade on the first Disc!

This here takes a lot of time and work.
The needed items are and in order to obtain:
4x Dragon Fangs
12x Pulsa Ammo
1x Adamantine
First: (Recommended Requirements: Leveled up near 20 and Sleep attack helps.) To get the Dragon Fang you need to kill T-Rexaur (Lv.20-29). You can find them in Balamb Garden or just outside of the Garden in any forest. Since the mobs level up as you do, the only trouble is you have to level up to where the T-Rexaur are leveled up enough to drop the Dragon Fangs. They are a low drop rate, but will drop them.
Second: (Recommended Requirements: Leveled up more, Mug Ability "Diablos", and Ammo-RF Ability ""Ifrit") To get the Pulse Ammo you can get it realtively easy in the second dream with Laguna. The item you nee..

The Tomb of the Unknown King. How to get the GF inside.

Alright, I figured that since I just got done beating this, and it was fresh in my memory, I should go ahead and submit it so that others can solve the puzzle.
Before you even attempt to get the Guardian Force inside, I recommend that the characters that you are going to use to battle him are at least level20, or above. The Guardian Force(s) here are really strong. You will quickly die if you are not above level 20 in the battle. Also, I suggest that you make sure that you have already completed the events there, by finding the student's ID number and reporting to Caraway, before you attempt to get the brothers Guardian Force.
It would also be good that you have the map for the cave, you can buy a map from the guy who gives you your task, and even a marker so that..

no encounters in research lab

In case you don't know in the research lab you have an encounter every few steps and the no encounter ability does not work here so to avoid battle and save you're health for bahamut only walk when the core isnt glowing.hope this helped smell you later :-p

PuPu the Alien Walkthrough

PuPu the Alien Walkthrough
Diffuculty: Easy
Requirements: Ragnarok, 5 Elixirs, Enc-None
Reward: Aegis Amulet, PuPu's Card
Okay. First of all, in order to encounter even the UFO, we need to see the UFO in four different spots. The spots are listed here:
Spot #1: Timber - Mandy Beach
Spot #2: Esthar - Kashkabald Desert
Spot #3: Winhill - Winhill Bluffs
Spot #4: It's a little island off the shore of a Crash Site that seperates
Trabia and Esthar. You'll know when you get there.
After all four locations of the UFO are done, head to Grandidi Forest. Here, you'll actually get to FIGHT the UFO! When you defeated it, it'll go all beserk and crazy and explode. For defeating it, you get an Aegis Amulet..

How to obtain the Secret GFs

There are a few secret GFs in Final Fantasy VIII; Bahamut, Cactuar, Doomtrain, Eden, Odin, and Tonberry. Here's how to get them;
BAHAMUT: Fly the Ragnarok all the way Southwest and you'll eventually run into a place that looks like ruins. Enter this place and then enter inside. DON'T MOVE if the core is glowing, if you do you'll be forced into a battle with a Ruby Dragon. Now, when you reach the core, press X. Now choose the most bravest choices for the answers. No matter what, you'll have to fight Ruby Dragons. On the final question, go all the way down to the invisible answer and choose it. Then you'll be forced into a battle with Bahamut. If you beat him, you get him!
CACTUAR: Fly the Ragnarok to the little Island off of Kashkabald Desert, this place is called Ca..

Super Powered GF

This requires a turbo feature on your controller and the GF must learn boost. Set the boost on square and when the GF is summoned hold select and hold down square ( not when there is an X over it ). The number on the bottom should easily go over 200. The max is 255.

The guy talking about the Cloud GF was telling t..

The guy talking about the Cloud GF was telling the absolute truth. I tried getting the '????' item, however, and it didn't work.

I instead used my cheat card (to get 100 meteors and full magic stats)to kill the blue machine in one hit, and I got the item 'buster sword'.

I did not know about using it on Odin at the time, though, so I don't know whether that works or not.

If anyone can tell me how to get the item withoutcheating it would be nice, as cheating ruins games like this.

DISCO MAN!You can mess around on the..


You can mess around on the missle control panel at Galbadia Missle Base.

Go to the equipment screen and you'll see some army gear.

Hold down both the square and triangle buttons and press up or down.

The scene will switch to dancing soldiers!

Strange stuff, eh?

I am surprised I have to submit this because I t..

