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Tenpenny Tower
Fallout 3

Tenpenny Tower

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Guide - Miscellaneous Quests

Tenpenny Tower

|HOW TO UNLOCK: Speak to Gustavo and/or Roy Philips at Tenpenny Tower.         |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] First Aid Box, [] 3x Railway Spikes, [] Ammo Box x2, [] First Aid   |
|          Box x2, {} Lying, Congressional Style, [] Love Letter, {} Tales of  |
|          a Junkytown Jerky Vendor.                                           |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: One of the following:                                           |
| (300 EXP)    1. If you killed Roy Philips: [] 200 or 400 Caps.               |
|              2. Any other option: [] Ghoul Mask [] Store Discount at       |
|                 Bessie Lynn and Michael Masters.                             |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Feral Ghoul    o Feral Ghoul Roamer    o Glowing One               |
|                                                                              |

It's difficult to not find Tenpenny Tower easily, because you can see it from miles distance.  It's the pretty robust tower on the southwest side of the wasteland.  When you approach the entrance you'll find a Ghoul named Roy Philips who's having an argument with the chief of security, Gustavo.  Sounds like quest material, and it is.

Head inside by speech challenging Gustavo over the intercom, or, if that doesn't work for you, by bribing him with 100 Caps.  Talk to Gustavo and he'll tell you all about Tenpenny Tower's problem.  Try to go for the non-violent solution, unless you're really evil and simply want to kill one side or the other.

You have the following four options:
1. Kill all Ghouls.
2. Kill all Humans.
3. Give the Ghouls access to Tenpenny Tower, allowing them to take over.
4. Find a way to make things as convenient as possible for both sides.

This walkthrough will now describe option 4 in detail.

If Roy Philips, the Ghoul outside the gate (who is gone now) didn't talk to you, the first thing you should do when you get the quest is to head to the Metro Tunnels.  Head to the NW and follow your marker until you reach the Warrington Trainyard.  Enter the tunnels from here.

Warrington Tunnels:
Head down the tunnel and kill any Feral Ghouls that stand in your way.  Feral Ghouls have lost the ability to reason, and these are not the Ghouls you want to try reason with either - they'll just end up clawing and eating you.  When you reach a door head inside the room and find a [FIRST AID BOX] and [3x RAILWAY SPIKES x20] on your left.  Kill the two Feral Ghouls here and check the cabinet for two [AMMO BOXES], one of them with a very easy lock.

It doesn't matter much which door you take to continue, since both lead to the same room.  Another happy Ghoul bunch awaits for their limbs to be blasted off.  Continue down the tunnel up ahead until you reach another walkway complex.  Head east and find two [FIRST AID BOXES] in the room ahead, but not before killing the Ghouls nearby.  The rest of the walkways only connects to where you've already been, so head through the door on the south and enter Warrington Station.

Warrington Station:
Move to the east and a Ghoul named Michael Masters will halt you.  Head up the escalator and stay friendly.  Continue your search for Roy Philips by going back down and proceeding through the gate.  Make your way through the tube until you find lots of rubbish in the main tunnel.  Look around for a door on your right.

Here you'll find several non-feral Ghouls including Roy Philips.  Talk to him and tell him you'll talk to Tenpenny.  Of course you can also choose any of the previous options I mentioned earlier on.

Tenpenny Tower; Convincing harmony for everyone:
Head back to Tenpenny Tower.  The fastest way is to head up the escalator where you met Michael Masters, head south, and exit to the Wasteland.  This opens up a shortcut to Roy Philips as well.

Go up with the elevator and check the Penthouse Suite on your left to find Tenpenny.  If you've never been here before you'll have to get past the guard first;  You can either Speech Challenge him, wait for him to stretch his legs and pick the door, or grab the key from the socket nearby.  You can also attempt to pickpocket the key from him, but that's the trickiest of scenarios.

Tenpenny doesn't seem to like the idea of letting Ghouls live in his tower at first, but he'll make you a proposal anyway.  If you can convince the residents of the tower the deal will be sealed.  While you're there, grab a copy of the {LYING, CONGRESSIONAL STYLE} from Tenpenny's desk, back in the Suite.

Lydia Montenegro and Anthony Ling can be dealt with in two different ways. First of all you can try to locate them and Speech Challenge them - but if that does not work you'll have to take care of things differently.  In the night, when no one's around in the shops, check out the Boutique Le Chic and the New Urban Apparel stores.  Be sure that no one is watching when you open up their safes and grab the decent amounts of Caps in them.  The Safe has a ‘Hard' lock, but the terminal has an ‘Average' lock.  If security is in the same room, use the wait function and wait an hour or two.

