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Mount Corel

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

Mount Corel

|| Treasure:| Wizard Staff, Star Pendant, W Machine Gun, Turbo Ether,         ||
||          | Transform Materia, Phoenix Down(x10), Power Source, Mind Source,||
||          | Tent, Ether.                                                    ||

Note: In this whole area, Matra Magic can clear up most groups of enemies. Walk up, and talk to the old man, who has seen Sephiroth pass. Walk up until you see a Reactor (and hear the famous music that comes with it). Walk down the long stairs, and exit by the bottom of the screen. Walk right over the tracks to the next screen. Here, use the Save Point if necessary. Run further, and take the upper track.

You can collect treasure by tapping circle and holding one direction when Cloud falls down.

When the track breaks down, DO NOT PRESS circle is you want to get the treasure below! When falling, hold left, and tap circle as fast as you can.  If you do it fast enough, Cloud will climb up and is able to grab the Wizard Staff. At the end of this upper track, grab the W Machine Gun from the chest.  Now walk the lower track. Again, when falling, try to get the treasure on the right now, the Star Pendant. Walk until a four-way. Grab the Turbo Ether and Transform Materia on the upper left track. You'll also get one last chance to grab any items below, when falling.

Now go up the upper right track, since you must open up the bridge for the others (and yourself, duh!). Flip the switch in the small cabin at the end to do it. A bit lower of the cabin, you can climb the wall on the right. This leads to a treasure (10 Phoenix Downs), but you'll have to destroy the cute nest of birds to grab it.. :( The choice is up to you. You'll disappoint your party members if you take it, and you'll have to fight the mother bird, a cockatrice. Now head back and take the lower track. Go over the bridge, and then take the left track leading down to the left, and go inside a hidden area here on the right. In this area, grab the Tent, Mind Source and Power Source. Head back, and exit the screen by the lower right. Here, walk to the end of the HUGE bridge. You can battle Bomb enemies here, from which you can steal a Right Arm from. This is a battle item that can cause around 1500-1600 damage to all enemies, which is alot at this stage. Steal a few if you feel like it, then enter the destroyed town of Corel.

Looks like Barret has a history with this town, as he gets face slapped and he does nothing. Since there are no treasure in town (what'd you expect?) and the shops sell junk. You can find an Ether in the 'House' on the right. You need to wait until the woman in that house walks to the right. Then, stand next to her, and wait for her to pass you. Now you can access the pot in the corner, which holds the Ether. This is one of the more tricky treasures in FF7. *Claps for the reader* Head to the lower left to access the Gold Saucer. First, some scenes will be shown, after which you'll finally head off to the Gold Saucer.

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Comments for Mount Corel

4 comments, latest first.
Dec 31st 2012 Guest
No glitching here. I just stood at the end of the table, right up against the table, and she walked right behind me both into the corner and out of it...
ID #232727
Jul 26th 2012 Guest
Note that my game glitched when getting that one ether: the woman in the 'house' just sorta shook next to cloud, and cloud just sorta shook next to her, and no amount of moving would get him out of that corner >___
ID #168589
Jun 4th 2012 Guest
i agree with the above comment, but i would also like to add that you can steal Turbo Ether's from the Mushroom monster things, pretty good item to have around at this point in the game!

ID #148661
May 23rd 2011 Guest
This is one of the most detailed walkthroughs I've ever seen. I just wanted to add... You can steal a diamond pin for Nanaki from the dinosaur looking monster near the reactor. It's attack is a little less then the magic comb, but it is 4 slots (2 linked).
ID #44647