I am surprised I have to submit this because I thought you guys would have already.

To fight Omega Weapon, put one of your parties (the one you want to fight him with) outside of the chaple (organ room) at the checkpoint.

Have the other party go to the staricase room here there is a rope attached to a bell and a checkpoint. Have them pull the rope, then you'll hear a monster. Go the the checkpoint and swithch fast (your timed).

Have your other party run into the chaple. Omege weapon will standing there.

Run into him and you will initiate combat. Good luck!

P.S. He ha..

Load any saved game, enter a town, press L1 + L2..

Load any saved game, enter a town, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to activate debug mode, then refer to the following guide.

No random battles

Use the following methods to never have any random battle outside of towns: rent a car for 3,500 gil, walk on train tracks, walk on paved roads, or get Diablos' No Encounter ability.

Free Potions

You can get free Potions in Timber Town. Get Rinoa in the party, then go to the bridge where you saw the guards. Keep returning until a man appears. Talk to him, then talk to him a second time to receive a Potion. Leave the screen and return until he appears again and repeat.

Easy Ability Poi..

TO do this you need card-mod and ammo-RfTo get t..

TO do this you need card-mod and ammo-Rf

To get the "Ledgendary Lionheart"you simple need to play cards till you have 20 enole,16 blue dragon ,and a buch of what ever you get.

Adamintines from cards.

Then refine all the cards.

Then turn the energy crystels into pulse ammo.

then go to the weapons shop and pay for your new lionheart "death" weapon.

By the way you're welcome!

When I played this on my uncle's Pc I left Squal..

When I played this on my uncle's Pc I left Squall name alone and changed Shiva and that q one's name to Blizzard and Thunder.

I got a lot of cool items like Odin and another character that does Excalibur and some other move, I'm not saying it will work on Playstation because I used Blizzara and Thundara but it didn't work.

P.S. Tell me if the Ragnarok is Balamb Garden flying or what????

Here is an easier way to get the lionheart (Squa..

Here is an easier way to get the lionheart (Squall's ultimate weapon)

:To get adamantine card mod your sacred card and you will have 10 of them (dont worry it's not that good anyway)

:to get the four dragon fangs fight and defeat or mug a blue dragon at the Trabia winter island (this is where Shumi village is)

:To get pulse ammo mug a blitz or defeat the dark soldier sitting on the side of the road in Esthar city he will say hahaheeheehhea then battle him he is quite hard but if you use limit breaks regularly he shoud die quite easily then ammo RF the energy crystals into 20 pulse ammo .

To get squalls ultimate weapon the lionheart plu..

To get squalls ultimate weapon the lionheart plus the best limit break ever 'lionheart'get it on disk 2 you need: 1 admantine,4 dragon fangs and 12 pulse ammo.

To get the admantine, card mod the sacred card after beating the brothers in the tomb of the unknown king.4 da dragon fangs mug a t-rexaur,blue dragon,hexadragon or ruby dragon.

The easiest way 2 get 12 pulse ammo is 2 find and mug a blitz near 2 the centra ruins[odin] 2 get a power generator there rare but with the ammunition refinery ability it changes to 20 PULSE AMMO.

quezacotl:card mod[80 ap]

diablos:mug[200 ap]

ifrit:ammo-rf[40 -80ap]

To Get 50 AP and A Cool Item When in battle with..

To Get 50 AP and A Cool Item When in battle with the Big Robot Used your thruder GF and any other stronge GR or Magic the key is make sure you are stronge you dont have to but the time is key.

When he falls down dont run just keep on press the O or Trangle button as fast as you can turbo works well.

Do the same thing again over and over. When he finaly doesnt fall down thats when you finish him off. after the battle you will get the 50 AP and the cool Item

The key is (time) if you are not stronge do this at the end of the briage. you should have between 2 mins or higher. Make it at the beach in time.

P.S. Hit me up if you have same codes for FFVIII,Madden 2001, a..

After you get out of the garden with Quistis ee..

After you get out of the garden with Quistis eep leveling until about level 12 but heal occasionally and remember to draw magic such as cure, fire , thunder, blizzard and scan.

If you want to level up fast stay in the grass cause in there you face T-Rexaur and chatipiller and glacius .

This In formation will just help you defeat Ifrit with no problem at all and use Ice abilities .{blizzard,shiva}

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