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Cosmo Canyon & Cave of the Gi

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

Cosmo Canyon & Cave of the Gi

|| Treasure:  | Elixir, Added Effect Materia, Black M-phone, Ether, X-Potion, ||
||            | Fairy Ring, Turbo Ether, Gravity Materia, Seraph Comb(Story), ||
||            | Wizer Staff(Boss Reward).                                     ||
||------------|                                                               ||
|| Other:     | Turtle's Paradise Flayer No. 4 & No. 5.                       ||
||------------|                                                               ||
|| Fort Condor|                                                               ||
|| Treasure:  | 5x Hi-Potion, 5x Hi-Potion.                                   ||

When you get here, answer that you aren't familiar. Now for some exploring, go to the right and enter through the door. You're in the Inn now, where you can read Turtle's Paradise Flyer No. 5 upstairs, and also find an Elixir in the bedroom corner to the lower left. Go back outside. There's an item shop on the upper right if you climb the ladder, but there's nothing of interest there..  yet. So head all the way left and up the stairs that Red XIII also took. Talk to him, then go inside. Here's a save point and you can read Turtle's Paradise Flyer No. 4 next to the weapon shop. The weapons are better than what you have, so it may be a good time to replace some. Head upstairs. In the room to the north you can talk to Barret. Go to the left, outside, upstairs, and guess what, back inside. The room to the lower left is the materia shop that sells HP Plus and MP Plus Materia's. Especially the HP Plus is one I recommend buying, even if it costs 8000 gil. The other room is the kitchen, and the stairs just lead to a view outside. Head up the ladder. Enter the house, and watch the scene. After that, go down again and inside the kitchen.

Talk to Cait Sith and change party members. You can also search for other members, but this is the fastest way. Go back to Bugenhagen, and watch the scene, which will teach you some things about the planet. After this, head back outside, all the way down, and talk to everyone around the fire. Talk to Red XIII the last, then form a party.

(Fort Condor Note 6:)
Now is the time to do the 5th battle at Fort Condor. Hope you didn't let the buggy break down, because then you won't get far. The prize for your long trip is 5 Hi-Potions, although the game tells you five “Potion”. This is a glitch.

When you're ready, go to Bugenhagen who is waiting at the large steel door. In the next area, climb down the ropes until you reach.. the cave of the Gi.

In this area, you'll encounter many undead-like creatures. Many of which can cast Death-Sentence, an enemy skill that causes a timer of 60 second that will inflict Death when run out. Try and learn it, though you probably will.  Interesting thing is that Frog Song works rather well here, except on Gi Spectors (floating guys).

This never really was my favorite area, and I think Cloud and Co. will probably get the chills now and then walking around here. Head to the right and a bit down until you reach a small cave where you can walk in and break open a rock.  This usually leads to a fight, but you don't have to break this one open. Just if you want to fight some creatures. Walk past the skeleton sitting against the wall, ignoring the small cave on the right (also a rock that you can break).  Head up a bit, and walk into the small cave on your left. This one's not a dummy, and opens up a secret entrance to the next part of the cave (yahoo!!  let's go even deeper in this undead cave). Don't bother with the rest of this area, there's nothing else to get, except another dummy cave. After Bugenhagen tells you something near the exit, continue your travel through the cave.

In the next area you can get some treasure. First of all walk up a bit, then to the left. The golden jelly substance on the floor makes Cloud slip and bump into the wall, which will erect some painfully sharp spikes. This causes actual damage to your HP (duh!). If you don't want that to happen, and I'm assuming you don't unless you're a big sadist, WALK over the jelly instead of running. Walk down after this and in the previous screen, you can now grab the shiny Added Effect Materia. This will pair the combined materia with it's effect: For example, Poison-Added Effect in a Weapon/Armor will respectively inflict Poison status, or defend from it. Return and backtrack to the previous area and walk northwards and left. You can take the stairs down to find a Black M-phone in a chest all the way south, and an Ether in the chest on the north. Exit the screen by the northwest.

Walking through a spiderweb initiates a fight with a Stinger, large, powerful spiders. Fortunately, they are vulnerable to the enemy skill Frog Song, and the battle becomes much easier when you're fighting a cute little sleeping toad, compared to a 20 feet tall spider!

You'll get to five tunnels, which seems like a hassle. Things are less hard than they seem though. The middle tunnel is a dead-end, and the two most outer ones just connect to each other. Which leaves one tunnel on the left, and one on the right. The one to the right is pretty much optional, and leads to a chest with an X-Potion (a useful thing for soon, perhaps..). When you walk through a large spiderweb, you'll always encounter a tough spider called Stinger. These creatures pack a punch with especially their Sting Bomb attack, and with their 2200 HP you can define them as semi-boss enemies. Fortunately, there's an easy way to beat them, which is to simply cast Frog Song on them (if you have it).  Otherwise, you could go poison them or using your most powerful attacks. Grab the X-Potion from the end of the right tunnel, and head back to go in the left.  When you're past the spider web, walk south into a secret cave and keep walk south and also to the right at the same time so you can reach the chest you saw when you first got here. The Fairy Ring inside it is now yours. Walk back and north to the last spider web. Past this one walk to the left through another secret passage that allows you to reach the chest, which holds a Turbo Ether.  Exit the area by the north.

