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Fallout 3


Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Guide - Miscellaneous Quests


|HOW TO UNLOCK: 1. Talk to a kid named Bryan Wilks.  He can be found running   |
|                  scared on the worldmap - usually south from the Super-Duper |
|                  Mart, near his hometown Grayditch.                          |
|               2. Find Doctor Lesko in Falls Chruch metro tunnels.            |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Grayditch Dumpster Key, [] Shack Key, [] 5.56mm Rounds x11,         |
|       [] 5.56mm Rounds x15, [] 5.56mm Rounds x17, [] Chinese Assault Rifle,  |
|       [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box, [] .32 Caliber Rounds x19, [] .32 Pistol|
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Frag Grenade, [] Mentats, [] Ammo Box, [] Buffout,|
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Psycho, [] Hunting Rifle, [] First Aid Box,       |
|       [] Mine Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Railway Spikes x20, [] Ammo Box,     |
|       [] Grady's Last Recording, [] .32 Caliber Rounds x6, [] Scoped .44     |
|          Magnum, [] .44 Magnum Rounds x12, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box,    |
|       [] Silenced 10mm Pistol, [] 10mm Rounds x12, [] Cherry Bomb x3,        |
|       [] Psycho, [] Stimpak, [] Jet, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Grady's Safe Key,    |
|       [] William Brandice Key, [] Mine Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x3,|
|       [] Big Book of Science, [] Missile Launcher, [] Missile x2.            |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Ant Might Perk ( 1 STR) OR Ant Sight Perk ( 1 PER).          |
| (300 EXP)       Both perks give 25% resistance to fire.                     |
|              [] Lesko's Lab Coat (negotiated).                               |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Fire Ant Worker         o Fire Ant Soldier      o Fire Ant Warrior |
|         o Fire Ant Nest Guardian  o Marigold Ant Queen                       |
|                                                                              |

Once you've found either the kid or the doctor (succeed at the Speech Challenge with the kid and he'll give you the [GRAYDITCH DUMPSTER KEY]), head over to Grayditch, located south from Super-Duper Mart.

This video shows a first encounter with Fire Ants in Grayditch. Keep your distance and you should be fine, but be aware of the stronger ants – those pack quite a punch and have tougher armor.

You'll stumble on loads of Ants.  Keep your distance from their fierce breath, and aim for their heads.  Ant Nectar gives you Fire Resistance, but don't overdo it - since it's considered a drug.  You should hold on to these either way, because you can sell them to a figure called Lesko - who'll you meet soon - and this figure pays handsomely: 40 Caps a piece.

Exploring Town:
Head inside Wilks' House (Check your Local Map, be sure to have ‘Those!' as active quest) and head inside.  Grab the [SHACK KEY] from the body and search the shelves for [5.56MM ROUNDS x11], [5.56MM ROUNDS x15], [5.56MM ROUNDS x17], and a [CHINESE ASSAULT RIFLE].  There's also an [AMMO BOX] next to the closet.

You can find a [FIRST AID BOX] on the wall in the bathroom, and another [AMMO BOX] upstairs, as well as [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x19] and a [.32 PISTOL].  Feel free to use the Queen Sized Bed to sleep.

Head outside and open the Pulowski Preservation Shelter, where Bryan should be hiding.  Tell him the bad news and continue the quest.

Head inside Brandice's House, south from Wilks' House.  Search the Cabinet for booze and find a [FIRST AID BOX] in the bathroom.  The other room holds a toolbox with ammo, hidden behind the fridge.  Head upstairs and check the entries on the terminal - if it interests you. Grab a well hidden [FRAG GRENADE] next to the desk, and leave the locked footlocker there for now. We'll find a key to that later.

Head through the door into the Abandoned House next to Brandice's House.  [MENTATS], [AMMO BOX], in the kitchen a [BUFFOUT] in a bucket (such a lovely alliteration :p).  There's also a [FIRST AID BOX] in the bathroom.

Head back outside and go to a more southern street.  From here, search for a second abandoned house and go inside.  Grab the [PSYCHO] from a cabinet in the living room and grab the [HUNTING RIFLE] on the ground near the stairs.  Check the cabinet upstairs and grab the loot from the [FIRST AID BOX] while you're there.  Exit the place.

