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Flashback at Kalm Town

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

Flashback at Kalm Town

|| Treasure:| Megalixir, Ether, Ether, Peacemaker, Guard Source, Ether.       ||
||----------|                                                                 ||
|| Other:   | Orthopedic Underwear (no real item).                            ||

On the World Map, you can save your game whenever you like, and thus also use Tents. Before you head over to Kalm, which is slightly to the Northeast of Midgar, take your time to find some Custom Sweepers on the dirt area around Midgar. These robots have an attack called 'Matra Magic' which you can learn with the Enemy Skill Materia if you equip it. The person who has it must get hit by the attack. Learn this, and also steal a good weapon for Barret from them, called Atomic Scissors. Although this weapon is MUCH better for Barret, it's not a long range weapon, so put Barret in the front row as well if you use this weapon. Watch out for Prowlers in this area, as they can steal your most precious belongings. Kill them off ASAP. You can steal Ethers from them, but also from Kalm Fangs (purple wolves) if you need money.

Note: It's not possible to skip Kalm. You get stopped at the Mythril Mines. Now go to Kalm. Follow your party to the Inn, and head upstairs. A long scene will start, where you can sometimes control Cloud. Talk to Sephiroth when you can, then walk ahead. When you can explore the Town, do as you wish. Cloud's house is the upper right, Tifa's house is below that one. Go inside, go up, go into her room on the left.. and check the drawer! Nice.. some Orthopedic Underwear..of course it's true! You can also play the piano, and you might want to remember the tune..

(Perfect Game Note 6:)
You must play the piano and say 'Yeah, I jammed on it'. Only by choosing this option can you get the Elemental Materia from the Piano later on when you're in control of Tifa.

When you're done exploring, head to the Inn Sephiroth went in. Head upstairs, talk to him, and get some rest. Outside, talk to Sephiroth again. Walk over the bridge at mount nibel, and after the scene, walk all the way up into a cave.  Here, walk all the way up again. Also, no need to worry about any monsters with Sephiroth with you.. Walk into the reactor. Walk the pipes and climb down the chains. Follow Sephiroth. Do what he says.. after the scenes you can save the game if you want to.
In the Shinra Mansion, go up the stairs, and to the right. Talk to the Shinra Soldier, head into the room, and walk near the stone wall to make it go open.  Now follow the linear path to Sephiroth. After the scenes go out the room. When you awake, go to the right part again, and to the basement again like you just did. After the scene, exit the mansion ...and.. what the hell? Sephiroth went badass. Try to help the people and head into your own house, after which you'll see the legendary scene with Sephiroth. After this go to the end of the reactor again. Walk to Tifa first, then head after Sephiroth.

After the damn beautiful scenes, you'll be back at Kalm. Go back up the stairs when you can, and check out the cabinet next to the stairs, on the left. Check it five times and the Megalixir will drop. Go down and you'll get the 'PHS', which allows you to change party members on the World Map or at any Save Point.  Many people have been pondering as much as Plato to figure out what this stands for: It's actually Party Hensei (Editing) System. The fun thing is, in Japan, cellphones are called Personal Handiphone System (PHS). In FF7, that's exactly what the PHS is as well: A cellphone!

Go out the Inn, and into the left upper house nearby. Inside, open up the door under the stairs to find an Ether. Upstairs are no items. Go in the middle house now, next to this one. Go upstairs and check the cabinet to find another Ether.  The locked chest here serves no purpose at all, as it was used for a quest that was cut out of the game. Exit the house and go in the last house, next to this one. Head up the spiral stairs on the left and grab the Peacemaker from the chest. You might get a use from it later.. You can also take a look out the small window. Go downstairs and take the other stairs up. Check the cabinet left of the girl to find a Guard Source.

Exit the house, and go all the way to the right side of the screen. Here, enter the house. Check the door below the stairs to find yet another Ether. The people around here sure love them...hmmm. Now go outside and up the stone stairs. The Item shop's on the left, the Materia shop's in the middle and actually under one roof with the Weapon shop on the right. Buy an Earth and Heal Materia. The Weapon shop doesn't really have anything good if you got all the best equipment so far, but if you see something better than you have, you can buy it. Tifa could use the Mythril Claw, although you'll soon be able to steal a much better weapon for her. When you've done you're business in this small quiet town, all that's left for you to do is to go back to the World Map. The man with the green shirt and black hair near the exit can tell you some controls about the World Map. Back on the World Map, head east. Tip: The Matra Magic Enemy Skill can wipe out most groups of enemies early on, but later on it becomes obsolete. Use it while it's still got a good use!

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