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The Gelnika and more

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

The Gelnika and other optional things

|| Treasure:| Heaven's Cloud, Megalixir, Escort Guard, Double Cut Materia,    ||
||          | Conformer, Megalixir, Spirit Lance, Hades Materia, Outsider,    ||
||          | Highwind, Death Penalty, Chaos, Oritsuru, Steal as Well Materia.||
||----------|                                                                 ||
||Key Items:| Key to the Ancients, Huge Materia #3.                           ||

Now that you have the submarine, you can do some more optional things. I highly recommend doing these things as they are VERY rewarding.

WARNING: The big green creature roaming around in the sea is Emerald Weapon, one of the optional powerhouse bosses in the game. I suggest you leave him alone, seeing how he can kill you within seconds.

Let's start off with the Gelnika. Get in the sub, but don't submerge just yet.
Sail to the south of Costa Del Sol, near the Gold Saucer. Submerge here, and you
will notice a sunken airplane. Note: If you see a large green creature nearby,
quickly emerge/submerge again as it'll most likely kill you off. Enter the plane
by just approaching it.

In the first hallway is a save point, and a chest with Heaven's Cloud. USE this save point, as you'll find that not only the enemies in the plane are very tough, but also because sometimes when you exit, Emerald Weapon (the green creature) will be sitting in front of the Gelnika, forcing you into battle. So just save.

Some items in the Gelnika are very well hidden. This video deals with them by showing all exact locations.

Go in the door up. Here, walk across the bridge on the left, and grab the Mega-lixir from the chest on the right. Walk back, and go to the right now. Grab the Escort Guard from the chest. Now go downstairs, and check the upper right corner for the Double Cut Materia. It should be slightly hidden behind the chest holding the Megalixir. Now go to the upper left corner and check around for a chest holding the Conformer, Yuffies Ultimate Weapon. This weapon is perfect for this area, so I suggest giving it to her. Exit the room, and go to the left from the main hall. Here you'll meet up with Reno and Rude, who aren't just about to let you have the treasure in the Gelnika's Cargo Room.
Make sure you steal their items, Tough Ring and Ziedrich. They're good/rare!

Reno and Rude aren't extremely tough, but they attack fairly quickly. Poison them, use Big Guard, and steal their items before finishing either one of them off.

|Name: Turks:Reno (Level: 42)              |Nullifies: Gravity                 |
|HP: 15000                                 |-----------------------------------|
|MP: 230                                   |Status Effect Weaknesses:          |
|Exp: 5000                                 |Poison, Slow, Stop, Paralyzed,     |
|AP: 300                                   |Darkness                           |
|Gil: 4000                                 |                                   |
|Drops: ---                                |                                   |
|Steal: Tough Ring                         |                                   |
|Morph: ---                                '-----------------------------------|
|Attacks: Short Staff [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 780 Base Damage]; Neo Turk Light [1  |
|Enemy, Mag Atk, Causes 100% Confusion]; Electropod 2 [1 Enemy, Phys Atk,      |
|Lightning Element, 2652 Base Damage];                                         |
|Name: Turks:Rude (Level: 49)              |Nullifies: Gravity                 |
|HP: 20000                                 |-----------------------------------|
|MP: 280                                   |Status Effect Weaknesses:          |
|Exp: 5500                                 |Poison, Slow, Stop, Paralyzed,     |
|AP: 360                                   |Darkness                           |
|Gil: 5000                                 |                                   |
|Drops: Elixir(100%)                       |                                   |
|Steal: Ziedrich                           |                                   |
|Morph: ---                                '-----------------------------------|
|Attacks: Shoulder Attack [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 2346 Base Damage]; Bolt2 [1      |
|Enemy, Mag Atk, Cost=22MP, Lightning Element, 930 Base Damage]; Fire2 [1      |
|Enemy, Mag Atk; Cost=22MP, Fire Element, 930 Base Damage]; Ice2 [1 Enemy, Mag |
|Atk, Cost=22MP, Ice Element, 930 Base Damage]; Cure2 [1 Ally, Mag Atk,        |
|Cost=24MP, 1514 Base Healing];                                                |
|Strategy: Start the battle by stealing both the Tough Ring and the Ziedrich   |
|from Reno and Rude, then use Big Guard. If you gave Yuffie the Conformer with |
|Double Cut she'll deal fairly good damage with it. If you equip Ribbons before|
|you start the battle, you won't get confused by the Neo Turk Light. Pound away|
|with spells like Magic Breath, Aqualung and good summons. If you want to, you |
|can poison them both, but it may not help much. You can also cast Magic Hammer|
|3 times on Rude to have him run out of MP if you want to be cheap.            |
|                                                                              |
|Interesting to note, Rude will still not attack Tifa. He will only attack her |
|if she's the last standing, and even then he'll attack her only 2 out 3 times.|
|Rude will never use attack magic on Tifa.                                     |

