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General Tips

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide

General Tips

o Save often, and keep multiple files. You can never have enough save files!

o Hold a stock Potions (or Hi-Potions/X-Potions later on) and Phoenix Downs

o Explore and talk to everyone multiple times, you may get interesting info

o DOUBLE growth equipment can often be a better choice than a stronger piece of equipment, as your materia will gain better spells at a much faster rate

o Long range characters should be in the back row, as they’ll take less damage this way. There’s only a few weapons for them that are not long ranged

o If you get a back attack, quickly tap L1 R1 and you’ll be facing the enemies

o Most enemies have their own unique weakness. Humans can often be poisoned and mechanical enemies are weak against lightning

o Enemies can also have immunities. Don’t use Earth spells on floating enemies for example, and don’t use Fire if you suspect the creature is aligned

o Focus on a single enemy until it dies. This is a better method than to damage all enemies only a little, since they’ll all attack back at some point

o Once you can get Hypers, it may be useful to give them to your characters which gives them the status ‘Fury’. Under this status, your Limit Break will fill up TWICE as fast (the limit bar will be red). The only downside is that your characters will miss more often, but this is still a great way to learn new limit breaks!

o Alternatively, you can put your characters in Sadness by giving them  Tranquilizers. This will halve the speed of the limit bar (colors it blue), but the plus side is that your characters will receive ~30% less damage!

o Stick with the general controls, or you may experience some glitches


When you see these notes, you DON’T NEED to do them to finish the game. They’re just there for PLAYERS who want to get EVERYTHING FF7 has to offer. If you want to get a Perfect Save file, follow the instructions of these notes.

Like I said, THIS IS HIGHLY OPTIONAL. You can just ignore these notes if you don’t care. You’ll still be perfectly able to do everything else. The reason these notes are in the Walkthrough is because for people who do care, this is the best way to remind them of what to do.

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