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The Key to the Ancients Diamond Weapon

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

The Key to the Ancients Diamond Weapon

|| Treasure: | Bahamut Zero Materia.                                          ||
||-----------|                                                                ||
|| Key Items:| Key to the Ancient (if not gotten already).                    ||

First of all, you need to the Key to the Ancients (if you haven't gotten it already from the last optional section). To get this, submerge and take your sub close to Bone Village, where you should see another tunnel around there somewhere. Check it out and grab the Key Item 'Key to the Ancients'.

If you've done everything right, you should now have all 4 of the Huge Materia.
However, if you failed one or more of the missions, you will not have them all.
Below is a small chart to see which you get when you fail some missions:

Fail Nothing:    You will have 4: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue.
Fail 1 Mission:  You will have 3: Yellow, Green, Red.
Fail 2 Missions: You will have 2: Yellow, Green.
Fail 3 Missions: You will have 1: Yellow.
Fail 4 Missions: You will have 0.

As you can see, it does not matter which you failed. It does not matter if you fail to get the one at Fort Condor, or the one from the Rocket. In either case, the Blue Huge Materia will be lost to you. If you've only missed the Blue Huge Materia, you can no longer get a 'perfect' game. You can, however, still dig up Bahamut ZERO from Bone Village, if that's all you're interested in. Refer to section {M4} for this.

Now head to Cosmo Canyon and talk to Bugenhagen. You'll bring the Huge Materia upstairs. Check out the Blue Materia in particular, and you'll receive the Bahamut ZERO Materia, if you have the other two Bahamut Materia, that is. Now fly the Highwind to Bone Village and walk your way to the Forgotten Capital. At the intersection, go left, and walk all the way till the end. Here, Bugenhagen uses his green butt to fly over to a crystal. You'll have to walk around the place to reach it yourself. As you approach, more scenes will happen. When you try to leave, you'll also get another scene. Now backtrack to the Highwind.. as soon as you try to enter, Diamond Weapon rises from the sea.. Looks like you've got something to deal with. Fly over near Midgar and wait for it to come near.  When you're all prepared, approach it for a boss fight.

You're going to get A LOT OF AP and Exp from this fight, so make sure you've got some good growth armor/weapons so you can take advantage of this even more.

The team tries to stop Diamond Weapon by fighting it. You can't actually defeat it, but you need to deal 30000 damage to Diamond Weapon. Use magical attacks and resort to physical attacks only when its physical immunity is lifted during the countdown.

|Name: Diamond Weapon (Level: 49)          |Weakness: Lightning                |
|HP: 30000                                 |Halves: Fire                       |
|MP: 30000                                 |Nullifies: Gravity                 |
|Exp: 35000                                |-----------------------------------|
|AP: 3500                                  |Status Effect Weaknesses:          |
|Gil: 25000                                |Slow, Darkness                     |
|Drops: ---                                |                                   |
|Steal: Rising Sun                         |                                   |
|Morph: ---                                '-----------------------------------|
|Attacks: Diamond Fire [1 Enemy, Mag Atk, Fire Element, 891 Base Damage]; Foot |
|Stamp [1 Enemy, Mag Atk, 1188 Base Damage]; Diamond Flash [All Enemies, Mag   |
|Atk, Damage = HP * 7/8, Causes 100% Silence, Only used after Countdown];      |
|Strategy: Physical attacks do 0 damage to Diamond Weapon, so don't bother.    |
|Start the battle by stealing the Rising Sun, a unique weapon for Yuffie. Then |
|get your defense going, as usual, like Big Guard. Pound away with Bolt3,      |
|Comet, Summons and Magic Breath. This will do him in after a while, even      |
|though he's got 30000 HP. You can slow him to make the battle even easier.    |

After the battle, a few very nice FMV's will show, after which you can control the Highwind again. From this point onward, you can battle Ultimate Weapon, who will be hovering in the crater near Junon. If you wish to do this now, you can check out the special section for it. You may find difficulties doing that now, though, because Ultimate Weapon sometimes tends to go to the Northern Crater and Midgar, and you're going to both too.. for the story, that is.

You deserve some more eye candy. Well, here it is.

Fly near the Northern Crater and you'll get another scene. Once you fly over Midgar now, you'll have to do that mission.

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Comments for The Key to the Ancients Diamond Weapon

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Feb 26th 2013 Guest
With nights of the round.
ID #259066
Aug 6th 2012 mouse2
can you tell me how i can Defeat Rugby Weapon?
ID #172868
Mar 27th 2011 Guest
hi i have done everything so far but at fort condor how long does it take for me to go back and do more of its mini game
ID #34476
Jul 18th 2010 Guest
Thanks for The info but i saved the game in the city of ancients so i went back to the junon underwater place and the door was locked and yes i did lose the submarine game yet again...PLEASE HELP!!!!

i dont wanna start the game again
ID #4982
Jul 15th 2010 Guest
Okay, you lost the submarine mini game, and thus you didn't get the grey sub, you have to restart your game.

I kid of course, go back to the underwater base in Junon and you'll find another submarine, find the key to the ancients underwater and then go back to the city of the ancients.
ID #4593
Jul 14th 2010 Guest
Hi ppl i have this weird problem first
.i have talked to bugenhagen
then i leave the forrgotten city but dimond aint showing so then i went to midgar and there was no cannon and also i didnt see the part when rufus talks to revve scarlet etc.(this happens right after when cait sith calls you)AND I CANT FIND THE SUBMARINE!!

ID #4475