Before you proceed towards the scary face, take your time to prepare for, you've guessed it, a boss fight. Equip fire protective gear and materia combinations like Fire-Elemental in your ARMOR. Heal up, and proceed..

Remember that X-Potion you just found? Throw it at Gi Nattak – he's an undead, and he'll die right away. ByeByeBye!

|Name: Gi Nattak (Level: 29)               |Weakness: Holy, Restorative        |
|HP: 5500                                  |Nullifies: Earth, Gravity, Water   |
|MP: 200                                   |-----------------------------------|
|Exp: 1400                                 |Status Effect Weaknesses:          |
|AP: 150                                   |Slow, Darkness                     |
|Gil: 3000                                 |                                   |
|Drops: Wizer Staff(100%)                  |                                   |
|Steal: ---                                '-----------------------------------|
|Attacks: Spear Attack [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 566.5625 Base Damage]; Drain [1     |
|Enemy, Mag Atk, Cost=1MP, 121.5 Base Damage/Healing]; Aspil [1 Enemy, Mag Atk,|
|Cost=1MP, Absorbs MP, 40.5 Base MP Damage/Healing]; DeBarrier [1 Enemy, Mag   |
|Atk, Cost=12MP, Cures Barrier, MBarrier, Reflect, Shield]                     |
|Name: Soul Fire (x2) (Level: 21)          |Weakness: Holy, Wind               |
|HP: 1300                                  |Nullifies: Earth, Poison,          |
|MP: 220                                   |Gravity, Water                     |
|Exp: 200                                  |Absorb: Fire                       |
|AP: 10                                    |-----------------------------------|
|Gil: 100                                  |Status Effect Weaknesses:          |
|Drops: Phoenix Down                       |Stop, Slow, Darkness               |
|Steal: ---                                '-----------------------------------|
|Attacks: Take Over [Soul Fire will be inside a character, casting Fire2];     |
|Fire2 [1 Enemy, Mag Atk, Cost=22MP, 277.5 Base Damage]                        |
|Strategy: If you don't abuse this undead boss' major weakness, this can turn  |
|out to be a tough fight. An X-Potion will kill Gi Nattak instantly, (also     |
|killing the Soul Fires). A Phoenix Down gives 1/4 chance of instant death, and|
|Hi-Potions deal damage. An interesting and useful side effect of casting White|
|Wind on Gi Nattak is that it doesn't only hurt him, but it also deals Slow and|
|Darkness (things that are normally healed by WW). The Soul Fires can go inside|
|a character, and you won't lose control but they will suffer fire damage from |
|it. Use Big Guard and your best offensive attacks if you wish to end this     |
|battle in a different way.                                                    |

After the battle, grab the Gravity Materia, and walk out of the cave, north. One of the most emotional scenes of the game will show (in my opinion..). Enjoy, and exit Cosmo Canyon after all scenes. Note: Red XIII will have gotten the Seraph Comb, a VERY powerful weapon with 68 atk. I tend to use it with him. Also, the buggy is fixed by one of the people from Cosmo Canyon.

(Fort Condor Note 7:)
Yep, it's time to do another. Again, your reward is 5 Hi-Potion, even though the game says five “Potion”.

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Comments for Cosmo Canyon & Cave of the Gi

11 comments, latest first.
Mar 27th 2014 Guest
The rope has gone after meteor has been summoned
ID #368786
Mar 27th 2014 Guest
Later in the game the rope has Vanished from the door where a path leads to a room with a couple of items to collect

ID #368784
Aug 16th 2013 darockwilder418
use a pheonix down instead of a x-potion on the boss Smile
ID #305134
Feb 2nd 2013 Guest
Trying not to bawl my eyes out after the last cutscene. *Stay strong Josh*
ID #249264
Sep 1st 2012 Guest
For some reason I can't save after the cutscene at the end of the cave. Does/Has anyone have/had this problem? If so, is there a solution?
ID #182233
Jul 30th 2012 Guest
i have a question i seen a video where u can do heavy damage 2 enemies with attack if u put gravity combination with another 1 but i 4got if it was element or added effect can any1 tell me?
ID #170364
Jun 7th 2012 Guest
yes for anyone that comes here and wonders that, the guy above me is correct. The rope moves Towards the end of the second disc/ beginning of the third disc... not gonna mention a major event for you to go by for the sake of spoilers. Crimson
ID #149851
Apr 20th 2012 Guest
You need to go back after the meteorite has been summoned, then the rope will be gone!
ID #135219
Mar 23rd 2012 Guest
I have the same problem as the other 2 could you the solution to the guide or to these comments please. They must be away to open that door!
ID #125570
Dec 5th 2011 Guest
Hi. I also have Jake's problem. [email protected] Thanks. James
ID #92883
Aug 23rd 2011 Guest
Hello. I am Jake.
I have a question about a secret door in the Cosmo Canyon with a green arrow that for some reason is blocked with a red rope.
Any idea how I get past that?

[email protected]
ID #69442