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Mount Nibel

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

Mount Nibel

|| Treasure:| Rune Blade, Plus Barrette, Powersoul, All Materia, Elixir,      ||
||          | Elemental Materia, Sniper CR, Counter Attack Materia,           ||
||          | Jem Ring(Boss Reward).                                          ||

Now you're pretty much done in the Mansion, or Nibelheim for that matter. Go outside, and exit to the world map by the upper right.

Walk the little bit on the world map to Mount Nibel. The first part of the path is very linear, and you can grab the Rune Blade from the first small mountain at the intersection. When you get all the way to the end, near the bridge, walk up and climb the mountain on the right, until you reach the Plus Barrette. Both these weapons are very good materia growth weapons, by the way, with Double growth. Walk over the bridge and you'll get to a new area with 5 pipes which are even numbered. The most right one is 1, up to 5 all the way to the left. Before you jump in any, walk and climb down the ladders first, until cloud pushes the second one more down. This will allow you to go back up whenever you need to. Go to the pipes, and glide in #2. You'll land on a rock with a Powersoul (weapon for Tifa) for the taking. Now glide #4 when you're back up, and grab the All Materia from the chest. Jump off by the right. Now go down the exit left of the large blue scorpion (we will have to deal with that sucker later, but you've guessed that already).

Jump off the ledge, and enter the cave below. You'll encounter Dragons here now and then, and you can steal Gold Armlets from them, which is the best armor in the game up to now, with 46 Defense and 4 slots (linked). Steal 3 of them, for your entire active party. You can also learn the enemy skill Flame Thrower from them, if you hadn't already. In the next cave, walk right and all the way up, then back down a little so you can enter the cave to the left that leads all the way to the chest, which holds an Elixir. Exit to the next screen north. Here you can find the Elemental Materia on the ground. Head further and in the next cave don't miss out the Sniper CR from the easily spotted chest. This weapon for Vincent never misses, and is rather effective with Deathblow, thus often dealing critical damage. Exit to the next screen, and head left to the reactor. Once there, just walk past the reactor as there's nothing there. Enter though the door and things should look familiar again.

Save your game and prepare for the upcoming boss battle. Give someone the Bolt Ring, and someone else the Elemental-Lighting materia combo in their armor. If you use Vincent, don't use his Limit Break as it'll heal the Materia Keeper.  Also, very important, give your characters the two Enemy Skill Materia's that you (should) have. You'll want to learn the skill Trine.

The Materia Keeper is another fairly tough creature that has access to the rare enemy skill Trine. Be sure to learn it on both Enemy Skill Materia's at this point before slaughtering the creature. Just don't use any fire elemental spells (NO Beta!), but use Aqualung instead. You can also poison the creature.

|Name: Materia Keeper (Level: 38)          |Absorb: Fire                       |
|HP: 8400                                  |Nullifies: Gravity                 |
|MP: 300                                   |-----------------------------------|
|Exp: 3000                                 |Status Effect Weaknesses:          |
|AP: 200                                   |Poison, Stop, Slow, Paralyzed,     |
|Gil: 2400                                 |Darkness                           |
|Drops: Jem Ring(100%)                     |                                   |
|Steal: ---                                '-----------------------------------|
|Attacks: Keyclaw [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 514 Base Damage], Big Horn [1 Enemy, Phys|
|Atk, 514 Base Damage]; Hell Combo [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 889.5 Base Damage];     |
|Trine [All Enemies, Mag Atk, Cost=20MP, Lightning Element, 637.5 Base Damage];|
|Cure2 [1 Ally, Mag Atk, 1070 Base Healing]                                    |
|Strategy: This is also generally considered one of the tougher bosses in the  |
|game. His Trine attack does lightning damage of about 600 to all, and his     |
|other attacks are either 500 or 900 damage if you don't protect yourself.     |
|Start the battle with Big Guard and keep this going the whole battle. Make    |
|sure you learn Trine. Casting Choco-Mog will often Stop him for a long period |
|of time, and Cross-slash or Seal Evil will paralyze him (for a shorter time). |
|After Choco- Mog, poison him, and keep using your strongest attacks such as   |
|Odin, Aqualung, or even use Trine against him. Just stay away from Beta (fire |
|elemental). Keep your defense going, heal with White Wind, and the Materia    |
|Keeper should eventually fall. His Cure2 should only postpone his inevitable  |
|death..                                                                       |

Grab the Counter Materia it was 'keeping', and exit Mount Nibel.

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Comments for Mount Nibel

5 comments, latest first.
Feb 9th 2014 Guest
If I didn't push the ladder down, how do I still exit my. nibel?
ID #353372
Aug 7th 2013 Guest
also the scorpion he refers to is keeping the counter materia...original author had you exit left so you could get the gun for vincent and other items
ID #303355
Jul 26th 2013 Guest
For those of you unsure of the verbiage used, when existing after grabbing the all materia, he/she means take the exit on the lowest platform, not on the platform above the blue scorpion.
ID #300496
Dec 4th 2012 Guest
hey i have a question what do you do to get the chest and the bag in the center of the room on the pillar
ID #214979
Aug 22nd 2011 Guest
the boss wont appear when i go into the nibel reactors interior im not sure what im missing
ID #69393