After the fight, head north into the Cargo Room. Grab the Megalixir from the first chest, then walk all the way to the end of the right to grab the chest with the Spirit Lance. Go downstairs, and grab the Hades summon materia from nearby the wrecked helicopter on the right. Look for the red orb. Now walk to the lower part of the screen to grab the Outsider from the chest on the left, and Highwind, Cid's Final Limit Break, from the chest on the right.

That's all there is to be found in the Gelnika.. as far as treasure goes. This place holds many powerful enemies that can be morphed into Sources that can increase your stats. You can get all the 6 different Sources here. The best way to do this is to give Yuffie the Conformer and the Morph materia, since her ultimate weapon isn't decreased in power when using morph. In the hallway where the turks are you'll find groups of Bad Rap and Poodler, in the Cargo Room you can find Serpents, and Unknown 1/2/3. In the other room near the entrance, you can find a mix of Unknowns. More info about stat maxing is available in a special section.

Save your game and exit the Gelnika. Emerge with the sub, and sail a bit north of Costa Del Sol, until you get to a desert with a river nearby. Submerge, and go through the tunnel. When you get to the end, emerge again and get off the sub. Go to the waterfall and enter the secret cave, also known as Lucretia's Cave. Do this with Vincent in your party. A scene will occur. You can't fight battles outside the lake here, but when you've fought 10 battles anywhere, you can come back here with Vincent to receive the Death Penalty and Chaos, which are Vincent's Ultimate Weapon and Final Limit break respectively.

Submerge again and take your sub close to Bone Village, where you should see another tunnel around there somewhere. Check it out and grab the Key Item 'Key to the Ancients'. This isn't optional.

There is one more thing to do in the sub. Head to Junon and submerge. From here just go south/southwest to reach the downed Red submarine. You'll receive the 3rd Huge Materia from it. Now go back to Junon and hop back in the Highwind.

Fly over to Wutai and go straight to the Da-chao statues. Remember the cave with the intense flames? Well, with the Leviathan Scales you can pass through the cave, grabbing the Oritsuru from the chest, and the Steal as Well Materia from the other flames.

That's about it for now. Especially the Gelnika will be a place where you may want to return later, though..

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Comments for The Gelnika and more

4 comments, latest first.
Jan 24th 2015 Guest
Game was waaaaaay too easy.
ID #506257
Jun 29th 2014 Guest
You might want to come back to morph sources to max your characters' stats.
ID #408796
Oct 31st 2013 Guest
The Gelnika is a great place to level up characters, materia, and to morph sources. I actually use it as my primary power leveling location once I have the submarine. I find it a very good place to force level people's limit breaks since the unknowns can deal quite a bit of damage. I put cover materia and hyper status on whoever I am trying to force level limit breaks for and use the other two party members as healers.
ID #317151
Aug 20th 2013 Guest
Why do u want to come back later
ID #305751