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Harbor, Junon Harbor

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

Harbor, Junon Harbor

|| Treasure:  | Shiva Materia, Power Wrist(Boss Reward),                      ||
||            | (Grenade or 6 Potions or 6 Ethers or 5000 gil), Enemy Skill   ||
||            | Materia, Luck Source, Mind Source, 1/35 soldier, Guard Source,||
||            | Power Source, Speed Source, 1/35 soldier,                     ||
||------------| (Silver glasses or HP Plus Materia or Force Stealer).         ||
|| Fort Condor|                                                               ||
|| Treasure:  | Peace Ring, 3 Ethers.                                         ||

When you get here there's really nothing to do. The weapon shop on the right sells junk, so head to the beach on the lower left. Before you do, be sure to equip your party well for an upcoming boss fight. Give one person the Long Range Materia (except Yuffie or Barret). Actually, Yuffie is a good choice for the fight. Also give the character with the Long Range Materia the combo Elemental-Choco/Mog in their WEAPON. This will cause extra (wind) damage. After the scene, the fight begins.

This video deals with Bottomswell, the first boss since you left Midgar. It's got an annoying attack called waterpolo, which creates a bubble around a character, immobilizing them complexly and draining their HP continuously like a reverse-regen. Attack that bubble with a magic spell to remove it.

|Name: Bottomswell (Level: 23)             |Note: Long-range enemy             |
|HP: 2500                                  |Halves: Gravity                    |
|MP: 100                                   |Weakness: Wind                     |
|Exp: 550                                  |Halves: Gravity                    |
|AP: 52                                    |Nullifies: Earth                   |
|Gil: 1000                                 |-----------------------------------|
|Drops: Power Wrist(100%)                  |Status Effect Weaknesses:          |
|Steal: ---                                |Sleep, Poison, Slow, Darkness      |
|                                          '-----------------------------------|
|Attacks: Bodyblow [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 255 Base Damage]; Big Wave [All Enemies,|
|Phys Atk, Water Element, 191.25 Base Damage]; Waterball [1 Enemy, Mag Atk,    |
|Inflicts 100% Imprisoned]; Moonstrike [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 127.5 Base Damage]; |
|Tail Attack [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 127.5 Base Damage]                            |
|Strategy: This can be a tough fight if you're not prepared. Remember Reno?    |
|Bottomswell has an attack similar to his Pyramid attack. Except this time, you|
|can only destroy it by using magical attacks, and you have to actually attack |
|the ball, and not the character. It also drains your HP pretty fast. Make sure|
|you free your characters from this ASAP. Bottomswell can be beaten by using   |
|Bio spells, enemy skills, Choco/Mog Summon (It's weak against it) and keeping |
|your HP's up. You can even damage him with the Graviball items, should you    |
|have them, but only use these at the start of the battle. You can poison him  |
|with Bio, which may help some. Pound him with Fire/Ice/Bolt if you want to,   |
|but avoid Earth. When he dies, he'll use Big Wave as a Final Attack, so be    |
|sure to survive it.                                                           |

Once the boss is beaten you will need to perform CPR on Priscilla. Just walk up to her, hit square.  You will hear Cloud breathe.  On the 9th breath, hit square again and you will release.  Repeat this four times.  On the fifth time you will have put enough air into the girl to revive her.

After this, talk to the woman in front of the house on the right, and get some rest inside.

(Fort Condor Note 2:)
The second battle takes place right now, and if you wish to do it, don't go to Priscilla, but straight to Fort Condor, with only Cloud. Beware as the encounters will be more difficult. The prize (if you missed no other battle) will be a Peace Ring, a decent accessory for this point of the game.

After going outside, head to your party and walk upstairs. You'll be given the Shiva Summon Materia as a token of gratitude. Any guy would've wanted a different thing cough but that's another story. Head to the beach with Cloud and talk to Priscilla.

(Fort Condor Note 3:)
Yes, right after you get the whistle, just get out of Junon and head to Fort Condor to do the third battle. This is an easy one to miss since it's in a very small time/scene marge. The prize is 'three Tincture', which are actually three Ethers. Tinctures are from Final Fantasy 6...

Getting to upper Junon is easy: Don't move and whistle twice.

When you're in the water, don't move at all. Just blow the whistle twice, and you'll be on the top. Climb up, and after the scene, head down. Press the button on the huge elevator, and walk down into the building. Hmm.. guess you have no choice but to go into that room. Grab the Shinra uniform from the open locker and change. You'll now get instructions on how to march. I'll explain it to you too soon, but better ;) Now go out of the room and after the scene, save your game if you want to, then head left. After the scene, head over to your captain and into the alley.

Finding parading hard? It's not, actually. Get in line by walking straight and making a 90 degree corner, then mash the circle button. This video scores over 50%.

