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The Huge Materia: Corel and Fort Condor

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Final Fantasy VII Guide - Walkthrough

The Huge Materia: Corel and Fort Condor

|| Treasure: | Ultima Materia, Catastophe, Phoenix Materia,                   ||
||           | Imperial Guard(Boss Reward).                                   ||
||-----------|                                                                ||
|| Key Items:| Huge Materia #1, Huge Materia #2.                              ||

Head over to North Corel, and walk all the way back to the Reactor. Here you'll have to fight against the Attack Squad. After that, you'll come after the train and you have to alternate between the levers using the Up Triangle buttons.  When you've caught up, you'll be on the train. You'll get a fixed encounter on every wagon of the train. On the 1st you'll fight a Gas Ducter.. just use something short and powerful on it, like Trine or Magic Breath. Same for the 2nd wagon, except there are 2 Gas Ducters now. On the 3rd wagon, you'll encounter a unique enemy, so I'll give it a little section:

This lengthy video shows the entire Corel Train Mission.


Info: This guy looks pretty tough, but he isn't too hard. He's weak to water, so the quickest way to beat him is to keep using Laser, and then Aqualung on him.. He has 10000 HP.
On the 4th wagon, you'll encounter another unique enemy:

Eagle Gun:

Info: FIRST OF ALL, STEAL the unique armor 'Warrior Bangle' from him. Then kill it off with Laser and then Magic Breath. It's got 17000 HP, so this could take the longest of all battles..
The last enemy you'll have to fight is a single Attack Squad guy. After this, you must stop the train. There are several ways to do this, but this'll do the trick (press the buttons simultaneously): Up Triangle, Down X, Down X.
At North Corel, depending on how good you did, the following happens:

1) If you stopped the train, you'll receive the Huge Materia, and get the Ultima Materia for free.
2) If you jumped onto the other train, but never got it to stop, you won't get the Huge Materia, and you have to pay a whopping of 50000 gil for the Ultima Materia.
3) If you didn't get on the other train you won't get the Huge Materia, nor the ultima Materia. You suck ass if you get this option!

Of course, you should just get the first option..I'd restart if you didn't.
After having slept at the Inn, go outside and into the building on the left.  Talk to the woman with the green hat and she'll give you Barret's final Limit Break.. Catastrophe!

Head over to Fort Condor now and let the enemy reach the shack. Yes, you heard it right. Defeat the weak boss and you'll be rewarded with the Imperial Guard as a bonus on top of the Phoenix Materia and Huge Materia.

You're done here now.. so fly over to Fort Condor. Here, just climb all the way up and talk to the person in charge of the battles. This is the FINAL battle at Fort Condor. There is a better strategy than just winning the battle this time, though. If you let the enemy reach the shack, you'll have to fight a very weak boss called CMD. Grand Horn. If you beat him, he'll drop an Imperial Guard, a very good (and rare) armor. Besides, it'll count as just winning the regular battle, so you'll also get the Huge Materia. After winning, go outside and grab the Phoenix Materia. Note: If you happen to lose the 'boss battle', it won't be game over.. instead, you'll never be able to enter Fort Condor again. Again..  you really suck ass if you get that.
Now head back to Mideel to check on Cloud and Tifa.

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Comments for The Huge Materia: Corel and Fort Condor

5 comments, latest first.
Dec 9th 2013 Guest
I'm Confused so even if i Did the Battle In Fort Condor once I'm level 18 trying to get to the North Corel, after I did my dad told me about a Huge Materia then i'm like what so i looked that up and this is what I found someone help please Smile
ID #327392
Jun 20th 2013 Guest
to get the condor huge materia, you need to talk to the guy with a hat at the enterance level after the fight. if you don't have it, nothing happens back at mideel.
ID #291621
Feb 14th 2013 Guest
i did fort condor first after that the coral now im heading back to mideel and nothings happening
ID #254147
Aug 29th 2012 Guest
No because the Corel train mission is important and if you some how did your a dumbass but a way to check is go to buenhagen contraption. And the materia should be stored there
ID #181338
Dec 11th 2011 Guest
Could i have possibly missed the corel train mission i had cid but know i have cloud back and i dont think i did the mission
ID #94228