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Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough


|| Treasure:| Contain Materia, Curse Ring, Elixir.                            ||

This video shows you where Mideel is located, and it also shows you how to get the rare Curse Ring.

Mideel's a quiet little town, but it does hold several secrets. Let's start exploring. First of all, you'll want to check out the shops on the right. They sell rather decent equipment/items, plus you'll come across a crazy costumer who wants to buy everything from the shops. Be SURE to talk to her in every shop.  Also talk to the baby white chocobo, and give it your Mimett Greens. Then tickle it behind the ears and you'll receive the Contain Materia.

(Perfect Game Note 21:)
Make sure to talk to the crazy woman in every shop. This is crucial for later, when she'll have the items the shops used to have. You definitely want to be able to buy from her, or you may not be able to get 99 of the items. And of course, if you're missing these shops, it's another factor holding you from a perfect file anyway. Also get the Cursed Ring.

In the weapon shop, be sure to inspect the door. Apparently you can't open it, but you must inspect it anyway before you can do the rest of this mini-quest.  Now walk over the wooden bridge to the left. There's not much inside the Accessory shop, but there's an item to be found near the man. Nearby on the left you'll hear a screeched sound. Inspect it and you'll get the 'Beat-Up Useless Old Key'. Now head to the weapon shop and try the key on the door in the back.  Tell the truth to the owner and you'll receive the Cursed Ring! The Curse Ring is a good accessory that increases your stats like this: Str 35, Mag 25, Dex 15, Vit 15, Spirit 15, Luck 10. However, at the start of the battle you'll automatically get Death Sentenced, meaning the equipped character dies within 60 seconds. You can easily counter this by casting 'Death Force' on the character.

Now talk to the dog and a scene will happen.. looks like you've found Cloud..  alive and..! Well, not really kicking. After more scenes, Cid's chosen as new leader. Go to the Operation Room to form your party, then take off with the Highwind.
Just go back to Mideel, and head into the house with the two men nearby. Here you can grab an Elixir from the bed. It doesn't really matter what you say, and both responses are funny (Cid's the man!). Now exit the town.

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Comments for Mideel

2 comments, latest first.
Dec 20th 2013 Guest
Also in case you're stupid like me, it's worth noting that when Tifa leaves your party the materia (and I also think the equipment) gets put into your possession. I spent at least 10 mins trying to get my summons back :P
ID #331698
Feb 25th 2013 chickunboy
For those that were a little confused (like, the beat up useless old key is not located nee the man inside the accessory shop... The key is located to the left of the man standing "outside" of the accessory shop... I was looking everywhere on the inside for almost twenty minutes... Haha But yea, the key is outside the shop.
ID #258693