Now, a mini game will start, and you have to parade along. The TV-ratings below show how good you're doing. When you can finally gain control, do exactly like the other soldier did. Move a bit to the right, walk behind the group, and quickly run into the empty spot, while making sure you're absolutely in one line with the other soldiers. Now tap the circle button as FAST as you can, while keep pressing left to stay exactly in line. Your ratings should shoot up. If not, you weren't completely in line. Here's what you get with what ratings:
<29% (?) = Grenade
30%-39%  = 6 Potions
40%-49%  = 6 Ethers
50%      = 5000 Gil

(Perfect Game Note 9:)
For 100% Treasure, I think it's fair enough to include getting the best prizes when possible. In this case, the 5000 gil.

After the parade and the scenes you'll get another instruction for something different. It's funny to see what Cloud's best move is.. his victory stance! Now exit the room and save if you want. Head outside. You can visit many shops here.. the first one is a Materia Shop, and I suggest you buy the Seal and Revive materia here, as they're both new. They're 3000 each though, so if you don't have enough money, sell some Ethers :) Down the alley is a weapon shop that sells good weapons, although you will have everything or better if you did every suggestion in the guide so far. Buy anything that's better. There's also a bar below where Rude of the Turks is chilling out. The text on the floor says 'Shot Bar' in greek, in case you were wondering. The next shop is an item shop, with the usual. It does sell Hi-Potions, and it can never hurt to buy a small stock of those.

The last door in this area leads to some rooms. Before you head up the stairs, check out the almost concealed soldier standing near the stairs. He'll lead you to the Beginner's Hall, who have stayed around to teach you anything about the basics that you didn't knew already. Of course, you can skip all that and just grab the Enemy Skill Materia lying around. Go back, and up the stairs now. On the second floor, grab the '1/35 Soldier', the Mind Source, and the Luck Source.  There are some pussies playing on the bed.. but you can't play with them ;) On the third floor, grab the Power Source and Guard Source. Now exit the whole area, and go down to the next.

Just walk through each area to the next until you get to the place where more shops are. If you're quick, you'll see a group of people running to the other end .. a group that looks familiar? Either way, the first door leads to a bar where Tseng, Reno and Elena are chilling. The second door leads to an Inn (with Save Point), a Materia Shop with nothing new on the second floor, and on the third floor an accessory shop with two good accessories: Silver Glasses that protect against Darkness, and Headband that protects from Sleep. If you have money left to buy these things, buy one of each.

(Perfect Game Note 10:)
Be sure to get at least one Headband. It will make life easier for you soon.

The third door leads to several rooms. This room has a Speed Source in it. Go upstairs and grab the '1/35 Soldier'. In case you were wondering, yes, it's absolutely good for nothing. Go outside, the last door leads to a weapon shop that sells utter crap. Therefore, head to the end.

You must now do the pose mini-game, which is MUCH easier than the parade game.  Simply press the right button when the commander tells you to. You get 10 points for each right move, except turning. You must face the same way as the others to receive points, so turning is still important. Your victory pose will get you 30 points. There is no fixed maximum you can get, since the commands are random, and the more turns, the less max points you can get. Here are the prizes you can get:
0-50 Points = Silver Glasses
60-90 Points = HP Plus Materia
100 Points = Force Stealer (Sword for Cloud with DOUBLE Growth, 3 Slots)

You can make Cloud move after the sendoff is already done by pressing the buttons. He'll do things like scratch his back with his gun, shrug, or touch his hip with his hands and pose.

(Perfect Game Note 11:)
For 100% Treasure, I think it's fair enough to include getting the best prizes when possible. In this case, the Force Stealer.

I tend to just stop getting points when I'm in the range for the HP Plus Materia, as I think it's much better than the weapon. You can get both later on, though. After the scene, hop onto the boat.

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Comments for Harbor, Junon Harbor

8 comments, latest first.
Nov 2nd 2014 Guest
I can't go to fort condor with only cloud.... It just starts the CPR thing immediately after the boss fight I'm confused
ID #466603
Aug 15th 2016 Guest
The second fort condor battle starts right after you go to sleep and ask tifa about nibelhelm ( after giving Priscilla CPR ) not before
ID #675127
Oct 8th 2014 Guest
dont get the force stealer you can buy it in corel, cant buy hp plus, wish id listened to steve the gun instead of sum "randoms" comment on here
ID #456231
Jun 27th 2014 Guest
i alwayS GET A FREAKIN GRENADE?! How can I make it easier?
ID #407643
Aug 1st 2013 Guest
DO NOT spam circle on the march. Time it correctly as soon as each dialog box pops up. If you spam it, dialog boxes won't pop and you will not get the 5k Gil.
ID #301902
May 18th 2013 Guest
Can I return after hopping on the boat?
ID #283674
Apr 15th 2013 Guest
Hi there,

About the parading minigame, izit i need to set the field message to default ?! or just put the faster ?!
ID #274174
Dec 2nd 2010 Guest
Nice article, I prefer to get the force stealer first, however, HP plus is cool it's not needed unless you want a uber titan.
ID #19930