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Coral Valley Cave & Icicle Inn

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

Coral Valley Cave & Icicle Inn

|| Treasure:  | Viper Halberd, Bolt Armlet, HypnoCrown, Megalixir, Magic Plus ||
||            | Materia, Power Source, Hero Drink, Vaccine, X-Potion,         ||
||------------| Turbo Ether.                                                  ||
|| Key Items: | Glacier Map, Snowboard.                                       ||
||------------|                                                               ||
|| Fort Condor|                                                               ||
|| Treasure:  | 3x Elixir.                                                    ||

(Fort Condor Note 14:)
This battle is best done right now, since the further you continue with the story, the harder it gets to return to Fort Condor. The reward for this 13th battle are three Elixirs. It's also shown in-game that way.

(Perfect Game Note 17:)
While it is often said that you can't get certain items anymore on Disc 2, this isn't entirely true. It's true however that the further you go, the less likely you're to return to the world/tiny bronco, so that you will eventually get past a long series of events. And after those events you won't be able to get the items anymore. So, it's a good time now to get whatever you needed to. A quick list of things:

o Umbrella (Speed Square Gold Saucer), only can get 1, won at 5000 points.  o 99 Mythril Clips (bought in Junon) o 99 Four Slots (bought in Costa Del Sol-bar)

o 99 Shotguns (bought in Rocket Town)

Yes, that'll cost quite some money.. in fact, it'll cost about.. 514800 gil.  Whoa! You can almost buy TWO villa's for that money, I hear you thinking. True, but the villa won't go anywhere.. and these items will. Where to get the money?  Head to the beach of Mideel, the southeast continent, and start to Master your 'All' Materia's. Put them in double growth weapons. One 'All' sells for 1.4 million, so you won't need to worry about money after that.

The buggy will also disappear, as will the Tiny Bronco, but the Tiny Bronco doesn't have any special location it can go to.. The buggy does: The Corel Prison. There are two enemies here: The Land Worm and the Cactuar. The Land Worms can be morphed into a Fire Fang. The Cactuar is very rare, so if you want a chance to see/ beat it, do so now. It also only appears there. It's got a twin brother somewhere else, but those are named Cactuer (note the 'e').

If you're not doing a Perfect Game you must be thinking along the lines of what the hell you could all do/go for in this game. And you're right, it's insane. Oh well. Head north like Sephiroth did.

Here, walk around the shell by going to the left, then around it to reach the chest with a Viper Halberd in it. Then proceed up the steps, which Cloud will automatically take. Walk to the top of the spiral shell and enter the cave on the left.

In this section, more treasures reside. Climb up the second crack first, and choose either right/left, then climb up further to get the Bolt Armlet from the chest. Now climb down, head right, climb down the other crack, and grab the HypnoCrown from the chest. This is a unique accessory that increases your chances of manipulating an enemy, given it's possible in the first place. Climb up more to grab the Megalixir in the chest on the upper right. Head left from here to climb up another crack. Climb down the ladder on the left to reach the Magic Plus Materia. Give this to someone, it's useful. Now climb the ladder up and exit the screen on the right. Well, guess what, that's already the end of the cave. Grab the Power Source from the very obvious placed chest and exit to the world map.

Lots of snow around here, eh? Walk all the way west, then north a bit to reach Icicle Inn.

Here, check out the house on the nearby left. This is the weapon shop, who sells rather decent weapons. Go in the house on the very right with the snowman. In here, you can grab the Key Item 'Glacier Map', and also a Hero Drink and Vaccine(two rather rare and useful items). Now go to the Inn, also located on the right, and head upstairs. Grab the X-Potion in the left corner, slightly visible through the window. Also head in the house on the upper left. You can watch video's here that will explain more about the story, or you can just grab the Turbo Ether when you go downstairs. Go back outside, and talk to the man up north. When you do, Elena and more Shinra Soldiers will show up. After a scene, avoid her 'grand punch' and head to the house in the middle with the dog. Talk to the kid here and he'll lend you his snowboard. The fact that you'll never bring it back doesn't matter.

When you're all set, head north and talk to the man again who can teach you how to snowboard. It's pretty basic controls, nothing hard. Proceed with the mini-game.

In this mini-game, you'll come across two intersections. Depending on which side you take, you'll land on a different location. Also see below.

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Comments for Coral Valley Cave & Icicle Inn

9 comments, latest first.
Jun 28th 2015 Guest
for some reason the snowboarding section won't activate when I go past the guy. Is there anything I can do to continue the game?
ID #576824
Aug 25th 2013 Guest
i am at mid to low 40s and i feel like i am way overleveled... there really haven't been any challenges in disc one for a while... : ( hopefully it gets a bit harder
ID #306797
Aug 19th 2013 Guest
Do not buy 99 of them unless you want a "perfect game": having 99 of each item that it is possible to have multiples for. Some items can only be single instances, IE you can get 99 potions, but can only have 1 buster sword. Yes, going for perfect game is a huge waste of time with little reward other than bragging rights (that others will think is quite sad).
ID #305644
May 4th 2013 Guest
Why the need to buy 99 four slots and those other things?
ID #279959
Feb 21st 2013 Guest
I just wanted to add that when you are in Corral Valley Cave (the place with all the cracks) you can encounter the enemy Acrophies. You can steal a Water ring from it.
ID #256786
Jun 26th 2016 Guest
Is that before or after aeris death
ID #662189
Oct 2nd 2012 Guest
lol it is really up to you, but it is always good to train. i guess about lvl 50 or so. one of the best places to train in disc one is in junon. when you come back later there is a guy that asks you if you want to take an air taxi to next town or out of junon. if you walk to the right one or two screens there is a door downwards that will take you into a hallway where some soldiers are practicing their marching or w/e. there is a red button on the wall that you can push to sound an alarm and then you will encounter random enemies in that hallway that will give you very good exp. when you are low just go back out and to the left to the motel and you can save and restore your hp/mp, then repeat. you will FLY to lvl 50 :-D hope it helps
ID #190970
Jul 30th 2011 Guest
What level should you be when you get to the second disk?
ID #62597
Dec 18th 2010 Guest
is this like real snowboarding?
ID #21504