Marigold Metro Station:
Head south and enter Marigold Metro station.  Kill the Fire Ants and head into a room east.  In this generator room, kill another ant and search the [MINE BOX] for frag mines.  Head down some stairs, pop another ant brain and look for the [FIRST AID BOX] on a table. [RAILWAY SPIKES x20] and an [AMMO BOX] can be found on a shelf.

Head down another flight of stairs until you reach the blue line tube.  Head west, head up and find [GRADY'S LAST RECORDING] in the ticketbox along with some [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x6].  Head down the blue line tube you came from.

When the paths split up, take the southern corridor.  Grab the [SCOPED .44 MAGNUM] and [.44 MAGNUM ROUNDS x12] on the ground nearby the skeleton, pick the easy [AMMO BOX] next to the vending machine, and plunder the [FIRST AID BOX].  There's also a [SILENCED 10MM PISTOL] and [10MM ROUNDS x12] in one of the lockers.

Go south some more, open the door and go down the stairs.  Make your way through the next room - which has a gas leak, be careful!  Lure the ant before you kill it.  Check the supply room on the east which holds [CHERRY BOMB x3], [PSYCHO], [STIMPAK], [JET], two [AMMO BOXES] of which one requires a 25 Lockpick Skill, and lastly the [GRADY'S SAFE KEY] from the Fire Hose Box.

Make your way south through a corridor, kill two more ants, make your way through a rubbish room and continue through another corridor that leads east.  Go through the door at the opposite side of the tube and you'll stumble on Doctor Lesko.  Talk to him and tell him you need incentive to raise your reward.

Head north before you proceed to his ‘lab'.  Up ahead you'll find William Brandice.  Loot his body to find the [WILLIAM BRANDICE KEY], among many other things of interest.  There's also a [MINE BOX] on a shelf nearby.  Go back.

Look around in his ‘lab' to find a [FIRST AID BOX]. three [AMMO BOXES] and a bunch of Ant Meat.  Leave his terminal alone and head through the east door.

The creators know their classics. This hole looks like it came acid-straight from one of the Alien movies!

Make your way to the (ALIEN STYLE!) hole in the tube and go through the door that leads to the Queen Ant's Hatchery.  The path is linear but has many alcoves that look confusing but aren't.  Kill the five Nest Guardians, then return to the Doctor.  He'll grant you either the: 1. Ant Might Perk ( 1 STR) or 2. Ant Sight Perk ( 1 PER).  Both perks give 25% resistance to fire.  He'll also hand you the [LESKO'S LAB COAT].

Follow him to the Queen Ant's Nest, or rather, head over to the Marigold Ant Queen yourself and kill her.  Grab the Ant Queen Pheromones from her, and grab the [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] from the desk.  Hack the PC and send the pulse signal, plus destroy the Mutagen.  Leave the place, and leave the doctor alone.  If you have any Fire Ant Nectar left, sell them to him for 40 Caps a piece.


Look for this flashing light in order to find Grady’s fetish Storage.

You can now start looking for Grady's Storage, but this is best done after you have gotten the Mesmerizer during your Rescue From Paradise Quest.  If you must know where the storage is, check your map: In the tube where the Queen Ant's Hatchery is at the very south, hug the eastern wall and look for a flashing light.

Before anything, save your game.

Unlock the safe, grab the Naughty Nightwear (equip it immediately for a 10 in Speech). A thug named Lug-Nut will show up and demands you hand over the Naughty Nightwear.  Don't, and do the Speech Challenge.  If successful, he let's you walk away.  If not successful, it results in a battle.  Later in the game, you can enslave Lug-Nut and sell him for a decent 200 Caps or so.  You might want to wait with getting this, or ensure he lives.
Inside the storage you can also find two Ammo Boxes, a Mine Box and a Ripper.

Either way, head back to the worldmap and go inside Brandice's House.  Unlock the footlocker in the dark corner to find a [MISSILE LAUNCHER] and [MISSILE x2].
Now go talk to Bryan.  You have several options now:
1. [Good Karma] Travel to Rivet City and talk to Vera Weatherly at the Weatherly Hotel.  She can take care of Bryan.  Travel back to Graywitch and tell Bryan the good news.
2. [Bad Karma]  After getting connections with the slavers in Paradise Falls, enslave Bryan and sell him for 100 Caps (or 300 with Speech).
3. Bring him to Little Lamplight and talk to MacCready with Speech.
4. Do Nothing.

I suggest you do option 1, unless you're an evil character, that is. :p Head back to Bryan (who might be in his house) and tell him the good news!

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