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Back in the slums

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

Back in the slums

|| Treasure:| Sense Materia, Turbo Ether, (Ether).                            ||

Run down a bit so Barret and Tifa will come and join up. Then head back to the playground, and pick up the yellow Sense Materia. With this you can check out enemy stats, though it's not very in-depth. Go back south, and walk out of the whole area. When you meet the 'Vice' enemy again, you can attempt to steal something from THEM instead. You can steal a Speed Drink from them, which casts Haste. Just be sure they don't steal your items and take a run for it. Still, this is a good item nonetheless as it'll be a very long time before you can cast the spell Haste yourself through Materia. Head north and visit the right house that used to have a sleeping kid in it. He's now awake, and if you didn't steal his 5-gil before, he'll now give you a Turbo Ether. Now head over to Aeris' House on the right and watch the scene. Head upstairs afterwards and go to Barret. You can also rest in the bed to the left. Go outside..looks like you're headed to Wall Market, so go there. You should know where it is.

At the Wall Market, you can check out the Materia Shop that is open now, though he doesn't sell anything new. No, you better head over to the Weapon Shop and talk to the guy on the left. He sells Batteries, three of them, and you must buy these in order to proceed with the game. It'll cost you 300 gil. Head to the Don's Mansion and you'll see some kids running to the right. Before you head there, go inside the Mansion and through the door on the right. If Cloud was chosen, you hadn't gotten the Phoenix Down yet, so get it now. Also check out the basement, where Kotch, one of the Don's Henchmen is tied up. Free him and he'll give you a bit of info on what happened. You can also get the Hyper from behind the bed, should you have missed it the first time around. Exit the Mansion and head to the right.

You must climb that wire to save climb up. In the next screen, climb as far as you can, then walk to the left and in a circle until you reach the spot where you can put a battery in. The propeller will make a way for you. Jump on it, then continue until you need another Battery for making you another path.

You need to insert the batteries to make it work ..if you know what I mean.

(Perfect Game Note 4:)
This is a dilemma of some sorts. You can choose to keep the Battery, but that also means you're missing up a treasure, and you will not actually get a 100% treasure file. Then again, if you're going for the Ether, you lose the Battery, which is a much rarer item, which you can better keep in your inventory, since Ethers can easily be gotten later on. I suggest you keep the Battery, using the following logic: You were missing this treasure on purpose, saving the Battery for having a fuller inventory in the end. Therefore, I wouldn't count the Ether as a missed treasure. In the end, no one's going to notice.

Climb up, and up some more before you jump. Use the Battery to be able to reach an Ether. Head down and then time your jump. When it's near, go for it. Climb all the way up, and you'll be at the Shinra Headquarters. *Battle pose!*

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