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Crossdressing at Wall Market

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

Crossdressing at Wall Market

|| Treasure: | Ether, Phoenix Down, Hyper.                                    ||
||-----------|                                                                ||
|| Key Items:| (Cotton/Satin/Silk Dress), (Blonde Wig/Dyed Wig/Wig),          ||
||           | (Disinfectant/Deodorant/Digestive),                            ||
||           | (Sexy Cologne/Flower Cologne/Cologne),                         ||
||           | (Diamond Tiara/Ruby Tiara/Glass Tiara),                        ||
||           | (Bikini Briefs/Lingerie), Pharmacy Coupon, Member's Card.      ||

Wall Market's a big place and you can easily get lost. This video shows you the basics of how to get around sneaking into the Don's Mansion. For the additional goodies, refer to the walkthrough itself.

Alright. You're here to find Tifa. This place is pretty big though. Anyway, this first place on your left is the Inn. Head to the right, into a new screen.  You're now in front of the Honey Bee Inn, a bordel. Talk to the guys blocking the entrance, and ask about Tifa. Sounds like someone called Don Corneo knows where Tifa is. Head back to the previous screen. Head up a bit. The building with the Cat next to it is the actual Item Shop. It sells several new items, although it's not really necessary to get them. An Echo Screen and Eye drop or two will probably do. And remember, you can always sell your Ethers for money.  Exit. A bit more up is a save point, and a restaurant on the left side of it. To the north of the save point is the Materia Shop, and the last 'shop' is actually a dress shop. Exit the whole area on the north.

Walk past the first building, which is the gym. The building on the right is the Weapon Shop, which sells some things you haven't seen yet. A Mythril Rod, a Metal Knuckle and some (4) Mythril Armlets would be a good buy. Don't forget to equip what you can. The building on the left is the bar. Head to the most northern building and talk to the guy. After the dialog .. it's made clear that the only way to rescue Tifa is to dress up .. like a girl!

Therefore, exit this area and head to the previous, and into the dress shop on the left. Talk to the person behind the counter. You must find the father, who can be found at the bar, which is located in the northern area. Talk to the guy on the right, near the entrance. Now you must make a choice. Depending on what you choose, you will receive a different dress.

Clean = Cotton Dress (Don will always choose Tifa) Soft Shiny = Satin Dress (Don will always choose Tifa) Soft Shimmers = Silk Dress (Best Dress)

In the date sequence that will soon come, you can have either Tifa, Aeris, or Cloud being picked. Tifa is pretty much the initial choice, and thus the easiest, but by getting several things for Cloud to dress up, you can affect who gets chosen.
It's now time to get a Wig. Save your game, and then head back to the dress store. Talk to the man, and a scene will occur. Head over to the Gym. Talk to one of the persons here and you'll be challenged to do squats. It's controls are explained in the game. Don't tap it too fast, but also not too slow. Tap the next button when Cloud is done with moving, otherwise he'll scratch his head wasting precious time. Your opponent usually has around 17 squats, so try and beat that.

Winning will get you: Blonde Wig. (Best Wig)
A Tie will get you: Dyed Wig.
Losing will get you: Wig.

Now you can basically go to the dress shop and change clothes. However, if you want Cloud (or Aeris) to be picked, there's a bunch more Key Items to be gotten. If not, skip ahead to Don Corneo's Mansion.

(Perfect Game Note 2:)
Of course you can never get all the Key Items. Therefore, go for the best ones when you can, which are Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, Sexy Cologne, Diamond Tiara. Get the Member's Card, and get either Lingerie or Bikini Briefs. Also have Cloud put up some make-up, just to make it perfect, even though it's not an item. The Phoenix Down in the lackeys room can still be gotten, just at a later time.

After getting the Wig, it's time to get a Cologne of some sorts. Head to the bar and talk to the woman in the toilet. Looks like she could use some medicine.  Head over to the restaurant (left of the Save Point) and order a menu. Either Korean B.B.Q. Plate, Sushi Plate, or Today's Special. They all cost 70 gil. Be sure to answer with “It was alright”, or you won't get the Key Item 'Pharmacy Coupon' that you'll want.

