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Cait Sith

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Playable Characters

Cait Sith

Character Data:             Cait Sith's Name:
--------------------------. -----------------
Job:        Toysaurus     | Seeing how Cait Sith is only a toy, under control
Age:        Unknown       | by Reeve, that already explains enough. Cait kind
Weapon:     Megaphone     | of resembles 'cat', and Sith the traitorous act(s).
Height:     100 cm (3'2") |
Birthdate:  Unknown       |
Birthplace: Unknown       |
Bloodtype:  N/A           |
In-battle/Stat-wise:            Summary:
------------------------------. --------
HP:        Average (-0.1%)    | Cait Sith is actually an avid magic user. His
MP:        Average (-1%)      | physical stats lack somewhat, and his magic
Strength:  Average ( 6.4%)    | stats make up for that.
Vitality:  Low (-9.1%)        |
Magic:     Above Avg ( 2.8%)  | Cait Sith is probably best put in the back row.
Spirit:    Above Avg ( 4%)    | He has rather low physical defense, so putting
Dexterity: Very Low (-10.1%)  | him there is an excellent countermeasure. If
Luck:      Below Avg (-3.9%)  | you use Cait Sith as a Magic user, then this
------------------------------' doesn't even affect his power.

Cait Sith rides/sits on a large moogle. Cait Sith is actually 'only' a toy cat, which is under the control of Reeve, one of the top Shinra characters.

Cait Sith joins the party in the Gold Saucer. He 'sacrifices' himself at the Temple of the Ancients, but a new version quickly shows up.

He's basically the 'black sheep' of the party, seeing how he betrays the party on several occasions. In the end he proves to be a useful and powerful ally.

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Comments for Cait Sith

2 comments, latest first.
Jun 20th 2012 Guest
The other commentor is right. Cait Sith was the king of faeries in Celtic mythology.
ID #154832
Feb 16th 2012 Guest
That's not actually correct- the mention of his name. Cait Sith is pronounced kaht-shee, and is the king of the faeries. :3 Just saying.
ID #115581