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Doing the last optional things

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

Doing the last optional things

|| Treasure:| Limited Moon, Omnislash, W-Summon, Ultimate Weapon,             ||
||          | Final Attack Materia, Ribbon.                                   ||
||----------|                                                                 ||
||          | (Other treasures are listed under their own sections)           ||

There's alot of stuff to do, so here's a small list of things you can do, provided you haven't already done it before (for example, in sections {30}, {33} or {35}).

o You can breed chocobos and race with them. Lots of goodies can be gotten this way. Refer to sections {M1.4} & {M2}.

o You can get Red XIII's Ultimate Weapon Limited Moon from Bugenhagen. You can also check out the backroom from the Item Shop (if you haven't already).

o You can beat Ultimate Weapon (if you haven't already).

o You can visit the Ancient Forest (after beating Ultimate Weapon OR Chocobo Breeding).

o You can check a hidden scene at the Shinra Mansion, in the library (if you
haven't already). 

Fighting Ultimate Weapon nets you Clouds Ultimate Weapon, the Ultima Weapon. No need to be confused: This video shows you the last fight against Ultimate Weapon.

o You can beat Emerald Weapon and (after Ultimate Weapon one random battle) also Ruby Weapon. Along with this, you can complete the Kalm Traveller Quest.

o You can do the special battle in the Gold Saucer Battle Square, but only if you have gotten AND learned Omnislash, gotten Ultimate Weapon, and also gotten W-Summon from the prize list there. If you win the special battle, you'll receive the Final Attack Materia. If you win it 10 times, you'll receive a Ribbon.

o There's more, but you'll probably have done most of it already. Read the other subsections for more information. Everything is explained there.

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Comments for Doing the last optional things

6 comments, latest first.
Feb 24th 2014 Guest
I killed emerald weapon without any level 4 limit breaks, without kotr, without mime, without quadra magic.. at pretty low level too. man that took a lot of time and megaelixers.
ID #358468
Dec 30th 2013 Guest
i killed mine with a mix between KOTR like 3 or 4 times and miming omnislash after omnislash , Also had final attack + phoenix for those unpredictable ass kicking moves
ID #336503
Oct 10th 2012 Guest
I beat emerald with ----- starting the fight with all cloud,vincent and barret all on lucky 7777s, then gravity on all with quadra magic on one and mp turbo on the other two along with mime on two all mastered,followed by healing with mega-elixirs, since emerald is weak against demi plus the on-slaught of lucky 7777s he didn't last long.
ID #194359
Aug 17th 2012 Guest
Another way to beat Ruby weapon (that I found easier than KOTR-Mime) is to go in with Cloud alone setup with Fire-HP absorb, Fire-MP absorb, Fire-Quad Magic, Fire-Counter, Fire-MP turbo, Final Attack-Phoenix(or Revive/Life2) all mastered, and only attack when claws are buried. I beat him in just a few turns with that setup easily. Emerald weapon is better to beat with KOTR-W-Summon-Mime setup.
ID #177019
Feb 26th 2011 Guest
W-Summong: Hades & KOTR, Mime, Mime, Mime, Mime, Mime, Mine, Mime, etc... etc...
ID #30575
Jan 25th 2011 amira470
How do u beat the other two weapons, I have tryed to kill both of them and keep getting killed. Does any one know how to beat them. Please help me if you can. Thank you very much.
ID #26776