Head over to the Item Shop. You can select Disinfectant, Deodorant, or Digestive here for the Coupon. Choose Digestive and give it to the woman on the toilet in the bar. Depending on what you gave her, she'll give you this in return:
Digestive = Sexy Cologne (Best Cologne)
Deodorant = Flower Cologne
Disinfectant = Cologne

Now it's time to get another extra, a Tiara. Head over to the Materia Shop, which is north from the Save Point. Help him out, and head to the Inn, near the south entrance. Stay at the Inn (costs 10 Gil), and buy something for either 200, 100 or 50 gil. The one for 200 is, of course, the best. Head back to the Materia Shop owner and show him what you got.

200 gil = Diamond Tiara (Best Tiara) 100 gil = Ruby Tiara 50 gil  = Glass Tiara
Now you're really almost done. Promise. Head all the way south and talk to the guy on the lower right. He'll give you his 'Member's Card' for the Honeybee Inn, just like that! Now head right, and ..into the Honeybee Inn.
Talk to the girl, and choose a room.. The Lover's Room (upper right) and the Queen's Room (lower right) are both occupied, but you can take a peek or listen to see a scene. Move your view through the Keyhole slightly.. what the ... Okay, let's move on. The &$#% Room (Upper Left) will give you Lingerie, and the Group Room (Lower Left) will give you Bikini Briefs. After either room/scene, head to the upper room, and have the left girl put some make-up on Cloud. Now everything should be perfect..right?

Head out, make your way to the dress shop, and change by walking to the change room. Now you can finally enter Don Corneo's Mansion to the north. Once inside, head upstairs and head to the left, down into the basement. You'll find Tifa (and an Ether) here. After the dialog and getting the Ether just head upstairs again, and through the middle door.

Without making a ridiculous long list, the below list summarizes who's chosen:
Cotton Dress Anything = Tifa
Satin Dress Anything = Tifa
Silk Dress Wig Anything = Tifa
Silk Dress Dyed Wig Anything = Tifa
Silk Dress Blonde Wig Anything = Aeris
(with the exceptions below)
Silk Dress Blonde Wig Sexy Cologne Ruby Tiara Bikini Briefs = Cloud
Silk Dress Blonde Wig Sexy Cologne Diamond Tiara Anything   = Cloud

Now, depending on who's chosen, you're either with Cloud in the room with Corneo's lackeys, or Cloud is in the Don's bedroom. If you're with the lackeys, just talk to all of them and get the Phoenix Down. Cloud will reveal he's a guy .. and battle the lackeys. After this, head through the middle door and into the Don's bedroom.

In the Don's bedroom, some dialog will happen, but be sure to get the well hidden Hyper behind the bed. If Cloud got chosen, you'll be able to get the Phoenix Down from the other room, some other time. After the dialog, when you attempt to leave, you're given three options to choose from, but all three will lead you to the same fate..falling down in the sewers.

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Comments for Crossdressing at Wall Market

6 comments, latest first.
Nov 27th 2015 Guest
damn, first time i did this i was 1 away from getting cloud. if i had gotten the right medicine to swap for cologne, i would've had it
ID #629016
Sep 3rd 2013 Guest
I also had the Satin Dress, Diamond Tiara, Blonde Wig, Sexy Cologne, Make-up, and Lingerie, and I got chosen, so the Satin Dress + Anything = Tifa is wrong.
ID #308087
Jun 14th 2013 Guest
I just want to point out, that I had the Cotton dress, glass tiara, blonde wig, sexy cologne, and bikini briefs, and I also got the make up put on me. This was enough to get Aerith chosen. So the "Cotton dress + anything = Tifa" isn't perfect. Not sure how much the make up added then, but it was enough to up it to Aerith ;) cheers
ID #290320
Apr 5th 2013 Guest
What is the lingerie for.
ID #270799
Mar 1st 2012 Guest
I went into the upper left room and got nothing. Had to start again went into bottom left room only to get my character bummed by many guys in a hot tub but got briefs for it tho. Don't like my character being bummed at all feel violated lol.
ID #119440
Dec 16th 2011 Guest
This is one of my favorite parts of the game. I'm not sure why though ;)
ID #95576