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Cloud at Mideel More optional things

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

Cloud at Mideel More optional things

|| Treasure: |  Premium Heart, Sneak Glove, Final Heaven.                     ||
||-----------|                                                                ||
|| Key Items:| Key to Sector 5.                                               ||

Walk to the clinic and talk to Tifa. After this, Ultimate Weapon attacks Mideel so it's time for a boss fight..

Ultimate Weapon is kind of a chicken Weapon, so it bails from the fight regardless what you do.Survive for a few fights, and try to steal a Curse Ring from it.

|Name: Ultimate Weapon (Level: 61)         |Nullifies: Gravity                 |
|HP: 100000                                |-----------------------------------|
|MP: 400                                   |Status Effect Weaknesses:          |
|Exp: 0                                    |Slow, Darkness                     |
|AP: 0                                     |                                   |
|Gil: 0                                    |                                   |
|Drops: ---                                |                                   |
|Steal: Cursed Ring                        |                                   |
|Morph: ---                                '-----------------------------------|
|Attacks: Quake2 [All Enemies, Mag Atk, Cost=28MP, Earth Element, 2079 Base    |
|Damage]; Claw [1 Enemy, Phys Atk, 2100 Base Damage]; Ultima Beam [All Enemies,|
|Mag Atk, Cost=40MP, Hidden Element, 2079 Base Damage];                        |
|Strategy: Start the battle with stealing the rare Cursed Ring. There are only |
|two of these in the game, and this is the second. Then quickly cast Big Guard |
|and do whatever you want. Ultimate Weapon can't be defeated, and flees after  |
|several turns. You can however deplete his HP more for later. If you want to  |
|defend yourself from Ultima Beam, you could put an Elemental Materia, paired  |
|with ANY Materia that has no element (like independent materia) in your armor.|

After the battle, a large amount of scenes will take place. Eventually you'll be running around with Tifa in some memories. First head up to 'Nibelheim', then left to the well, then right to Tifa's room, and then up again. After all this, and then some more scenes, you'll have Cloud and Tifa back in your party, alive and kicking ass again!

Mideel's destroyed, and the shops won't have much left to offer you.. however the crazy costumer on the right part of the area has the items the shops used to have .. if you talked to her in the corresponding shops, that is. If you talked to her in just the weapon shop, then that's all you're gonna be able to buy.

There are a few more optional things you can do at this point. First of all, head to Bone Village. Here, ask for a search (doesn't matter what, except no Lunar Harp.. duh). Now just skip placing diggers and planting bombs, and walk to the upper level. Here, stand near the ledge, in the middle between the smoke and the campfire. Mark the spot, and the next morning grab the Key Item 'Key to Sector 5'.

Now that you have that, why not visit Midgar again? The guy outside seems to have lost his key.. ah.. well it's yours now! Enter Midgar. If you go inside the church you can witness a glitch of Aeris. Head to Wall Market and go to the store that says 'Item'. In here, try and use the machine to receive the Premium Heart, Tifa's Ultimate Weapon. A funny scene will happen if you have Cid and Tifa in your party.

Now head to the weapon store up north. Talk to the guy who sold you the batteries and he'll offer you a new bargain cough sucker cough. He'll sell you the Sneak Glove for a whopping 129000 gil. It's a great item though, as it increases your stealing chances by alot.. so you can't get around it if you want to have it. When you get this, exit Midgar again. Or you can go on a massacre and waste all the weak enemies around here that used to bother you before..  heheh..

Head to Nibelheim with Tifa in your party, and go to Tifa's piano. Here, play the tune like before: X, [], Triangle, R1 Triangle, R1 [], X, [], Triangle, R1 X, O, X, [], X, and press start to end. You'll receive Tifa's Final Limit Break, Final Heaven.

The Gold Saucer also re-opened, which means you can do Chocobo Races now, and also breed Chocobo's. Again, I won't go in-depth here. More info is at the special section.

With Chocobo breeding, you can get to the 4 special materia caves, which hold the Quadra Magic, Mime, HP(-)MP, and famous Knights of the Round Materia. Just thought I'd mention that. Also see section {OPT-7.16}.

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Comments for Cloud at Mideel More optional things

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Aug 4th 2013 Guest
Make sure you get the huge materia after the phoenix materia, before you head here and talk to tifa or nothing will happen
ID #302469
Sep 13th 2011 Guest
Ive talked to tifa nothing happened??
ID #74289
Sep 13th 2011 Guest
Ive talked to nothing happened??
ID #74287
Jan 16th 2011 amira470
how do u get to these specail sections
ID #25622