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Escape from Junon

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

Escape from Junon

|| Treasure:| ---                                                             ||

After many scenes, you'll wake up having boobs! Oh wait.. you're controlling Tifa now. Talk to Barret, and after the scene, you've switched to Barret. Just follow the soldier, you can't do anything else except use the Save Point in the next screen. When you get to the gas room, you'll get a scene first. Afterwards, fight the Attack Squad with Barret and Cait. After that, check out the door and more scene's will happen.

The Planet's in crisis and WEAPON attacks Junon. Could things get any worse? At least this video provides you with some neat eye candy.

After a while you'll be able to control Barret again. Team up with Cait and go out the room. From here, head right, and outside. At the end, talk to Yuffie (in reporter disguise). In the next screen, head up the elevator (you can still walk during the sequence, saving you from encounters). After the scene, you'll have control of Tifa. Don't worry, though. The gas probably smells awful, but it won't do you any harm (or Tifa can hold her breath insanely long). You can take as long as you'd like. And at least the guard dropped that key. To get Tifa out, first grab the key. How to do that? With her feet, arms, and head! There are two combo's that will get you out.

In order for Tifa to free herself you need to follow the moves in this movie. Otherwise, check the buttons written in this guide.

1) Press: X, X, Triangle, X Triangle, Triangle Circle, Circle... or:
2) Press: X, X, Triangle, X Triangle, Square Triangle, Square.

Go to the orange light in the corner, and push the button to stop the gas. Try and open the door, and a cutscene will start. Now all you have to do is climb down with Tifa (note that even if you are really slow, the soldiers never catch you), and then run to the end of the cannon. Here you'll get into a little slapping game with Scarlet, after which you'll get another scene.. and not just a scene, you get the friggin Highwind too!

The most epic bitch fight ever.

Check the inside, walk down, and head in the cockpit. Here, talk to Red XIII Barret, and Cid. Then talk to the trainee pilot. After that, go to the Operation Room and talk to the crew member to form a party, or Save/Heal. Go back to the Cockpit and talk to the Pilot to take off. Yahoooray!

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