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Bone Village, The Sleeping Forest & City of the Ancients

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

Bone Village, The Sleeping Forest & City of the Ancients

|| Treasure:   | Kjata Materia(unless you already got it), Water Ring,        ||
||             | Magic Source, Aurora Armlet, Guard Source, Elixir,           ||
||-------------| Enemy Skill Materia, Comet Materia.                          ||
|| Key Items:  | Lunar Harp.                                                  ||
|| ------------|                                                              ||
|| Bone Village| (At this time): Lunar Harp, Mop, Buntline, Megalixir,        ||
|| Treasure    | Elixir(infinite), Turbo Ether(infinite), Ether(infinite),    ||
||-------------| Potion(infinite).                                            ||
|| Fort Condor |                                                              ||
|| Treasure:   | 5x X-Potion, 5x X-Potion.                                    ||

Head to Bone Village, which is located on the northern continent. You can get off at the beach nearby. You may have been here before, but now is the first time you can actually dig for items. It's a mini-game of some sorts, and a pretty uncovered one so far. I will cover every aspect of it, but not in the walkthrough. There's a special section for it. Anyway, you will want to get the Lunar Harp first, as you need it to proceed with the story.

Talk to the man sitting in the doorway, as he's in charge. The basic principles of digging are easy. There are several spots that hold treasure, however you don't know where those spots are. In order to find out where the spots are, you place 1 up to a max of 5 diggers with the square button. Then you ignite the bombs, after which the diggers will all face the direction where (one of) the spot(s) is. Where their line of view crosses, that's where the spot is. The Lunar Harp is located on the upper level, slightly right of the smoke coming out of the building. You can basically skip the whole 'placing diggers' part and just mark that you want to dig there. The next morning you can grab the Lunar Harp from the chest near the entrance.

There are several other treasures to be gotten in Bone Village, including 1 Mop, 1 Buntline, 1 Megalixir, and infinite Elixirs, Turbo Ethers, Ethers and Potions.  Later, the Key Item 'Key to Sector Five' can also be dug up, but not right now.  If you're interested in digging all these treasures up, refer to the special Bone Village section. I will, however, explain a trick here on how to get infinite Elixirs (for free) fairly easy now.

To stock up on Elixirs, just talk to the leader and skip placing diggers and igniting bombs, until you have to mark the spot. Now, do you see the F-16 aircraft? The nose of it lies on the ground. Position Cloud so his head touches the top of the aircraft's nose. This is the place you want to dig for many Elixirs. Mark it, and check the chest afterwards. Nothing in it? Don't worry..  there won't be an Elixir in it every single time. Your chances of getting an Elixir are about 1 out of 7 tries. I find it fairly decent, especially seeing how an Elixir is a rare item, and getting so many of them now already isn't done very often. Don't forget to skip placing diggers, as you don't need them to find the spot. Enjoy yourself.. when you're done, enter the Sleeping Forest.

Walk to the next screen, which has a view from the top. The Lunar Harp is automatically used, and you can go further north. Note: If you haven't gotten the Kjata Materia yet, do so now. The red orb will quickly disappear all the time, so be quick grabbing it.

(Fort Condor Note 12:)
Yeah, right after you wake the Sleeping Forest with the Lunar Harp, this battle is available. Again, while the game says you don't get anything (gives a tiny blank text box), you receive 5 X-Potions for winning this 11th battle.

Head north to the next screen. Walk under the tree trunk to the chest, that holds a Water Ring. Then go back and walk through the tree trunk to the other side. Note: In this area you can find Boundfats. From this enemy you can steal, win, or morph Dazers, an item that inflicts the status 'paralyzed'. This is the only item that does this, so it has it's uses on many times..Grab some if you want. In the next screen enjoy the view and walk to the end. You'll be on the world map in the corral valley between the Sleeping Forest and the Forgotten Capital, also known as City of the Ancients. Enter.

You'll come at an intersection right away. Head left to find a house with a save point and a chest that holds a Magic Source. Then head out, and walk further to a next screen. Walk downstairs here to find a chest with an Aurora Armlet inside. This is a great armor for this time in the game. Head back to the intersection and head right. Enter the first house to find a Guard Source. In the second house you can find an Elixir in the chest, and an Enemy Skill Materia behind the upper bed. Take your team members their advise and take a nap.

(Fort Condor Note 13:)
This battle is available after the nap. It's still possible to just exit the City, so don't worry. Again, while the game says you don't get anything (gives a tiny blank text box), you receive 5 X-Potions for winning this 12th battle.

When you wake up, go back to the intersection and walk all the way north. Enter the building, and grab the Comet Materia at the very top. Proceed down the blue shining stairs in the middle. Mr. Fish is no longer there. Walk down the large crystal stairs, and save your game if you wish. Also, equip someone with the Water Ring.

Walk up to the stone steps.. Then walk to to her until a scene occurs and you will have to fight Jenova-LIFE.

Immediately after the emotional scene, the team has to fight Jenova*LIFE. If you equipped one of your party members with the Water Ring, then you can essentially not lose this fight.

|Name: Jenova-LIFE (Level: 50)             |Weakness: Earth                    |
|HP: 10000                                 |Nullifies: Gravity                 |
|MP: 300                                   |Absorb: Water                      |
|Exp: 4000                                 |-----------------------------------|
|AP: 350                                   |Status Effect Weaknesses:          |
|Gil: 1500                                 |Slow, Paralyzed, Darkness          |
|Drops: Wizard Bracelet(100%)              |                                   |
|Steal: ---                                |                                   |
|Morph: ---                                '-----------------------------------|
|Attacks: Blue Light [1 Enemy, Mag Atk, Cost=8MP, Water Element, 472.5 Base    |
|Damage]; Blue Flame [1 Enemy, Mag Atk, Cost=12MP, Water Element, 540 Base     |
|Damage]; Aqualung [All Enemies, Mag Atk, Cost=34MP, Water Element, 1755 Base  |
|Damage]; Reflect [1 Ally, Mag Atk, Cost=30MP, Causes 100% Reflect];           |
|Strategy: If you equipped the Water Ring you can't lose, since all her        |
|offensive attacks are water based. Cast powerful summons like Bahamut, Odin   |
|and Kjata, and continue with Beta. Stay away from Aqualung, it'll heal her.   |
|Keep Big Guard up as usual, and heal with White Wind or whatever you want.. In|
|fact, you can also cast Magic Hammer on her 3 times(before she casts Reflect  |
|though!) and she won't have any MP for her attacks. If she did cast Reflect,  |
|DeSpell it first.                                                             |

After the sad scenes you'll have reached the end of Disc 1. If you have been playing from the first Reactor till here, I'd say..Get a freaking break!  Yeah, there are always people who try stuff like that, right..?
After changing the disc, you're supposed to head north.

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Comments for Bone Village, The Sleeping Forest & City of the Ancients

4 comments, latest first.
Aug 13th 2014 Guest
Sorry but it's slightly left of the smoke from the building to find the lunar harp, not right.
ID #435759
Jun 19th 2014 Guest
Actually, the plane was an F-14, not 15 or 16
ID #402654
Aug 18th 2013 Guest
The aircraft in bone village is not an F-16 haha, but almost exactly an F-15. Very different aircraft. :p
ID #305485
Mar 28th 2013 Guest
One Boundfat can have a Dazer stolen and then be morphed into one as well (2x Dazers per Boundfat). This adds em' up a bit quicker.
ID #268126