As soon as they discover they've been robbed, they promptly leave Tenpenny Tower for good.  Don't worry about their stores though, they'll be taken over by others shortly, very shortly indeed..

The other three residents can be dealt with by nosing in their business.  Let's do this right away.  Head up to the Suites Floor by going upstairs and enter Susan Lancaster's Suite.  Grab the [LOVE LETTER] from her desk on the right.  You can also steal the {TALES OF A JUNKYTOWN JERY VENDOR}, but only attempt this when you're done with the quest already - Susan can be a pest at times.

Note: You may want to have started ‘Strictly Business' to make an extra profit.

Whenever Susan is alone in her room with the door closed, grab your Mesmetron and Slave Collar to send her over to Paradise Falls.  Two more residents to go.

Instead you may do the below right away, and Susan will be killed.

Read the Love Letter from your Pip-Boy and locate Millicent, the wide of Edgar.  Tell her about the letter you found and she promptly kills her husband.  She immediately leaves the tower herself.  Wonderful!

Leaves Michael Hawthorne, Doctor Banfield, Margaret Primrose, Herbert ‘Daring' Dashwood, Irving Cheng, and Tiffany Cheng to talk with - although these give in to your needs without any trouble, and they might not even be important.

Note: Sometimes Tenpenny doesn't allow you to turn in the quest.  This is a damn annoying bug, and your best bet is to either kill or pickpocket Chief Gustavo, go around the back of the  building, to the basement, and let the Ghouls inside.  Alternatively you can just kill Roy Philips, but that will not net you the Ghoul Mask. Note: If the unfortunate above ‘Note' happens to you, there is a solution.  Head away from Tenpenny Tower and start doing other things.  Complete the Strictly Business Quest, do various random events and quests, then return to Tenpenny Tower.  You should be able to talk to Tenpenny now, and he'll hand you 500 Caps.

Note: If Tenpenny is already dead, speak to Security Chief Gustavo and deal with matters, then fill in Roy back at the metro tunnels. When Tenpenny tells you it's O.K, fill in Roy Philips who is likely still in the metro tunnels.  You're rewarded with the [GHOUL MASK], which allows you to walk among Feral Ghouls without being attacked.


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Comments for Tenpenny Tower

11 comments, latest first.
ID #252502 | Feb 9th 2013 Guest
Y can't I get in to the suit after Roy and all the gouls move in its pissing me off
ID #65291 | Aug 8th 2011 Crown The Kings
i went to go see roy after letting the gouls in and when i spoke to roy he said he and tenpenny got in an argument and he had an accident does anyone know where his body ended up?
ID #54026 | Jul 2nd 2011 Guest
I let Roy Philips inside Tenpenny Tower, and I can't get into my suite from the balcony or the regular door.

So does anyone know if I ever get to go back in?
ID #34322 | Mar 26th 2011 Guest
ID #29566 | Feb 19th 2011 Oogalaga99989
ID #29565 | Feb 19th 2011 Guest
I Killed All In Tennpenny Tower Too And For That Mater Like Everyone In The Wastes. I Cant Seem To Find Anything Good To Do So What Are Some Fun Things To Do, Being Evil And All, How Can I Get That Robot From That One Guy And If I Cant Who Has A Good Amount Of Caps Or Ammo, Apparel, Weaponry Or ANYTHING Useful Somewhere In The Top Right Area Of The C-W????
ID #26204 | Jan 20th 2011 Guest
ID #24027 | Jan 4th 2011 Guest
Ok, i have slaughtered everyone on both sides. roy and his misfits and EVERYONE in tennpenny tower. Im still wanting the mask and everything i can find. someone help or im slaughtering everyone in the game!! ohhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.....
ID #5482 | Jul 21st 2010 Guest
What happens if you kill both Tenpenny and Gustavo?
ID #2193 | Jun 28th 2010 Guest
wats the password for leting roy philups in
ID #646327 | Apr 10th 2016 Guest
It's a key you get from Gustavo or the old dude with the lawn mat in front of his door in the suites upstairs. Ask that guy for it and he will give it to you bit you can also pickpocket him, which he seemed to have preferred when I asked. Called me 'no fun'
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