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Optional: Fun with the Buggy

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

Optional: Fun with the Buggy

|| Treasure:  | Bolt Ring, Sprint Shoes.                                      ||
||------------|                                                               ||
|| Key Items: | Mythril.                                                      ||
||------------|                                                               ||
|| Fort Condor|                                                               ||
|| Treasure:  | Megalixir.                                                    ||

Quick To-Do List:
o Enemy Skill: Aqualung
o Enemy Skill: Big Guard
o Battle Square Prizes
o Enemy Skill: White Wind
o [Fort Condor Battle #4]
o Sleeping Man: Bolt Ring
o Enemy Skills for 2nd Materia
o Superb training area

Enemy Skill: Aqualung

Aqualung is one of the few water-elemental spells in the game, and is on par with Beta when compared in power. It's also got a built-in “all-enemies” property. Useful!

First of all, drive around in this Desert to find a Harpy. This creature can cast the Enemy Skill Aqualung, which is the first water based attack you can get, and it does good damage, so I suggest you learn it. Keep you HP's up for it though.

Enemy Skill: Big Guard
Now drive south and over the river. Get into a battle on the beach. These creatures, Beachplugs, can be manipulated to cast Big Guard, a great defensive Enemy Skill that casts Haste, Barrier AND MBarrier on your entire party. Make SURE you get this, it's GREAT! Make sure you're on the beach that's south of the house, the most far away from the Gold Saucer basically.

There's no one home at the stand-alone house, but remember it for later.

Battle Square Prizes

Note: You might want to get the other enemy skills first before attempting the fairly tough Battle Square.

If you head back to the Gold Saucer, do so by entering North Corel, then going with the ropeway. You can now fight in the battle square. If you win all 8 battles you'll not only get quite some BP, but you can talk to the lady near all the exits and she'll give you the Sprint Shoes accessory, which puts you in Haste automatically. Nice! You can also try and aim for the Champion(ship) Belt, an expensive but very useful accessory that increases Str Vit with 30.

Now drive all the way north/northeast, past the Gold Saucer, and across the river. Drive with the Buggy INTO Costa Del Sol. Talk to the sailor near the boat, pay him 100 gil, and you're all set to go to Junon, WITH the Buggy! This means you can do some things on the other continent now. First of all, when you exit the boat, you can call a free taxi-helicopter that can bring you to the next Town (further in Junon), or outside of Junon. For now, go outside of Junon.

Enemy Skill: White Wind
Back on the World Map, keep your eyes open for a Zemzelett (it's a big white bird, basically). When you encounter one, manipulate it and have it cast White Wind on you. This is another GREAT skill. It heals for as much HP as the caster has, PLUS removes many bad status effects. If someone has 1000 current HP and casts it, it will heal everyone for 1000.

(Fort Condor Note 4:)
Now is a good time to do the 4th battle here. The reward will be (again, if you did everything before) a Megalixir.

Sleeping Man: Bolt Ring
There is also a cave behind a river on the west/northwest of the Mythril Mines, which you might've noticed earlier. Now you can reach it by using the buggy to cross the shallow part. In the cave is a sleeping man who will tell you either how many times you've fought battles, how many times you have escaped, or that large materia needs high level materia.

What use is this to us? If the last two digits of the number you have fought are the same, the man will wake up and give you an item. If the numbers are odd (11,33,55,etc) you will get the Key Item 'Mythril', which will be useful later.  If the last two numbers are even (00,22,44,etc) you'll get a Bolt Ring, which is an accessory that nullifies all Bolt attacks.

Enemy Skills for 2nd Materia
If you wish to get Flame Thrower, Beta, L4 Suicide and Chocobuckle for the second Enemy Skill Materia, backtrack through the Mythril Mines. Equip the person who needs to learn Beta with the Fire Ring and you shouldn't have too many trouble. If you want to get Matra Magic as well, backtrack to Midgar to get that skill as well.

After this you've done most optional things. Head back to Junon and drive the Buggy into it. If you want to get on the Cargo Boat REAL quick, just head to the beach where you rescued Priscilla from Bottomswell, walk up to the water and press Square. Mr. Dolphin can take you (and your buggy apparently) straight onto the Cargo Boat to Costa Del Sol. Note: Mr. Dolphin will only do this as long as you have the buggy. You will lose the buggy after you get better vehicles on Disc 2/3.

Superb training area
If you want to do some business around Junon, pay the Shinra Soldier 10 gil (gives you a good idea of their salary) and ride the elevator up. Before you head back to the boat, consider training in the area where a bunch of soldiers are getting drilled. It's a long, gray alley, basically. Next to them is a red button which will sound the alarm when pressed. You can now encounter (strong) creatures here that give VERY good rewards. I suggest you use Aqualung and Beta to finish the creatures off. You can easily train your materia to high levels here, and the exp and gil is also good. Heal after every battle! To fasten up the materia leveling even more, put them in double growth weapons. You can in fact battle only about 150 battles and already have a bunch of mastered All Materia that you can sell for 1.4 MILLION gold each. Do whatever you please though, and when you're done, go back on the boat to the other continent.

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Comments for Optional: Fun with the Buggy

8 comments, latest first.
Jun 28th 2015 Guest
In the Suberb training area you can learn matra magic too with the big machines too!
ID #576906
Dec 20th 2013 Guest
There are touch me's in the forest on the southern continent (cross the shallow river). You can learn frog song with them.
ID #331830
Jan 15th 2013 Guest
Use the Midgar Zolom to level up your limits FAST. A Quake 3 should do around 2500 damage making it ready to cast Beta,..defend or steal until it does. Kill, heal and, repeat.
ID #243014
Dec 21st 2012 Stevenreuc
Can the Superb Training be done on any disc?. I really would like to do it with the Triple Growth weapons
ID #225827
Nov 18th 2012 Guest
this is a excellent guide. i'm playing for the first time in almost 10 years for nostalgia sake and this guide is an awesome resource
ID #209751
Jul 17th 2012 rayamweg
just a heads up if u take a left to get out of there go down the road to the next road and the second door is an inn
ID #165399
Jul 17th 2012 rayamweg
yea i have never used enemy skills till i found out about beta and aqualung makes the game so much easier and i have beat it so many times already
ID #165353
Apr 6th 2012 Guest
I don't know how long ago you wrote this guide but its freakin amazing. I've played through FF7 sooo many times and overlooked a bunch of super useful enemy skills and holy crap the "superb training area" in this section is amazing and I can't believe I never knew about it. Great job dude.
ID #130026